Get a Goal, Girl!

Could it be happening to me?
The New Year-No Goal Doldrums?
I've got the blahs...and it sucks.
I know it's common after accomplishing a big goal.
But I don't like it one bit.

I'm so sick of myself.
I whine because I need to work out.
And then I whine cuz Doug asks me to go work out.
Then I whine when he goes to work out and I sit at home.
I whine cuz it's too cold to work out.
I whine cuz my ass is getting fat on the couch.
I'm turning into a whiny fat ass.
And it's so not pretty.

I need some new goals.
And wine.


2009 Completed Events

Below is a list of events I completed during 2009. Some good, some bad and some...very ugly. Whatever way I crossed the finish line, it was worth every step, sweat drip, smile, pain in my ass and tear drop that fell.

TA DA!!!!...(Click on the link to see the race report)

12.06.09 RNR Las Vegas Marathon
Bass Pro Shop Marathon
10.25.09 Blue Springs 50/50 Marathon
Detroit Marathon
Patriot's Run Marathon
09.07.09 Heart of America Marathon
09.05.09 Royals 5K
08.15.09 Mayor's OP 5K Farmstead Stampede
Susan G. Koman 5K
08.02.09 Cider Mill Century Bike (53 miles)
06.27.09 RNR Seattle Marathon
06.13.09 Hatfield and McCoy Marathon
05.31.09 Lone Star Century Bike (54 miles)
05.17.09 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon
Lincoln Marathon
04.18.09 Frisco Fifty Marathon
04.04.09 Olathe Half Marathon
01.11.09 Walt Disney World Marathon

01.10.09 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

****12 MARATHONS****/2 Half Marathons/3 5K's/2 50+ Bike Rides

What a year! Besides running 12 marathons for the year I:

  • Ran a Half Marathon and a Full Marathon back to back on the same weekend (Disney)
  • Ran 2 Marathons within 5 days of each other (Heart of American Marathon on Monday and the Patriot's Run Marathon on Friday)
  • Ran three Marathons back to back weekends (Detroit, Blue Springs 50/50 and Bass Pro)

There are times I sit and think anyone could have done this. Then there are times I sit in amazement, wondering how I did what I did. I feel very lucky to have accomplished this goal. To have stayed healthy. To have such great support from friends and family. To have been able travel to so many great places. I have to say, I'm not the fastest runner by any way, shape or form. And a lot of these marathon finishes were ugly. But... I got up, got out there and I crossed that finish line.

There are only a handful of people I know that have completed 12 (or more) marathons in a years time. And knowing the strength and endurance of 3 of them, I have to say I'm in pretty awesome company. And, of course, there are those of you that have run 100 milers, 24 hour adventure races and Ironmans that totally amaze me and are much tougher than I could ever dream. But...everything is relative and means something different to each of us. For me, I remember when I ran my first 5K. What a goal that was. Now here I am, just a few years later running marathons. Just get out there...have fun...do something good for yourself...and push yourself to your limits...and beyond, sometimes.

So...what's the goal for 2010? Doug says we should run 2 international marathons. Which...we already have planned-so that's not much of a 'goal'. I think he's trying to make 2010 a little easier for me than this year. I could overachieve and see if Laurel or Marci will house us for a third :).

But until January 1st comes, I'm going to savor my 2009 accomplishment and dream of what 2010 will bring.


12 Marathons in 12 Months...ACCOMPLISHED!

I finished my 12th marathon of the year at the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Marathon!
My 2009 goal.
And...it just happened to be on my birthday!

It was a whirlwind trip. We didn't leave until early morning Saturday. Arrived to Vegas, met up with Karen and went to packet pick up and rocked out with some Elvi.

Then that afternoon Amanda and I headed off to see the Lion King as Doug met up with his team to go to the pasta party to celebrate the start a great journey...their first half marathon.

Then it was an early morning race day with a 6:15 am start. I kissed Doug as he left uber early to meet up with his team to give them their last minute inspiration and instructions. Amanda and I 'slept in' til around 4:45 am. Karen then came up to meet us so we could take the tram to Mandalay Bay.
The Marathon Girls...

Before heading out, I lost my phone somewhere in between our room and the bathroom downstairs. I wanted to take it with me to call Stacey and Nikemom to see if we could meet up and also to take some pictures of the race. I didn't find it, but thought it might had been upstairs in the room. It ended up at lost and found and I was able to recover it. Whoo Hoo.

At the start, Amanda took off to her corral and Karen and I started together. The start was fun with 15 minutes of continuous fireworks, the whole strip still lit up, 2 white tigers pacing at the start, 30 thousand people and huge tv screens displaying the coverage of the marathon.

I ran the first half with my BFF, Karen, and then had a strong second half. From mile 12-26.2 I passed over 100 people and only 2 of those ever passed me back up. I felt like a rock star! And as I crossed the finish line, I had the best person ever present me my medal...Doug.

We then waited for Karen and Doug presented Karen with her medal as well. With several tears flowing, we headed back to the hotel to get ready and cleaned up to meet up with a few friends for celebration drinks for:

Doug's 82 marathon...my birthday...Doug's team completing their 1st half marathon...Karen's 2nd marathon...Amanda's 3rd marathon and my 12th marathon of the year. Now THAT'S a lot to celebrate!

Here is a few of us after Mexican food and margaritas!

All in all...a fun weekend. A whirlwind...and I never even put a penny in the slots as I was already ONE LUCKY GIRL!