The Little Train that DID!

These legs ran ONE HUNDRED MILES in January.
The most EVER for me in one month.
I beat my previous high water mark by 15 miles.
Running 39 miles in 2 days didn't hurt any.
Don't expect another triple digit showing in February.

Mols and I walked 28.5 miles in January. This is in addition to my running miles.
Had a good showing on the bike in January too. I haven't logged these kinda miles since I trained for my Half Ironman in 2006. It's been really good cross training.

My doughnut fix. Isn't fixed. While running my 12 miler today, I was on the trail that runs pretty close to Krispy Kreme. You could smell them making doughnuts. Mmm...If I would have had any money on me, or knew that I could beg in the parking lot, I would have been there in a heart beat.

To my run today...It was CRAPTASTIC! My new favorite word I stole from Sarah. I ran 12 miles and never really got in the groove. Ya know...just one of those days you have every so often. Good thing the weather was perfect and the sun was out and shining. BUT...Craptastic turned into Fantastic when I finished that last mile and hit One Zero Zero, baby!


Almost There

Wow....getting through a full 5 day work week takes a lot outta a girl. With vacation and holidays, it's been since Thanksgivingish that I worked a full 5 day week. At least I didn't have to come into the office all 5 days. Now that would be draining. Whewww...

Crazy to think January is about wrapped up. There are 2 more running days to get to the triple digit mark in miles. Think I can do it?? Here's a hint...I think I can. I think I can. I know I can. I know I can.


Move Over Miss Piggy

I have done nothing but eat since last night's run. After two plates of dinner, pudding and then a cookie, I looked up from my plate to find Doug laughing at how much I was snarfing down. Usually once I get something in the tum, I'm fine. But last night was never ending.

And why am I still starving today? I'm not emotionally eating. I'm h.u.n.g.r.y. And it's not all sweets I'm eating either. Really odd...

It's time for a bike ride now so I can burn off some calories so I can eat some more.

And for my GA stalker...there will be no more blogging today. Take a break and check back tomorrow.


Goodbye Number Three

Tonight was a Y night.
800 meter repeats.
It was to be number 3.
But I felt so damn good after number 3...
I ran number 4!

Next week...running 5...kinda already scares me.
But I have a whole week to talk myself into it.

Last night Osana and I took a ride. I love her.
Tomorrow we may take another ride.
Dare I bump up my time?
Why not?!


A World of Thanks and a New World Record

A World of Thanks...

A HUMONGOUS THANKS to Sarah at Junk Miles for sending me the sweetest stuff from the Nike Women's Marathon. She sent a drawstring bag, a t-shirt I wanted so bad, but didn't get, when I was there. Now Karen and I can be twinkies. AND...a hooded sweatshirt that is thick and cozy. I can't wait to be stylin' around town in my new gear.

I love you! I love you! I love you! Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are a doll!
A New World Record

At least in my world. And NO...it wasn't downing 2 dozen doughnut holes! Saturday morning we woke up to run and it was 7 degrees outside. I can handle 7 degrees. Then Doug told me it was 7 degrees with a windchill of -9. Oh...well...that could change things. Hmmm...I've never run outside when there was a -9 degree windchill. How many miles were we running? 8...okay...What is the longest I've ever run on the treadmill? 4...okay...So to the Y we go. And guess what? I did it! I ran 8 miles on the treadmill. Again, the tv made all the difference in the world. I watched me a little L&O (Law and Order) and poof-there's an hour. And after, I felt like a million bucks. So glad I decided to run and not wuss out.


Dancing Doughnut Dreams

Last night, dreams of doughnuts danced in my head.
I could see.feel.smell.taste them.
I could hardly get back to sleep because I was imagining the sugary feel on my tongue.
I kept wishing the alarm would sound so I could Get.Me.Some.Doughnuts.Damn.It!
The alarm finally sounds and I am excited. The doughnut shop is open. Heee. Heee.
I kiss Doug and wish him a great day at work then Mols and I head out to walk to the doughnut shop.
"I'll have a dozen doughnut holes," I hear myself tell the lady as I'm smiling...almost giddy.
Then I think to myself, "twelvvvee doughnut holes?? Is six not enough??" Nope. It sure wasn't.
We did make it all the way home without me having one. I just knew how great they were going to taste with my yummy hot coffee. But then I couldn't wait for the coffee to brew so I grabbed the sack and popped the soft, doughy pieces of heavenly sugar one by one into my watery mouth.
Then I looked in the bag, shook it. And then shook it again. What? That's all of them? Some must have fallen out of the bag on my way home. I'm sure of it. Ha!
So...how many doughnut holes make one doughnut? 3?...6? My thought? Who cares! I wanted them. I was craving them. I ate them. I loved them. That's that. And I walked to get them...1.5 miles worth. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


Just Sayin'...

Things have been a whirlwind lately but I have to remember the saying above.
Sometimes life gets in the way. But if you want something bad enough, you make time for it. If not, being 'busy' can easily turn into an excuse. And I despise excuses.
Luckily, things seem to be settling down a bit and I'm able to catch my breath.
Not working out for two days can really drag a girl down. I felt like crap.
So...I got this booty up this morning so Osansa and I could go for a bike ride (to nowhere).
Got the blood pumping and It.Feels.Good.
Working out, especially running, makes my life not so crazy and brings me back into the moment.
Tonight...a run.
Four miles in this fabulous blue sky, 60 degree, January weather.
Then another two with Mols.
Whoo! Hoo!


Mish Mash

  • School has started. It's crazy but will soon settle...in May.
  • I haven't worked out for two days but will get in a run tomorrow.
  • Have you seen the trailer for "He's Just Not That Into You"? "You know, MySpace (or Facebook) is the new booty call"... This quote cracks me up! I love all the girls in this movie...Drew and Jennifer are two of my favorites. Should be a fun chick flick.
  • The house is mess-but Doug is turning it into a masterpiece.
  • I'm ready for the weekend even though I have only been back to work for 2 days.


Trip to the Treadmill

Wow...I actually didn't call it the dreadmill.
Doug was headed to the Y tonight so I thought I would go as well to loosen up these legs. They have been feeling very heavy and tired. Grabbed my iPod and off we went. Hopped on a treadmill that had the tv already going, threw in my tunes and cranked up the speed. Things were feeling pretty good so I thought I would attempt my 2nd 800 meter repeat tonight. I'm fully aware it was only my 2nd, but I think the speed I'm running...it'll be doable to get 10 completed. So it looks as if I will be making a weekly trip to visit my new love (okay...now that's stretching it). But I've noticed if I have my iPod, the tv going and trying to do 800 meter repeats, I get a little sensory overloaded. Which is way okay with me and it makes the time fly by. And hopefully with my repeats, I'll be flying by in my next marathon.

This is a huge commitment for me. I've never done anything to really work on my marathon time. I've run all of my marathons to have fun...not for speed or competition. And I'm not saying that I'm looking to kill myself to hit a new PR. But if distracting myself with repeats on the treadmill to not get bored will get me a new PR...well...here's to a new PR baby!

I Love Holidays

Slept in this morning. It was a nice luxury after yesterday's self alarm clock ringing in at 4:30 am. Doug soon became a little stir crazy so we took some things to Goodwill and then decided to do some shopping for the house.

Haven't worked out today-yet. The run in the snow on Saturday wore this body out. I could feel it yesterday when we walked Mols 5 miles. I need to get to the Y and loosen these legs up.

Doug started another home improvement project of sanding down the mantle of the fireplace so we can stain it the color we desire. He's the best ever. And certainly knows how to make a mess. I keep reminding myself it will be beautiful when it's complete.

House AND 24 are both on tonight-two of our favorite shows. So we'll be relaxing. Probably with a glass of wine in hand. Enjoying our evening before duty calls tomorrow when we head back to work. Enjoy your day.


Early Morning Riser

Why am I up so early Sunday morning? I'm not sure. But I rolled over at 4:30 am and was ready to roll outta bed. Wide awake and bushy tailed. So instead of fighting it, why not just get up? After all, it is the weekend and I can take a nap if need be later on.

So a recap on running as of late cuz all I seem to be doing is posting pictures of Disney. Friday was brutally cold, so I broke down and headed to the Y for a dreadmill run. I wasn't going far, just needed to loosen up the legs a bit. 2 miles. Tried my first 800 meter repeat to see what it would feel like. I think I'm going to die. However, I need to keep in mind, this was after running a marathon 5 days before. And a half marathon 6 days prior, so my legs have probably not fully recovered.

Saturday we slept in and hit the trails around 9:00 am for a 6 miler. We turned on the weather before we headed out and they said it was 27 degrees with a windchill of 18. Wrong. To our surprise when we stepped outside, it was much warmer. The sun was out. The sky was beautiful blue. The birds were singing. What a beautiful morning for a run.

The trails were still covered in about 2 inches of snow. Nice, soft snow. It was fun to run in but was very difficult. I had to change my stride-which felt weird and it slowed me way down. It wore my booty out and my hammies were screaming.

We later took Ms. Mols out for a 2 mile walk after the sun melted most of the snow. It was a melty mess but it was good to get her out and she loves it. I'm sure she'll get at least another 2 miles in today.

Then it will be on to the bottling wine Doug made. We already have our next batch brewing...Raspberry Chocolate Port. A dessert wine. I'm dying for some of this and can hardly wait.

Now, onto finding my free registration for the Olathe Marathon to sign up. And then I may be ready for a nap.


Walt Disney World Half Marathon Race Photos

Day 1
Half Marathon

4:00 am...Look at those smiles

At Cinderella's Castle

Jack Looking for Some Booty

There it is...See the Finish Line? Gotta Snap a Pic with Stitch First
Donald Duck and our Donald Duck Medals. Day One...Mission Accomplished
This is How We Recovered...First with a Dip in the Pool
Then a Burger and Fries. Nothing Better for Recovery and Pre-Race :)

Walt Disney World Marathon Race Photos

Day 2
The Morning Started with Fireworks and Pyrotechnics
THIS is What it's ALL About
These Boys Were U.G.L.Y.
Cinderella's Stepmother and Stepsisters
Piglet and Pooh...Aren't They Adorable!
Mary Poppins
Doug and the Army Men
Now...THIS Guy was a Character...Just Not a Disney One. Who Runs a Marathon in a Speedo?
Monkeying Around...Did I Not Say We Stopped for Everything?

The Tree of Life
Minnie Heading Out for a Safari
And that's not even all of them!



I'm at a loss.
Our next marathon isn't scheduled until March. The end of March at that.
So that is how many weeks??
10 weeks?
10 weeks.
That seems like forever.
I think I'm actually going to have to do a couple long training runs before then instead of just jumping from one marathon to the next as my long runs. Darn it. I hoping not to go into withdraw and into lack of marathon depression.

I have my schedule ready for the first half of 2009. I have 4 marathons planned from today to the end of June, which will bring my mid-year total to 5 marathons.


Some After Marathon Havin' Fun Pics

Here they are...Sweeeeet!
After we nabbed these puppies, we took a shower and headed to the Magic Kingdom. Since it's the off season, there was hardly a wait for anything. I think the longest line we stood in was for Ariel. Last year, I passed this up. I thought it was some sort of show but didn't want to wait in the long line. This year when we came upon it, I told Doug I wanted to see it. He so kindly agreed. So the wait time was around 15 minutes. Once they opened up the door, there was Ariel. No show. No anything. Just Ariel. And you got to take your picture with her. I started laughing and apologizing. Doug gladly accepted my apology as he was able to meet Ariel In.The.Flesh. For real...look at that cheesy smile. Goose!
Then a spin on the Tea Cups. Whew...that baby can make you dizzy. Cinderella's Castle from the back...
After all afternoon and evening of having a great time and seeing absolutely everything we wanted, it was time for the fireworks display. It was spectacular.
After heading home, crashing hard for the night and being able to sleep in until the sun came up, we got up to snap a few shots with Goofy with our 6 medals... Our half marathon and marathon pics won't be in til Friday afternoon. So...we'll have to wait til then to post those.

Was able to get a 2 mile walk in with Mols this morning before the temps start to drop. Will get in a bike ride at lunch.


Marathon Number 1 of 2009-Walt Disney World Marathon

What a wonderful experience. We had an amazing time!

Another 2:30 am rise and shine Sunday morning...that wasn't so amazing, but...

The moon was! Remember I mentioned something about the moon being so huge and bright Thursday morning when we were headed to the airport? Well...come to find out...it really did seem bigger and brighter for a reason. The full moon we had on Saturday was the closest the moon will get to Earth this year. That's why it seems so large and bright-because it was! It was beautiful. We should have been sitting in the dark at 4:00 am at the start line, but it was so bright from the moon, they hardly needed lights.

After walking about three quarters of a mile to the starting line, we started in our correct corral this go around. Luckily, not as much weaving in and out of walkers this time. My legs felt great and I was ready to go. We watched Mickey, Minnie and Goofy welcome us and the fireworks blasted as the race started. It was warmer and more humid than the day before which was okay with me as I thought the day before was just a tad chilly. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

We took it nice and easy and things seemed to settle into place fairly quickly. We took another disposable camera to catch all the excitement. Will get them developed soon and post. Crazy that you can take over 50 some odd pictures in two days over 39.3 miles-but we did. And had a magical time doing it. We stopped for almost every character in all of the 4 parks. I think we could have taken an hour off our time if we didn't stop for a gazillion pictures, along with the insanely long bathroom break that someone had to take. But that's what this was all about. Having fun. Enjoying every minute. Laughing and goofing around. And that's exactly what we did. We also ran into some TNT alumni which was fun being able to hang with them a bit.

The day flew by. We started off at Epcot, then ran through the Magic Kingdom, then Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and then finished back through Epcot. We came in right under 6 hours but it really seemed much shorter.

After we crossed the finish line, we received our Mickey Mouse medal and then we were directed to the Goofy tent where we received a huge congratulations and our Goofy medals. They are so awesome. I'm so glad we signed up for this. Not sure we will do it again. Simply because of the 2:30 am wake up calls. Now that was more brutal than the running itself. But it was so worth it.

After receiving our heavy medals, we then returned to the hotel to shower and change and then we immediately headed to the Magic Kingdom for some walking and roller coaster riding. We stayed all day and into the night. By the time the fireworks were over and Tinkerbell flew across the sky, we were toast. So we headed back to get some shut eye. Waking up at 2:30 am. Running a marathon. And then walking Magic Kingdom for over 8 hours will wear a girl out. Oh-not to mention waking up at 2:30 am the day before and running a half marathon :)

I knew Monday morning was going to be the test. A test of 39.3 miles of running plus 8 hours of walking within a two day span. So...how do I feel? Freaking Amazing! I feel the best I have after any marathon I've run. I'm not sore. I don't hurt. My legs feel tired, but I think that's to be somewhat expected.

Something interesting...Going in, Doug and I did little to nil back to back long training runs. I was a tad nervous about this, but once I got up on Sunday and realized how great I felt, I knew we easily had this in the bag. So when we kept getting congratulated time and time again, I felt kinda silly. It seemed so easy and everyone was making such a big deal. Then Doug brought me back to reality, that not everyone does this sort of thing. There are millions of people that would not be able to physically do what we did. And I realized that I'm so lucky to be healthy enough and in good enough shape to think this was a cake walk.

Tonight is going to be busy. School is starting soon and I need to get some things in line. Thinking about hitting the gym for a short run...maybe a 2 miler. Yes...indoors. It's too cold for an outdoor run right now. Laundry needs to be done-but I can probably catch up on that tomorrow while working from home. 24 is waiting...very impatiently. I can't wait to see what Jack has in store for us! And the Biggest Loser...oh so much to do. Glad it's recovery time. Oh crap...and get our pictures developed. How could I forget? I'll see about posting some pics tonight.

Kansas Marathon

HOW do you host the Kansas Marathon WITHOUT a marathon???
The Kansas Marathon will be hosting a half marathon and 5K, but no marathon.
They will be having a marathon in 2010. But not one in 2009.
Damn it.
Well...so much for that being one of my 12 marathons this year.


Still Alive...

We're alive and well. Real well. We had a GREAT time. Finished both the half and full. Took tons of pictures.

Will post more later...getting ready to board the plane now.


Hakuna Matata...Walt Disney World Half Marathon

It means no worries for the rest of your days...
Day One of the Goofy Challenge is D.O.N.E.
Our day started at 2:30 am.
This is after we got ready and around. It's not even 3:00 am!
We started in the back of the pack with our friends and our Honored Patient, Leesa and Craig. We had a day of weaving in and out of walkers. It was a little crazy and insane but we still had a good time with a lot of laughs.

We did take plenty of our own breaks snapping pictures with several characters. We bought a disposable camera, but are not able to process it, so we'll post pictures when we return home.

We strolled in right under 3 hours. We were sure to take it nice and easy and had a great time.
Here is our 1st medal. Donald is honkin' big!

Once we returned to the hotel, we took a dip in the cool pool to ease the inflammation of the day's run. After that, we headed for a margarita. The salt on it was so yummy and just what we needed to replace some electrolytes.

Now it's time to relax. Eat some dinner. And an early night to bed again for another 2:30 am wake up call. Only 26.2 to go!


A Day of Relaxation

Today we vegged. Nothing on the schedule. It was very nice. Some of our time was spent like this...

Hangin' at da Pool...

Touring da Resort...
Playin' Some Twister...With Myself.
Gettin' Fresh with Mr. Potato Head.

He Liked It...

Look in the Sky...A Happy Face!

We also went to Downtown Disney and saw Gran Tarino. It was fabulous and would recommend this to everyone. I can't remember the last time I've been to two movies in one week...let alone cried in both of them. Fabulous. Fabulous movie.

Now it's off to catch a few zzz...'s before our 2:30 AM wake up call. It's almost here!

Thus Far...

It's been a great trip. As always.
  • Got in nice and early yesterday.
  • Hit the expo with it still halfway quiet and not jammed packed.
  • Ended up with 7 new dri-fit shirts already (1 for the half marathon, 1 for the marathon and 1 for Goofy times 2 plus Doug signed for the the marathon before he signed up for Goofy so he went and grabbed another marathon shirt as well). Definitely need more hangers when we return.
  • Met up with some friends for dinner last night at Downtown Disney and dined by the water. The moon was full. The stars were shining. And we watched fireworks as we ate.
  • Ended up at Ghirardelli Chocolate. Twice. Already. Had to get some drinking chocolate. Not quite as good as Christopher Elbow's...but will do.
  • Found Selma's cookies. I can spot those babies anywhere. I LOVE Selma's.
  • Went for a short run this morning around the lake. The fog was burning off and the sun is starting to shine. Tons of ducks on the pond and the birds are chirping...loud little suckers.
  • Had to smile when I stepped out of the hotel room and there were kids already in the pool at 7:00 am.
  • Love the curtains here. They split the rod in half and placed one in front of the other. So when you close the curtains-they actually overlap so you don't have that sliver of light that always seems to come through cuz you can't get the curtains shut all the way.
  • Time for some coffee, a shower, tossing on some shorts and flip flops and heading out. No particular plans...may first down some chocolate chip pancakes or a Mickey waffle, probably hit the pool later and just enjoy the beautiful day.

Happy Friday from Florida!


Up and At 'Em

Good Morning!
Sitting at the airport.
Waiting to take off soon.
On our way to the airport was beautiful. The moon was HUGE and orange.
Probably hit the expo today. Maybe hook up with Ann Marie and certainly get in a run.
Ready for some 75 degree weather. Sunshine. Palm trees. Shorts and flip flops.


Time for the Mickey Ears

Well, it's January 6th and I think it's time for a VA.CAT.ION!
I'm so fortunate to have worked for the same company since I was 12 (not really, but it seems like it) that I have BUTTLOADS of vacation. Actually even carried over some time from 2008 after all the traveling we did. Lovin' it!

It's off to get in a run. Then probably a Molly Mile. Then to packing.


This Week In Workouts

HBBC is still in play. I may not be counting points, but certainly am keeping track of all I've been doing. Usually I just kept track of running miles but I'm going to try to keep track of it all now-make sure I get my cross training in. Yesterday looked to be a non workout day until Doug got my butt up to take a walk with Mols. It was only a mile, but a mile nonetheless.

This week's workouts are shaping up like this:
Saturday 6.5 mile run/ 2 mile walk
Sunday 1 mile walk
Monday 30 minute bike/ 3 mile walk
Tuesday will be a 3 or 4 mile run
Wednesday will be VACATION with some sort of cross training-hopefully more than house cleaning
Thursday will be a 3ish mile run at Disney
Friday will be a rest day
Saturday 13.1 mile run
Sunday 26.2 mile run

Worked from home today. Will be in the office tomorrow and then off for another week. Whoo Hoo!


Just Mousin' Around

Time is getting close for Marathon Numero Uno for 2009.
So before we get there, I thought I would take a look back to our Disney trip 2008.
Doug was coaching and I ran the marathon. It was my first time to Disney World.
We shared a lot of good times with many friends, like eating Mickey Mouse pancakes with Steff, running Carrie's first marathon with her and watching fireworks every night.
This year, we're going Goofy. We're doing both the half marathon AND the marathon.
We looked into signing up for the 5K on Friday, but it was sold out.
This year, I'm looking forward to many more memories and am expecting a little more pain.
It'll be worth it carrying home 3 mega medals. I'll be certain to post pictures.
Looking forward to some nice weather. Watching the palm trees blow in the breeze. Run a couple miles. Eat Mickey Mouse pancakes. Relax. And have a fantastic time.

HBBC Comes to a Close

I'm sad to say HBBC ends today. I really enjoyed the challenge of keeping up some sort of workout routine during the holiday season. The best thing that's come from this is my return to cross-training. I have really enjoyed trying some new things and have really benefited. My running has become stronger and easier. I feel a little lighter and my muscles, a little tighter. I certainly plan on keeping up my running, my biking, walking Mols and the other cardio workouts I've been doing. Maybe once the gym settles down from all the yahoos returning to the gym for their short lived New Year's resolution, I may return to take some classes.

Below is a breakdown of my workouts during HBBC:

Walk (with Mols)-20
Total 89 points

Thanks RunToFinish for all your hard work putting this together! It's been VERY helpful.

Add to that another Molly Mile...so 90 points. It's so darn cold out. I really didn't expect to get out today, but the fire burnt out and Doug wanted to 'pick up sticks' to get the fire going again, so we took our usual 1 mile Molly walk to do that. The fire is going again and I plan on sitting next to it all night.


What a Beautiful Morning

Hit the trails today at 7:00 am on this January 3rd for the last training run with my Disney peeps. We were supposed to cover 6 miles, but it ended up being a long 6 that turned into 6.5 miles. I was more than okay with it as it was a glorious day to be out. 47 degrees in January. Whoo Hoo! I totally overdressed this morning, getting ready in the dark. I had 3 layers on top with a light jacket. But soon realized once I got outside, half of that wasn't needed so I stripped off 2 layers. Only to find out after my run, the shirt I did keep on, I had put on inside out. That's what I get for not laying my clothes out the night before and getting dressed in the dark.

I had a great run. The weather was PERFECT. The legs felt strong. My Garmin was ringing in some nice numbers. There was lots of chattering on the trails. The birds were chirping. A fun morning. I was feeling my Wheaties.

So after the run, I head to Starbucks to grab a Peppermint Mocha Twist-skim milk-no whip, please. The drive thru line was a little backed up. I would have gone in-but didn't want to turn my shirt right side out cuz it was nasty sweaty and cold so I opted for the drive thru. Long story short, this lady totally cut in front of me in her minivan after it was obvious I had been there before her. Or, at least, it was obvious to me. After her little maneuver, she looked back in her rear view mirror and I gave her one of my snarly looks. Which is so not pretty. And then I went about my business of jacking around on the Internet on my phone while I patiently waited in line. As I drove up to pay, the sweet girl at the drive thru told me that my drink was already paid for. The the lady in front of me paid for it cuz she felt bad. Awesome! I totally accepted her apology. Ha! Cool beans!

Then I got home, walked in the door and it was like 'POP'. Doug put up the bottom portion of the stained glass window last night in our living room, so when I walked in, there is this splash of color that is beautiful. He did such a great job. Can't wait for the other window to be finished now. Take a look:

What a great way to start off the day!


Happy New Year!

We had a great time last night being with friends we hadn't seen in a while. Lots of stories, laughing, food and beer were had by all. After the toast and kiss at midnight, we were one of the first couples to head for the road, around 12:45ish and of course, was given a hard time about it. Everyone wanted to know why. We let them know we were running New Year's Day morning. Somehow Doug's 10 miles he was running, turned into our 10 miles.

So we crawled into bed around 1:30 and rolled outta bed about 8:30. So we actually got a decent amount of sleep.

We met up with RuntoFinish this morning before the run. What a doll! This tiny, cute, super speed demon. I'm not sure we could run together unless I pulled a Tonya Harding on her to slow her down. I promise, that WON'T happen...Just Sayin'...she's WAY faster than I am. Which is fine, we'll just have to meet up before and after runs.

We took off and honestly once we got started, I still wasn't sure what sort of mileage I was going to cover. I was pondering 6. But then remembered my spouting off last night that I was going to run 10. Why did I do that? I guess it sounded good at the time.

I started out strong and felt really good. So I decided to cover 10. Why not start the New Year with double digits. After Doug realized I was running long he slowed down so I could catch up and we ran our miles together. Mrs. Speedy was coming back as we were still heading out and she turned around to run with us a bit. Then I was dying and needed to walk so we said our Happy New Year's and nice to meet you's and she scooted on.

We hit our 5 mile turn around and was doing great. The wind to our backs now. Ahhh...Then we ran into some poor girl that lost her group. She was supposed to do 3 miles total and she was already at almost 5. Yikes! She about cried when we told her it was 5 miles back. So we told her there was a gas station about a mile up so she could call her friends to come get her. Poor thing!

We finished with an 11:04 average for 10 miles. I was very happy with that. Especially considering the long talk we had with the lost girl and the water stop we were at forever as I was pouring everyone drinks.

It's nice to log 10 miles already for 2009!

Then it was home where feta eggs were made and a hot bath with a bath bomb were in order. Doug started working on his stained glass project and we were watching a CSI marathon when Mols let us know it wasn't quite fair that there had been no walk for her yet, so off we went for a 2 miler.

Now we're all back home, the fire is crackling and we're hanging out for the rest of the afternoon. What a great way to ring in 2009! Happy New Year!