Happy New Year's Eve!

Ended the last morning of the year off right with a 30 mile (edit...ha! I mean MINUTES) bike ride on Osana. Nice and steady.
Made some goodies for our New Year's Eve Party tonight. Mmm...
I need a nap. And to eat. And to decide what I'm wearing tonight.
Excited to see friends we haven't seen in quite some time.
Looking forward to a nice New Year's Run tomorrow morning and meeting a new friend.
Ned is grunting. Time for a Molly mile.

Happy New Year's Eve!


Cross Training...What a Concept

I hit my 800 miles this year.
Actually...over, but who's counting?
With the gorgeous weather yesterday, I couldn't hardly pass up an outside run.
4 miler.
In shorts.
On December 29th.
Love it!
Then Mols and I took our 2 mile walk.

I am sore. And not from the measly 4 mile run/2 mile walk. All this HBBC cross training is doing something to me. I'm doing some Jillian Michaels workouts and she's kicking my butt. I love it.

In the past, I got into the habit of not wanting to try something new cuz with all the marathons we've done in 2008, there never seemed a time to pick something new up. I was always afraid I would be sore and not have time to recover before the next marathon. So, I got away from cross training, only to get in my runs during the week. And for a 'normal' sedentary person, that would be working out a lot. But since I've started this HBBC, it has gotten me invigorated to try new things. To cross train. And I really enjoy it. I love the soreness a new workout gives me. I love feeling strength in places I haven't for quite some time. And I know it's helping my running game.


Looking Past the Ranch

We decided not to Run for the Ranch today. After a long day of celebrating with a full house and then a long car ride home in the rain and snow last night, we decided it would be nice to hang at home and take it easy. I mean, it's not like we don't have a Marathon and a Half in 13ish days.

So who is really going to remember if I did 8 or 9 marathons in 2008...
When I do...
12 in 2009
Yep. 12 marathons in 12 months
That's the 2009 plan, Stan
Now...in the midst of which ones


Boxer in the Box

The kiddos always like the boxes best.
Mols after we got back from our long walk today. She was pooped.
What a great day. 64 degrees. In December.
Doug's getting ready to make some more famous chocolate chocolate chunk cookies to take to another family dinner tomorrow. I can't wait for the cookie dough!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my friends. I hope everyone is having a marvelous holiday.

Went for a 6 mile Christmas run. It was delightful running past several other runners waving and cheering 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' from across the street. It was nice...quiet...and all around a great run. I certainly needed it after all the food and drink I've consumed lately and plan on continuing throughout the weekend. Cheers!


Merry Christmas Eve

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Actually, Christmas Eve...ning.

As a child, we would get together with family. Mom would make our favorite things for dinner. The tree would be shimmering. We would then sit around the fire, sipping egg nog, opening our gifts. And then as the night would wind down, my brother and I would gather our sleeping bags, snuggle in and pledge to each other we were going to stay awake to see Santa.

Tonight we're getting together with family to indulge in a beautiful dinner, wine and dessert.

The fire is blazing. Everything is in place, ready to go.
Now it's time for a bike ride and a weight work out.

Wishing a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas for you and yours.


2008 Completed Events

12.06.08 Kiawah Island Marathon
11.27.08 Thanksgiving Day 5K
11.23.08 Gobbler Grind Half Marathon
RNR San Antonio Marathon
11.02.08 Maynard Cohick Half Marathon
10.19.08 Nike Women's Marathon
10.11.08 Jared Coones Pumpkin Run 5K
09.01.08 Heart of America Marathon
08.08.08 Psycho Night Trail Run 10K
06.07.08 Hospital Hill Half Marathon
06.01.08 RNR San Diego Marathon
05.25.08 Medicine Bow Half Marathon
05.04.08 Colorado Marathon
04.27.08 Trolley Run 4 Miler
04.20.08 Lawrence Half Marathon
04.06.08 St. Louis Half Marathon

03.29.08 Olathe Marathon
03.09.08 Red Bridge Ramble Trail Run 7 Miler
02.09.08 Psycho Wyco Trail Run 10 Miler
01.27.08 Ground Hog Run 10K
01.13.08 Walt Disney World Marathon
01.01.08 New Year's Fun Run 6 Miler

8 Marathons/6 Half Marathons/5 Fun Runs/3 Trail Runs

This year I have completed more marathons than in the past 2 years COMBINED! And...we might just be able to sneak one more marathon in before end of year. If we do, that means I have done the same number of marathons this year than I have in ALL three years running! What a year. Doug and I have traveled to many beautiful places and have had a spectacular year. 2009 looks to be grander than ever!


A Warm Heart

Is about all I have warm right now-but that's enough. My office is headed to Harvesters to volunteer. I love helping others. I know I'm supposed to do it because it benefits others-and that's truly why I do it. But I love the feeling I get knowing that I'm doing good for someone less fortunate. I sometimes feel a little selfish because of how good I feel when I'm volunteering. But I guess if I'm doing good for others AND feel good about it-it's all good in the end and I sometimes have to tell myself there is nothing wrong with that.

Get out and do some volunteer work or do something unexpected for someone who may need a little extra help. I promise it will warm your heart.

4:40ish...Whew...that was hard work and I'm certain my back is going to hurt tomorrow, but we had some nice bonding team time. Don't want to see another Red Delicious apple for a long, long time but Granny Smith apples are always welcome.


Yummm in the Tummm

Doug made chocolate chocolate chunk cookies tonight. They are to die for. My favorite part is the pre-cooked cookie dough. AND the best thing about cookie dough...the zero calories it has before they bake into cookies. Sooo yummm in the tummm!


Yesterday morning I met up with the team for a run. They ran 20 for Disney (which is in 3 weeks). I ran 8 as we're still planning on running a marathon next weekend if the weather holds.

Had a great run. Felt very strong. I can so tell the cross training I'm doing is helping my running. As I get back, everyone is laughing at the frost that has acquired on their clothing and hats and the steam coming from their heads.

After a Peppermint Mocha and some oatmeal, I returned home. Doug and I went out for his birthday lunch. We had a pretty quiet afternoon planned working on some projects around the house. That is, until the neighbors called asking if we wanted to come join them in their hot tub.

We trekked over with some sausage and two bottles of wine.

Five hours later we stumbled back across the street having drank I'm not sure how many bottles of wine, ate all the sausage, ate numerous homemade cookies and even had a pizza run.

It was such a fun time. Last we looked the temperature was 18 degrees. But we were super duper warm in the bubbly water. We did have one problem. And what a problem it was...ha...but our wine glasses would freeze to the hot tub when we set them down. And then our hair (for those of us that have it) would frost and freeze too.

I finally had to make myself get out. I knew I was going to have Hell to pay the next day. But somehow I feel just fine. I actually made Doug breakfast for his birthday weekend, did some cleaning and just finished up a light workout. Now it's time for some relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.


Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Happy Birthday Babe.
Love you with all my heart.
Hope you have a great day.


Bike Assistance Needed

I'm at a loss.
I get on the trainer. Pedal.Pedal.Pedal.
Every other time the computer reads 18 mph.
Then the other every other time the computer reads 11 mph-if I'm lucky.
Nothing has changed.
I don't switch gears.
I don't move the bike.
My intensity is the same.
I even leave my shoes on the pedals.
I'm still getting a great workout either way-but I like to track my progress and this is making me a little crazy. Doug simply laughs.
Why is the output on my computer so off every other time?
How do I know what I'm really doing if my computer isn't reading properly?
Does anyone else have this issue? What might be the problem? Any idea how to fix it?

I THINK I have it figured out. I may be a tard.
After some research of my own, I think that when I reset my computer, I'm switching it from km/h to mph.
Sooo...18 km/h equals 11.2 mph
And it has been consistent every other time-it goes from 18 to 11.
Which means I SUCK.
No...it means I have a lot of opportunity to improve.
Glad to have that mystery resolved.


Three Snaps in a Z Formation

That is, the dreaded treadmill run last night.
I didn't wanna...I didn't wanna...
But I did!
And am stronger mentally and physically from it...right?
I think the first round is the ickiest and it'll get easier from here.

Working from home again today. Still in the pj's but getting ready to change into some workout clothes. Time for a bike ride and another On Demand workout. I love being able to get in my workouts during lunch. I'm actually still sore from Tuesday's workout so let's see if today's workout will kill me too. Will be good times.

I have been cross training a lot more lately. It's a nice change and it has made me stronger. I've noticed a change in my legs from the biking. And overall just feel stronger. Which is much better than my butt feeling more jiggly.

Okay...Osana...here I come.
Have a great day everyone. Stay Warm.


This May be the Day

That I have to do my mileage on the dreadmill. It'll be my first round this season and I'm not looking forward to it. But I have to get in some running miles. Especially if I want to hit my goal of 800 miles for the year. And want to run a marathon next weekend if the weather cooperates. Okay...I'll make that my motivation. And I'll treat myself to a nice Lush bath after. Okay...so now I'm kinda looking forward to a nice 3 miler. See how fast you can turn a negative thought around!

Yesterday was a good workout day. I had a great bike ride and am sore from the weight workout. Kinda feel like the Hulk...


It's a Snow Day

It's snowing. It's snowing. We're expecting around 2 inches today. Now mind you, two days ago, it was 58 degrees and I was outside running...in shorts. Today the windchill... -2 and I will not be going outside...at all.

I'm lucky enough to be working from home with a nice fire blazing and a puppy curled up beside me keeping me cozy.

For lunch, I'll take Osana for a ride. We can get through half an episode of L&O. And then a weight workout from On Demand, maybe one of Jillian's (from TBL). Then tonight while watching The Biggest Loser, I'll do some stretching and abs. I need some HBBC points!


Running in Shorts in December

So yesterday I wimped out on my run because of the wind. So I made a pact with myself that I would get up this morning and run...wind or no wind. I got wind. It was just as windy this morning as it was yesterday morning. But...the temperature was much more mild. 58 degrees mild! In Kansas. In December. Perfectamundo!

I threw on the running shorts. Yes...shorts and only one drifit long sleeved shirt that I actually did get a little warm in. And then I headed out to the trails where I would run South into the wind and then I could turn around and have the wind at my back. The wind is whipping around at 40 mph with wind gusts up to 60 mph. It was slow going and my legs were feeling very heavy. I didn't set mileage today. I was going in thinking 6 or 8. At mile 3, I thought hard about turning around cuz my legs were tired and the wind was wicked. But then I got to thinking...it's December and you're outside running, wearing shorts. Even if it is tough, enjoy this time. And so that's exactly what I did. I ended up running 8 miles and enjoying every minute of it-wind and all. I saw deer, blue jays, cardinals, a baby boxer, geese in the pond and the birds were singing their little hearts out. It was great. Like a spring morning. Then it was home to walk the Molster.

Now the clouds are moving in, the rain and snow are on their way and the temperature is only supposed to drop all day. I'm going to hop back into my sexy flannel pj's, grab some coffee and hang out. And I keep thinking I have school work to complete, but I don't. It's nice to have a couple weeks off.

Have a great Sunday!


My Life in Pictures as of Late

First...confessions. I didn't run this morning. The wind woke me up several times last night and I knew I wasn't going to run in the 30-50 mph winds. The temperature is nice, especially for December, but just wasn't feeling the wind today. So I did go out and meet up with the TEAM but stayed in the warm (non windy) running store. I get a break, don't I, for running a marathon last weekend-right??
Okay...on to pictures.This is my mom and me. I was giving my mom a kiss, thanking her for my birthday gift (the cute hat, mittens and vest) when the waiter came by staring with his mouth gaping open. We had to explain that we were mother and daughter. We certainly got a kick out of the look on his face.

Last night on the Plaza. A beautiful outdoor shopping area in Kansas City. One of my favorite places-especially during this time of year.

Doug and me-with my eyes closed.And an early Christmas gift. Courtesy of Chic Runner from a drawing she hosted on her blog. It's a pace band made of a awesome material that's going to help me get to my new PR in 2009!


Does it Get Much Better?

I think not...
  • It's Friday
  • It's 40 degrees
  • The sun is shining
  • The sky is blue
  • And I just had a great run
It's been almost a week since I laced up my pink tennies. I thought I was having a tough run at first. My legs felt rested but my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. Then I looked at the Garmin and it read the lower 9's. That's super speed for me. So I backed off a bit so I could get some oxygen to the brain.

I finished my 3 miler with an average pace of 10:31. And that's with a couple walk breaks and trying to prance through ice and snow so I didn't slip and slide and fall on my ass.

Then it was back home to switch some shoes out and take Mols for a walk. We did our usual 1 mile walk.

I think I'll be able to hit 800 running miles this year. (This does not include the miles we've walked Molly-which would be interesting to know-but don't). I have about 28 miles or so to go and I think with or without the marathon on the 28th, I'll be able to get it accomplished!

Running 6 or 8 tomorrow morning. But before that, I'm going to relax and hang out with my Honey Buns tonight before we hit the party circuit this weekend.

Happy Friday. For those racing this weekend, D10, have a great time!


Stuff on the Brain

Not a lot to report on the work out front. Just the regular old stuff minus the running...biking and walking Ned. And that's because Booty Buster Holiday Challange is in my face and I need points. Have done zilcho running since the marathon on Saturday and won't get in a run tonight. It's been almost a week.

I have a lot knockin' around this noggin' of mine as of late that I just can't shake.
  • A family saga. Good stuff. An awesome story. Just the very last (huge) tidbit is unresolved and I want this: Case Closed.
  • My 2009 fitness goals are totally up in the air. I hate that. I like to have everything planned out (yesterday!) and I can't pinpoint exactly what I want. It's driving me bonkers.

Maybe I need a run to clear my head.


We Just Might be Certifiable

Why not run yet one more marathon before the end of the year?! Doug, Karen and I are thinking about Run for the Ranch Marathon. I think it's a kinda quirky marathon. It's a 3 mile loop. So for the marathon, it would be 8 loops plus a little out and back. Why not? Could be kinda fun. It also starts at 2:30 in the afternoon (with an early start of noon)-my kinda start time. That will be nice cuz then we can drive down from home that day (about a 3 hour drive) and then drive back home after the marathon.

We're being whimpy and holding off to see what the weather will be. If it's a blizzard, we're not going to bother. But if it's nice, I'm certain we'll be running one last marathon in 2008-as if 8 marathons in 1 year isn't enough! Don't even get me near the Funny Farm...I'm afraid they would drag me in.


Looking for a Kansas City Area Marathon?

Here is what we have to offer in 2009 if anyone is interested in knocking out a marathon or half marathon in Kansas and/or Missouri:

Olathe Marathon in KS 3.28.09
Kansas Marathon (in Lawrence, KS) 4.19.09
Kansas City Marathon in MO 10.17.09
Gobbler Grind Marathon in KS 11.22.09

The Olathe Marathon will have a new course this year. This is a fairly small and uneventful marathon. It's a well organized marathon.

The Kansas Marathon will be new this year in Lawrence, KS.

The Kansas City Marathon is a nice marathon. Hilly. Race organization is good and this marathon highlights some of the Kansas City area. This is the biggest marathon in the KC area.

The Gobbler Grind Marathon is another small marathon. It runs through a lot of the paved trails we train on.

If anyone is interested in more information, let me know. We're always up for company! But the sign still says: long haired freaky people need not apply.


Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come

At the airport right now. Would have been home a bit sooner but couldn't pass up the $600 vouchers and $30 to blow on drinks for us to hold for the next flight. So that's what we're doing.

Will be home soon. It'll be nice to get some puppy kisses when we return.


I Partied Like It's My Birthday! Kiawah Island Marathon Race Report

Whoot! Whoot! What a day. It started at 4:45 am as we got up and around and headed out the door towards Kiawah Island. They parked us riff raff not staying on island in the tomato fields and bussed us to the starting area. Once we arrived, they had a huge conference room open for all of us runners to sit and stay warm. Not like we really needed to stay warm. The temperatures were great. I think mid 40's at the start. But, it was great to relax inside beforehand. They even had a pre-race yoga class which we did not partake in, but it was something nice for those that wanted.

The race started at 8:00 am. They had pace signs for 7, 8 and 9 minute miles. And then what was after 9-cuz there are those of us that do run slower then a 9 minute pace? Well, I guess that meant you were a walker. That was the next pace sign after the 9 minute pace sign-Walkers. Thought that was kinda funny. We think it was because they ran out of parking lot space to put the pace signs-who knows. Either way it wasn't a big deal-just kinda silly.

Off we go. It's pretty crowded the first couple miles. Doug and I are running together. About mile 3 he turns to ask how the pace was. I told him it was too fast for me. We kept going and at mile 8 I turn to him and tell him that we're still going too fast. We'd been doing approximately the same pace since mile 3! Yet, we continue on at the same pace. I didn't want to crash again like I did in SA but something kept me going. At least through mile 8. Ha!

This course runs through the neighborhoods of some of the private homes on the island. These houses are amazing. And to think a lot of them are vacation homes. They were absolutely some of the most gorgeous houses I have ever seen.

The course was essentially 2 out and backs. For some, that is a real downer. I usually don't particularly like out and backs either (especially when it's through an industrial area or something of the such) but I loved running this course. I didn't mind the out and back at all. The course was also f.l.a.t. flat flat. I'm not sure you could get much flatter.

The waterstops...super. They had water, full strength Gatorade (I hate when RD's try to dilute the Gatorade and you can't even taste it.) and they had bananas and oranges. At every stop. We actually even passed up some water stops as they were about every mile and it just got to be a lot of stopping and drinking. I'm sure they have them every mile because you don't ever know what the weather is going to be on race day. I bet it can get awfully warm sometimes, and then you would need them every mile.

So loop 1 is done. We shake loose the half marathoners that out numbered the marathoners 2 to 1. Once we did that, it was pretty quiet. There were still people to see and talk to, it just wasn't as crowded. We had a great time on the loop talking with people. Everyone seemed to be having a really nice time and was super friendly.

After completing lap 2, we crossed the finish line in 5:09:12. With that said, that's my 2nd best marathon time! I was pretty happy. I beat my previous 2nd best marathon time by like 18 minutes! Whoo Hoo for me! And...did I mention. On.My.Birthday! Oh...I might have mentioned that somewhere.

Afterwards they had a fantastic post-race luncheon. They had pasta salad with all sorts of yummy stuff in it like chicken, olives, carrots and green beans. They also had white bean soup and brownies. And free beer. We all ate outside next to the water and chit chatted about our journey today.

So this makes marathon number 17. And I've done a full or half marathon in 20 different states now.

I loved this marathon. I love this city. I recommend it to everyone. Like I said before, it may be 2 out and back loops, but the scenery is gorgeous. It's much better than running down strip malls in Phoenix or industrial areas in Portland. I would run this marathon time and again over some of the others I have done. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Now it's time for a nap and then off to have a great birthday dinner to celebrate...me! And our marathon.

Speaking of my hon...I'm not sure I'm buying this ankle injury anymore. The last three marathons he's run, he's run each one faster than the last. I would say he's healed, however, I can truly see his ankle swell like a balloon after each marathon he runs. He's a real trooper.


Heron, Alligators and Dolphins Oh My!

I LOVE the Charleston and Kiawah Island area! It is beautiful, the temperatures are perfect, the houses are to die for, the city is nice and clean. It's great! Doug and I have been a lot of places and there are not many places I would want to move to, but this place...I could see myself here.

Doug and I headed out to Kiawah Island this morning. What a beautiful resort. We drove around after packet pick up, did some sight seeing and had a great mahi mahi sandwich with crab soup for lunch.

As we were heading back we saw an alligator in the marsh area. Herons, everywhere.

We came back to the hotel to veg for a bit and then it was off to the brewery for dinner and a beer. I had a fabulous salad of spinach, shrimp, almonds, goat cheese and apples. So delish. And a pumpkin spice beer. Mmm...

Then we walked down to the ocean and watched the dolphins swim around. Everything was so peaceful. I wanted to stay all night sipping on my peppermint mocha. The most spectacular way to spend the last night before getting another year older (and better)!

Now it's back at the hotel to rest for tomorrow.

I want to say GOOD LUCK to all my friends running this weekend too:
Leslie and Aron running CIM
Robinson52 running Vegas
If I missed anyone, I'm sorry!
Have a GREAT TIME!!! You guys will do great.


Come Fly With Me

Soon we'll be jetting off to Kiawah Island, South Carolina.
I can't wait to get to the beach.
Even though it may not be bikini weather, I love the beach.
There isn't many things more enjoyable than listening to the sounds of the ocean.
One of my favorite things to do.
Oh...We'll be running a marathon too.
Did I mention...


Windy Windnesday

Holy Moly! It was windy this morning on my run. I would have to say it rivaled the Olathe Marathon wind we had in March. Except today I only ran 3 miles in it. Much easier than 26.2.

As I watched the weather this morning, they kept saying it was going to get windier as the day progressed with 30 mph winds and the temperatures were going to drop with wind chills in the teens. I knew if I was going to run, it needed to be early. So on a vacation day when I could have stayed in bed a while, I got my butt up and headed out for my run.

As I started, the stop sign at the end of the street was flailing about. I swear it was going to fly off its post. I wasn't worried about time today, I just wanted to get in a run. And I'm not ready to hit the dreadmill yet. So I continued on. The wind is at my back and every leaf on the street was swirling in the air. It was fun.

As I turn back North, that's when the wind about stopped me in my tracks. All I could do was tuck my head and laugh. There was one point where I actually could.not.run because the wind was blowing so fierce. My hat about flew off 3 different times. My stocking hat.

But I did make it back. I didn't blow away to Oklahoma. However, I am hunkering down (isn't that a funny word...hunkering?) inside and am not taking any chances as I believe the wind is picking up even more.

So for me today, it's getting things ready for us to head off tomorrow for South Carolina. I think it's supposed to be much warmer and please God, not as windy.

I'm going to hit the bike later. Just for a short bit. I need (okay want) to try out my new bike outfit.


Honey...Company is Coming

I'm so excited to be hosting Nikemom when she comes to town. She's swimming/biking/running her way to Ironman 70.3 Kansas June 14th. You Go Girl! I may have mentioned something about IMKS and she jumped right in. Sucker! I mean...Superstar!

It's only 6 short months away. I can't wait to be cheering her and other friends that will be there. Hopefully I'll see her before then though. Maybe she'll save us a spot on her couch for the Lincoln Marathon in May.

Anyone else up for Ironman 70.3 Kansas?


Whoo Hoo It's December!

I love December for...
Christmas lights
On.My.Birthday! THIS WEEK!!
Traveling to a warm destination when it's cold and icky here
Classes coming to an end for another semester
Doug's birthday
Running in the snow
Spending time with friends we haven't seen all year
Peppermint mochas
Cuddling by the fire
Making cookies
Working from home TWO days a week (when I'm there)

This week is going to be a little hectic. With an abbreviated work week (again) and working from home, hopefully I can find time to get some workouts in-to keep me sane if nothing else. Mols is much more understanding about me being stinky after a lunch run than if I was at work with my co-workers.

So here's to a FABULOUS month.