Against the Wind

Against the wind
I'm still runnin against the wind
Well I'm older now and still
Runnin against the wind
-Lyrics by Bob Seger
That was the chorus of the day.

The day started out at 3:45 am and here I thought it was going to be a pleasure to run a local race so we could sleep in and enjoy our bed as long as possible. That didn't happen. With Doug being in charge of the marathon start line, our call to duty came before the butt crack of dawn.

Pre-Race...The start line was hectic with just about everyone checking in bags because it was so darn chilly due to the wind but I think things went very well for Doug's first time. I think it went off without a hitch. Doug got the race off on time with the cannon sounding, I pulled up the rear due to finishing up some volunteer duties as everyone took off. I want to say a huge thanks to Karen and the other volunteers at the start. They really worked their tails off when they could have been snoozin' in bed still. Here's a pic of Karen and me at the start line. Notice how dark it still is.

The race...I had a good race. I felt solid all the way through to the finish. This really suprised me as even up until earlier in the week, I was still thinking it was going to be a rough race for me. Even Friday night, Jenny was inviting me to do a shorter race and then meet up for breakfast which was sounding better and better as race day neared. Although early on in the marathon I swore I smelled syrup-which ony made me think of them having blueberry pancakes at MOM's...I kept trekking on. I also smelled pickles. I love pickles. Okay-back to the race. The wind kicked some butt! It was brutal. There were stretches that were tough, but the toughest came at miles 14-18 when we headed down 175th Street in Gardner straight east into the wind. Did I say straight into the wind? Whew...I didn't know I needed to have trained in a wind tunnel for this marathon. Good thing I have a few pounds in my trunk, otherwise I would have been worried about being swept away. For the four brutal miles, I just kept on keeping on and was glad to see the course turn north. Other then the wind, the marathon was pretty uneventful winding through Gardner and Olathe.

Post Race...Mexican food...Mmm...Mmm...and then ice cream...then a very long nap, probably too long considering I'm still up at 11:30 pm and we started the day at 3:45 am. I can't tell you the last time we saw the clock strike 11:30 pm-maybe New Year's Eve.

Doug had a pretty good run. He's been running very well lately. I'm very proud of him. My friend Steff ran the half marathon and it looks like she had a great day and my friend Jenny ran the 5K and won her age group! I wish they would rub off on me!
Overall...another great day!

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