Looking for a Kansas City Area Marathon?

Here is what we have to offer in 2009 if anyone is interested in knocking out a marathon or half marathon in Kansas and/or Missouri:

Olathe Marathon in KS 3.28.09
Kansas Marathon (in Lawrence, KS) 4.19.09
Kansas City Marathon in MO 10.17.09
Gobbler Grind Marathon in KS 11.22.09

The Olathe Marathon will have a new course this year. This is a fairly small and uneventful marathon. It's a well organized marathon.

The Kansas Marathon will be new this year in Lawrence, KS.

The Kansas City Marathon is a nice marathon. Hilly. Race organization is good and this marathon highlights some of the Kansas City area. This is the biggest marathon in the KC area.

The Gobbler Grind Marathon is another small marathon. It runs through a lot of the paved trails we train on.

If anyone is interested in more information, let me know. We're always up for company! But the sign still says: long haired freaky people need not apply.


  1. oh oh are you doing Olathe!! I really need some people to motivate me to do my best there, I'm only planning on the half, but I want to really kick it in to gear! I'll have a discount code for HBBC'ers if you are signing up!

  2. Hi,

    I live in Arizona and was trying to find a course map for 2009. I don't see it on the marathon site. Any links would be appreciated.


  3. Annonymous-Which marathon are you speaking of? There are links to all the marathons in my post. Just click on any of them and it should take you to their site with the exception of the Kansas marathon which does not have a site as of yet.

  4. RunToFinish-Heck yeah! We can keep each other on track.

  5. I'm interested in a half or two or three! OMG my hubby is going to kill me for adding more events to my list. {breathe} It's considered part of the training, isn't it?!? LOL

    More info please? Are you doing all of them?

  6. Stephanie-Of course it's considered part of training! You know you have a place to crash too. Come down for all of them if you want.

    There is Hospital Hill Half Marathon too in June that is a GREAT race-but think that one may be too close to IMKS. Up to you though!

    Olathe Marathon will have a half as well. It is pretty flat (or it has been in the past. Not sure what the new course will be for 2009. It's uneventful. Small. No bells or whistles. Very few spectators.

    Kansas Marathon will have a half as well. This race has only been a half marathon in the past, but they are under 'new management' this year (actually the guys putting on IMKS-I think) so I have no idea what this race will entail. It is run in Lawrence, where IMKS will be held. In the past years, we have run through the KU campus which is fun. It is a bit hilly.

    Kansas City Marathon has a half as well. It's hilly. The biggest marathon in the area. Well put on. A good race.

    Gobbler Grind Marathon has a half as well. On a very small scale. Run mostly on trails we run to train on. Uneventful but I enjoyed it a lot this year.

    I plan on running all of these this year so pick 2 or 3 and come on down! These are all marathons that we can roll right out of bed from and head to the starting line with no travel involved. Just out our back door.

    If I may have missed something, just ask me what you want to know and I can certainly get back with you.

  7. Looks like quite a schedule! I would love to say we would be make it down there but you definately don't want my little people invading your homestead. They are exhausting. :) Good luck and I will continue to live vicariously through your travels. :)

  8. I just may put Kansas Marathon on my map. I have to research these more, but thanks for the info. Would love to meet you!

  9. Marci-Do it! I haven't been able to find much on the Kansas Marathon since it will be the first year-there's not a lot out yet. Hopefully soon!

  10. Do you know when we will see any info the new Kansas marathon in Lawrence? I plan to run this one.

  11. do u no of any half marathons in the kc area in may