Three Snaps in a Z Formation

That is, the dreaded treadmill run last night.
I didn't wanna...I didn't wanna...
But I did!
And am stronger mentally and physically from it...right?
I think the first round is the ickiest and it'll get easier from here.

Working from home again today. Still in the pj's but getting ready to change into some workout clothes. Time for a bike ride and another On Demand workout. I love being able to get in my workouts during lunch. I'm actually still sore from Tuesday's workout so let's see if today's workout will kill me too. Will be good times.

I have been cross training a lot more lately. It's a nice change and it has made me stronger. I've noticed a change in my legs from the biking. And overall just feel stronger. Which is much better than my butt feeling more jiggly.

Okay...Osana...here I come.
Have a great day everyone. Stay Warm.


  1. Definitely takes me some time to get used to running in place, but if I can find a good show to watch it's not nearly as bad.

    do you ever run with the KC track club? I wanted to do their christmas eve run but i work that day, so maybe the new years run!

  2. No...not usually-but we did do the New Year's Run in 2008. May have to look them up and see if about running with them Christmas Eve. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. cycling will make you stronger and your butt bigger. heehee