On a Whim

So...I get this Heart of America Marathon from Doug about 20 minutes ago. Alright...start looking...$25 entry...way cheap...cool. It's Monday...okay. This Monday?! So I call him and ask if he is serious. Well of course he is. So now we JUST signed up to run a marathon on Monday. It's Friday late afternoon my friends. A marathon I didn't even know of, let alone have an eye on and was not even thinking about doing before 30 minutes ago! Nothing like running a marathon on the fly. Talk about peer pressure.

Didn't think we had many plans for the nice, long weekend until 10 minutes ago when I hit 'submit'.

How fun though. I love to do this kinda stuff. Goin' out on a whim-just because I can!


A Rainy but Great TNR

As we head to the Plaza tonight for our TNR (Thursday Night Run), the nasty clouds are rollin' in along with the lightning...again. Didn't we just do this Saturday morning? Once the girls get there, the first downpour is over so they and Doug decide to head out. I, on the other hand, sit this run out and instead stake claim at the bar as I know it's going to start pouring once they get started.

But before I head in, I run to Three Dog Bakery to get Mols some treats...

Now how adorable are these treats?!

By the time I pick out her treats and head back to the restaurant, it's pouring...not raining...pouring. So I bust my butt to get across the street and not long after that, here come the pack of wet dogs from their run. I'm so glad I didn't head out with them! I'm going to do my run tomorrow morning! Hopefully when it's dry. And if it's not, it'll be where I can run 3, come home and dry off instead of sitting in cold, wet clothes for hours while hanging out having dinner and end up getting diaper rash.

As we're chit chatting and having a good time, a lady walks up with a young boy. She had heard about the fundraiser tonight and wanted to come out to support it. Her son, three years ago TODAY, was taken to Children's Mercy Hospital only to find out that he had Leukemia. He is in remission now after a long journey. He seems to be a very active, normal boy now which is exactly what we want! They were fun to talk with and everyone had a great night. The mom is actually going to join Team In Training next year and train for a half marathon.

So we get home and Mols is going bonkers for her treats. She LOVES them. As you can see, she's as lightning fast as my new kicks...giving the camera a hard time trying to take a still picture...

Off to bed and snuggle up to listen to the thunder (ahhh...) so I'll get my arse up tomorrow morning to run. Tomorrow is the start of a nice, long holiday weekend. Everyone racing or training, have a great weekend. Actually, that goes for everyone, even if you're not racing or training! But a special 'WHOO HOO' out to Laurel...have a GREAT Try-A-Tri! You are going to have so much fun! We'll be reading next about your IM adventures!

Sweet Dreams...


The Time Has Come

For a couple of things.

First...some new kicks. It was time to break them out. They've been crying 'pick me...pick me...you never take me anywhere' for quite some time. So after my 3 mile run tonight, my body was starting to feel a little tweaky so thought the time has come to break 'em out.

The picture appears a little blurry. This is no mistake. That is because these babies are already movin'. They are fast suckers. I can already feel it! Vroom...Vroom...It'll be like running on Cloud 9 in my Asics Cumulus 10's. However sitting here I thought I bought the Numbus. I'll have to think about if I want to take these back and get what I thought I had or hang with these. Both are a great shoe. I'm sure either will make me super fast. New shoes always do that.

Second...we have bridges! After our run tonight, to cool down, we took Ned out for a walk on the trail. They were busy today installing two new bridges. Last night we walked the path and they weren't there. Love to see progress! Soon we'll be able to host some runs from our house. That will be fun!

My runs have been going well. Tonight we started out and my legs felt pretty heavy. I could have sunk to the bottom of a pond today if someone threw me in. Once we got going, I thought I was going to heave a lung up...Doug is too damn fast for me these days but I still felt like we were going slow. Remember slow is a relative term for you speedsters out there. We finished our 3 miles averaging a 10:48 pace and that is after I made him walk a ton between the 2nd and 3rd mile. I am pretty happy with that.

Tomorrow is our Thursday Night Run and afterwards we're headed to a fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Gotta love pigging out in the name of charity!



My sister and niece.
How sweet!
Makes me think...
HA! Just kidding.


Is it Stalking if it's Accidental?

So I'm driving into work this morning and happen upon a fellow friend I know from the blogosphere. I almost got out at the light and knocked on your window but I thought that would Really Freak you out!

Is it YOU I stalked today?


Molly 18...Max 8...Kim 8

Molly has won. Max has decided to nest back home. Luckily, he was even able to go home. He seems to be doing much better after she decided to 'play' with him. I think he'll be making a full recovery. Doug and I were really starting to like the little...uhh...big booger. I think Molly did too-just on a psychotic level.

As far as running my 18 miles Saturday-that didn't happen. Doug and I woke up at 4:30 am to rain, but more importantly for us, a lightning storm. It didn't stop by 6:00 am when run group was supposed to start so we had to cancel the run. Rain is fine...lightning is not. So we sat around and caught up with those we hadn't seen in a while and were able to get acquainted with newbies we haven't had the chance of getting to know. So my 18 miles on Saturday turned into 8 miles on Sunday. No worries though. I'll get 18 knocked out in two weeks and it will fit just right into my 50K schedule.

My miles Sunday worked out to:
Mile 1 11:15
Mile 2 11:08
Mile 3 11:46 (Water Stop)
Mile 4 10:28
Mile 5 12:37 (Water Stop)
Mile 6 11:26
Mile 7 12:49 (Water Stop)
Mile 8 11:21

Average 11:33

What a beautiful morning. We went out to Heritage Park to run the loop around the lake.
It's so peaceful...


What? It's the Weekend Already...

This has been THE MOST insane week at home and work. Thank God I made it through! And tomorrow I have the pleasure of running 18 miles. It'll be nice because I need a break.

I have been getting in my workouts because I think that is the only thing (besides Doug-Thank You! ILY!) that is keeping me somewhat sane.

The latest on Big Bird and Mols...
Molly, somehow, was able to open up the bird cage. I'm sure she jumped up on it and pressed the button with her paw which then opened the cage. Doug came home to bird feathers everywhere and a dog that had a mongo bird trapped underneath the bar stool in our kitchen with dog slobber ALL OVER him...frothy dog slobber. How they both are alive and unhurt-I have no idea. But praise the Lord they are both okay. So I called to tell my mom the new saga and she proceeds to tell me that dog slobber can be deadly to birds. What? You have got to be freaking kidding me. Yes...it's true. So the bird gets a bath to wash off the Molly slobber and then heads to the vet today to get a shot and antibiotics for his water. I am hoping and praying he's not keeled over when we get home. The vet said he should be okay and the first 24 hours are the most critical so we'll wait and see. To be continued...



It's been 2 years today since I completed my Half Ironman. Wow...doesn't seem that long ago. May have to think about another one soon.

Ran 3 miles this morning. Averaged a 10:57 pace. Pretty good for a girl who has not been getting her sleep.

Whoo Hoo! I AM doing a 50K this year. Flatrocks 50K in Independence, KS September 27th. I have officially signed up and there is no turning back now. It kinda made my heart skip a beat when there was a box for Number of Ultras Completed. Ultra...yikes...guess it is...an Ultra Marathon. Wow!This is gonna be fun!


Big Bird is in the House

Maximus is well...Maximus! He is Huge. He is a green winged Macaw and is visiting or staying for...well...that's yet to be determined. He is beautiful and so fun. So what does he provide for the family? Well...he talks, squawks and dances.

This is Maximus in his cage after we set it up. Molly is so intrigued with him. She has been in the above position for what seems like all night. She has NO IDEA what to think of him. I'm thinking Mols thinks he might 'taste like chicken'. She is a droolin' fool right now.

Mind you, in this cage he doesn't look very big. But pay attention to how big the cage really is. It's bigger and taller than our fireplace!


Grapes Galore and Lazy Bones Finally Gets Out for a Run

A sampling of grapes from our backyard...

We have several different varieties-both white and purple. We did some taste testing and they are pretty darn good. The purple ones have a really nice Concord flavor. The white ones are still a little sour yet and probably need to stay on the vine a bit longer.

This is our third year since we planted them and the second year they have produced. This year we have an abundance...they are everywhere. I have no idea what we're going to do with so many grapes. I'm suggesting a Grape Stompin' Party so Doug can make some wine. Any takers? Stephanie??

8:23 PM Sunday Night...
Finally. Finally got in a run. After another late night I slept in again til around 8:30 this morning. I'm not sure what my late nights are all about. I'm usually an early to bed early to rise kinda gal but it must be the Olympics that have me all mixed up. So I get up and one of my favorite shows is on. I love the Sunday Morning show so I sat down and watched that this morning, did some work around the house and the day got away from me. Later in the evening I was needing to get out. I was feeling blah and knew if I just got out and did something active I would feel better. So I told Doug I was going for a walk or run or walk/run...whatever I felt like once I got out there. I also told him I was going anywhere from a half a mile to ten miles I wasn't sure. As he laughed, I headed out the door. I headed down the new trail they are constructing right around the corner from our house, some of it is still dirt some is gravel. Doug and I are taking bets on when it will ever get finished. I felt good...light...my legs were strong. So different than what my body felt like earlier in the day. I headed up into Ernie Miller Park and hit the trail trails for a couple miles then continued on to the new trail system again. Had a great run. Covered 8 miles and then came back to take Mols for a walk.

I'm still behind on my 4 miler. I'll get up tomorrow morning and do it. That way I'll be back on track.


Hodge Podge

Friday Night
Got together with the girls for dinner and then to see Jack Johnson. What a great time. Great music, great friends, a full moon with a perfectly clear sky and cool night. I love to people watch and this was the place to be. I never have see such a mish mash of people. We had soccer moms trashed, the upper crust, the hippies, the dope smokers-lots of dope smokers, and more kids than I have ever seen. I hadn't realized that Jack's crowd were into the weed. But after I got there and saw how many there were, I realized well...if Jack's music makes me relaxed I see how it can make them even more relaxed. Very interesting crowd. I've also never seen more men in one place swaying to and fro to the music. Everyone had a great time.

Well...I was going to get up and run this morning. That didn't happen. Jack kept me up too late last night so I decided to sleep in. And enjoyed every wink. Only to find out I missed meeting Topher as he ran into Team In Training and met Doug today. I'm going to meet you one of these days!

Met Doug for lunch after run group and we sat outside on the patio and basked in the sun and had a yummy lunch. Then we ran to the store to grab some more paint. And now the painting downstairs is D.O.N.E! Thank goodness. We (ha...Doug) still has the ceiling to plaster-but the walls are completed.

Took the pup for a jeep ride. We actually had someone pull over and get out dog treats for Molly. How funny.

Read Cynical Mud Babe's blog to find out she shaved her head. A friend of hers has cancer and recently needed to shave her head so to show support she shaved her head as well. What a friend! And she looks adoreable!

Saturday Night
Turned on the boob tube, I'm in the mood to obey, so lead me astray...sorry...singing Jack...to find the women's marathon being run. I caught the tail end. So much for what the schedule said. Then it was time for swimming. WOW...knock your socks off. First Phelps and his 8 for 8 gold medals...14 in his career and he's 23 years old! That is one fine specimen. To see him in the water is just beautiful. Then the men's 100 meter being run in 9.69 by Usain Bolt from Jamaica. He is CRAZY fast! And the thing is-he let up probably10-15 meters out. And he ran it like it was nothing.

Now it's off to bed so I'll get my booty up tomorrow to go for a run. It's supposed to be another beautiful day. I can't wait!


Bubble Toes

Tonight I'm meeting up with Tonya, a friend of mine I used to work with. I love her dearly and when she left I swore we wouldn't lose touch. As many of us know, life gets away from us and we drift away from those we are not in constant interaction with. This has happened with the two of us. So when I received a phone call from her asking if I wanted to join her to see Jack Johnson, I jumped on the opportunity. It will be so good to see her and it will be like time never passed.

It will also be good for my psyche to sit back, listen to some mellow music, catch up with friends and enjoy a great evening.

Saturday is an 8 miler
Sunday is a 4 miler


A Little Sumthin'

As you can see I've made a few changes. I REALLY like my new layout and colors. It reminds me of a gift I received last week from my friend Stephanie.

I still have a few things to add back but it's always a work in progress.

I've been in a funk the past few days and I know exactly what it is. It's one main thing-but a combination of two things:
  • PMS
  • Not Working Out

So...I can't do much about the PMS but I am getting ready to run upstairs to grab my tennies and head to our TNR. It is icky out and may be raining when we get there which will not bother me in the least. I'll just pack an extra set of clothes so I can enjoy my jalapeno, pineapple, ricotta cheese calzone nice and dry. Mmm...If this doesn't get me out of my funk, nothing will!

I've Got Nuthin'

Workouts for the week: A big ole 0
I'll drag my ass out tonight to our TNR. My mouth is watering for some yummy d'Bronx pizza afterwards.

What have I been doing then?
  • Sitting on my bum watching the Olympics. Even now, I'm at home working, with the TV on, watching swimming. The Olympics have kept me up way too late.
  • Painting. Is it ever going to end? Who started this project?
  • Cruisin' around in Doug's pretty new ride.

I'm tired. Just plum worn out lately. Crazy that not working out and sitting on the couch can wear you down so much. Tonight's run will do me good.

Looks like the women's marathon will be 8.17.08 (this Sunday) and the men's marathon will be 8.24.08 (next Sunday). Looks like the women's triathlon finals will be 8.18.08 (Monday) and the men's triathlon finals will be 8.19.08 (Tuesday).


Potty Break WITHOUT the Phone People

What is with people?
Can they not quit talking on their phone for 30 seconds to utilize the restroom?
A public restroom at that. No!
That's what this chick at work just did. She walked in right after I did and took the stall right next to me while she was carrying on a conversation on her phone.
I find this repulsive. And there is not a lot that does.
So I tried my best to let one rip. I wanted it loud and mean but there was nothing to give-just a grunt-hee hee.
So I flushed the toilet-just to make some noise.
Ah...how about again.
Oh...What? Repeat that cuz you can't hear cuz there is a toilet flushing.


Oh What a Night...Psycho 10K Trail Run Fun

Friday Night Doug and I ran the Trail Nerd's Psycho Night 10K Trail Run. It started after 8ish as it was just starting to get dark. The first two pictures are before the race start as we stood around, met up with some people we hadn't seen in a while AND I had the pleasure of meeting my friend, who is FOR REAL, not just virtual anymore...Cynical Mud Babe. She is a doll! She is so cute, bubbly, tiny and full of energy. I look like a total heifer next to this little petite thing. Not sure we'll have any more pictures taken together unless someone can Photoshop me to half my size.

I hope this fall I'll be able to do a few more runs with them and maybe...just maybe...be initiated into the Mud Babes Clan. How fun would that be? I would be so proud.

I wore my cute little pink running skirt I just purchased. My very first one. I thought it looked kinda cute until I looked in the full length mirror and there are my beautiful black running socks. Tres chic!

Below is our pre-race kiss. Dick Ross from See KC Run took a couple of these pictures, Doug took a couple too. Thanks for the memories.

Just after 8 pm, the best Race Director around, Bad Ben, sent us on our way. There were around 78ish of us running. I, knowing my ability, start in the back-the best place for me. We head across a field into the trails and by this time, I've turned my head lamp on as it's just turning dusk. It's a great time to get adjusted to the head lamp as the sun goes down. You don't notice the change so much if it's gradual.

We head up and down hills, over rocks and roots and at the beginning it went pretty slow as everyone was trying to get their rhythm and find their right place, pace and space to run. I was running right behind Jen, our Team In Training Triathlon Coach. We were about a half mile in when she turns around and asks if this was a good pace. My response, "HELL NO! Go ahead." She takes off and I settle in to my own pace and glad I'm not trying to keep up with anyone cuz by this time I think my heart is going to pound out of my chest.

Ben, at the beginning of the race, warned us there were some muddy spots on the bridle trail. Really...how muddy can it be? It's August in Kansas City and it hasn't rained for a while. Let me tell you...it WAS muddy. Like suck your shoes off muddy. By this time I was running by myself, not really anyone ahead of me or real close behind me. I'm pussy footing around in the mud cuz...well...I don't know. It's not like I haven't gotten muddy trial running before-but I was nonetheless. About that time...SPLAT. I was in a mud hole calf deep. As I stride for another step...SLURP...off comes the shoe. And then I'm still in stride so that foot goes ankle deep in another mud hole sans shoe. Mmm...a mud bath. So I turn around, find my shoe, pull it out of the mud that sucked it in and tried to balance on one foot, in the mud, attempting to place my shoe back on and tie it-tight so it doesn't get sucked off again. Thank God for yoga classes. I needed that balance. While all this is happening, three girls pass me.

I continue on and eventually catch up with the three girls running. They were running at a good clip for me so I stayed behind and paced off them. It was nice not having to really navigate where the trail was, but just to sit back and watch my footing. We're still in and out of mud, running over loose rock, up and down hills. I mean HILLS! And then it's over a downed tree. We slow down as we have to straddle the tree to get over it. It's too high to jump and it's too low to crawl under so as I straddle the tree...bonk...a knee right into the tree. Ouch! Damn it. I'm okay and keep moving forward. More mud...the front guys are headed back in. Wow!

By this time, I'm thinking of Saturday morning's 6:00 am run start and thinking 16 miles 'eh? There is no way in hell I'm running 16 miles tomorrow.

We get in 'the famous triangle' and this is familiar to me. I remember this from the 10 mile Psycho Wyco Trail Run I did back in February. Down the hill and then back up. After we get out of the triangle, the girls I'm running behind are taking some walk breaks, I'm feeling pretty good so I pass and take the lead but not before I slip on a rock and smack the ground with my ass. Ouch. And this is fun? Heck yes it is! After a call, "are you okay?" and I yell, "yeah, if I wasn't you would have heard something else coming from my mouth!" I get up and continued on. I figured it was my duty to take the lead and give someone else a break. Kinda like bike racers do. Wow...how much easier it was when someone else was guiding me. They continue to follow and we're all having a great time.

We hit a hill and I power up that sucker like the ocean was on the other side. How I had this energy, I'm still not sure, but I did and kept on going. At this point I'm about 2 and a half miles out. It is pitch black out. The person ahead of me is way ahead of me to the point I can't see anyone ahead or behind me. It felt like I was the only one on the trail. It was So.Much.Fun. Out there in the dark all by myself running the trails. It doesn't get much better than this.

I have a good two miles left and am cruising at uber speeds of 14-15 minute miles! Lightening! I was having the time of my life. I love this trail running stuff. Why haven't I made time for more of it this summer? It's the best workout around.

As I come racing in, everyone at the finish is yelling and cheering me in. Everyone was having such a grand time. A lot with beers in hand cheering everyone on. What a finish! I loved EVERY second of being out there.

Finisher's Photo...

What a great race!

  • Met my new buddy
  • Saw old friends I hadn't seen in a while
  • Ran the best $8 race on the planet
  • Smacked my knee into a tree and bruised the heck out of it
  • Fell on my ass
  • Lost my shoe in the mud
  • Ate the best Popsicles post-race
  • Challenged myself to where I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest
  • Laughed til my belly hurt having such a blast

You truly can't ask for much more.

We didn't get home til after 10:30 and didn't hit the bed til after 11:00. Then we were so wound up that we couldn't sleep so we were in bed wide eyed knowing we had to get some sleep to get up at 4:30 am to head out for the Saturday run.

At this point, I'm still thinking...I'm not running tomorrow, I probably ran the equivalent of a 10 if not 12 mile run on pavement. We finally got to bed only to wake up what seemed a wink later. I roll out of bed and to my surprise...not sore. At all. So I decide to throw on my running clothes and attempt my 16 miler.

It was nice and cool Saturday morning. A great break from what we have been having lately. I start out and am doing pretty well. A lot better then what I was expecting. Heading up hills was not fun.though. My hammies were screaming at me, but I soldiered up them.

My stomach started acting up, which normally never happens. I can't tell you the last time I've had stomach issues, not so good. I later realized that I had eaten a salad at 5:30 Friday night, ran a 10K kick (your) ass trail run and then got up and was running 16 miles. And considering I had burned 2 if not 3 times as many calories that was in my salad, I had obviously depleted anything and everything I had in my system. Hello...think I needed something more in my stomach? I think that's what the culprit was.

The clouds roll in and the skies darken as we received some nice, refreshing rain. Not too hard-just right. It was a very uneventful Saturday 16 miler. I walked a lot of the last 4 miles as if I ran, I was afraid of what may come spurting out unexpectedly and I didn't need that!

All in all. I really did surprise myself. I feel really good for accomplishing what I did within a 13-14 hour time frame. I can feel I did something but I am not sore. Great training for Goofy.

Oh What a Night...and Early Morning. What Fun!

Taco Bell is calling our names...see ya next go'round!


Yet Another Update

Not very long ago I talked about being a planner yet being open to spontaneity as well so here it is. I had planned on running my first 50K this year. I was going to do Dude, Where's the Trail the end of November. It's a local run-not even a race-which really doesn't matter-but...anyway...I was very excited about running my first 50K but not so excited about the race itself. I'd rather do something different-more exciting. So within the last half an hour-kid you not!, Doug asked me if I wanted to do the Kiawah Island Marathon in South Carolina. Sure...when is it? December 6th. December 6th? Yep. My Birthday!

So I'm going to forgo the 50K as it would have been the Sunday before. I could still do the 50K and run their half marathon the week after, but running a marathon ON MY BIRTHDAY sounds much more fun. So...that's what I'm going to do. And I can knock out another state and get another marathon charm for my bracelet. Whoo Hoo!

So...for sure a 50K is in the works for 2009 as I'm not going to be able to fit one in for 2008 now with the rearranged schedule.

I can handle 60 degrees in December!

Let the Games Begin

I'm excited about the Olympics and always have been. I like to watch these amazing athletes give it their all. I sit (usually on the couch with some yummy ice cream) in awe of them and what they can accomplish-talk about heart and dedication. What is sad to me is to imagine being one of the top notch athletes and coming to the Olympics only to have to worry about your health if you're participating in an outdoor event. With the pollution, I wonder what percentage of outdoor events will be completed. Last I heard, they have not even scheduled the marathons as they were afraid of the pollution issues. How sad. Hopefully they will get to run them.

Onto My Games This Weekend Sans Pollution:

Psycho Night 10K Trail Run-8:00 pm tonight
16 Mile Training Run-6:00 am tomorrow
I'm going to skip my Sunday run in place of my trail run tonight.
Gonna be All Shook Up at the New Theatre this weekend too. I should have burnt a few calories by then to be able to gorge on some great food and fabulous dessert at the dinner theater.

Am pondering my big next year's event. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag as I haven't committed to it yet. Still thinking...is this really what I want to do? And it's only August. I'll sleep on it a few more nights (or months) and see what I think in a few winks.

We're Having a Baby...Is There a Doctor in the House?

Okay WE'RE (Doug and me) NOT having a baby... THANK GOD!

But my little sis just had a baby girl.
Congrats on baby Makhayla.

And yes, there is a doctor in the house.
Congrats little bro on graduating medical school this spring.

I'm very proud of both of you. Love and miss you.


Friday Night Fun

Friday night Doug and I are running the Psycho Night 10K Trail Run with the Trail Nerds. I'm really looking forward to it as I haven't gotten nearly enough trail running in this year.

Running at night is a blast. At first, it's a little strange as your eyes have to get used to the dark, but once your eyes adjust, you hardly notice it-especially when you have a head lamp.

Here is a special note from our Race Director, Bad Ben Holmes. He's a riot:
All runners will carry their own flashlight or head lamp. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for your own safety, and the safety of the ground and trees in the park, that you will smack (hard), without proper vision.

This weekend should provide a bit of a challenge for me because as I said before, I haven't gotten many trail runs in this year so I think it's going to kick my arse-even at a 10K. Then with the fact that the race is Friday night at 8ish...it means we won't be back home til after 10 I'm sure. And then getting up early Saturday morning for a 6 am start to run 16 should be interesting.

KC Stine...Cynical Mud Babe...will you be out there?


Such the Planner

My head is spinning. Why do I do this to myself? Because...because I'm a planner. I like to know what I'm doing. When I'm doing it. And how. Don't get me wrong-I love to be spontaneous too-but I always like to have a plan. So...yesterday I lined up my fall training schedule so why don't we just jump into 2009? I mean heck...why not? I hadn't planned on doing it today but Elite Racing just announced their new RNR event-Seattle, WA June 27, 2009. Then Krazy Karen is already planning her 2nd marathon. Before she completes her 1st! I think I have her hooked. Whooo Hooo! So we're looking into spring marathons for her. Then there is the Greece marathon and Goofy. So...this is what I already have for next year...

January 2009
Walt Disney World Half Marathon
Walt Disney World Marathon

April-May 2009
Oklahoma City Marathon or Lincoln-still debating on what Karen would like to do. This is subject to change but something in this time frame and somewhat local so we can road trip.

June 2009
RNR Seattle Marathon

November 2009
Greece Marathon

These are just the ones I know I'm doing thus far! I'm sure there will be more added as I haven't really even talked to Doug about this yet so I know he has some on his calendar that he would like to do to knock out the states he has left to get in his 50 state quest. Then I need to figure out what I plan on doing for my 1 main goal for the year. Do I want to do a 50 miler? Do I want to focus on PRing in one of my marathons? That is something long overdue. Another Half Ironman? What do I want? Not sure yet-but betting it will come in due time. And probably sooner than later.

Am I the only goof out there planning so far in advance?


Holy Schnikes Batman!

I have just about scared the pants off myself.

I just put together my training schedule (with my favorite Coach's help-wink wink). Scare me! What have I gotten myself into? I know I can do it but it's going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of running. I have 5 races in an 8 week period. One of those is a 5K...so really 4 big races in 7 weeks time. This is how it pans out...

Nike Women's Marathon
Week Off
Bass Pro Shop Half Marathon
Week Off
San Antonio Marathon
Week Off
Dude, Where's the Trail 50K

And all with back to back long running days to get ready for The Goofy Challenge which is 5 weeks out from my 50K. Whew...I'm worn out just typing this!

1 50K...2 Marathons...and 1 Half Marathon all in less than 2 moths time!
I think I can...I think I can...I think I can. I know I can...I know I can...I know I can!

It's Monday...Time to Relax

Whew what a weekend...Busy Busy. Time to come back to work and relax.

I ran both Saturday and Sunday. I think this is going to pretty much be the norm until January. It went very well. I kicked butt again this week on my Sunday run. Not sure what that is all about-but I love it! It wasn't easy-I was in overdrive but it felt good to finish so strong.

Saturday Coach just had us run 6 miles instead of 8. Can't very well argue with the Coach, right? I ended up running with some alumni that I normally don't run with. It was nice to catch up and get their perspective and some insight on the Goofy Challenge as they ran it last year. Poor Pam has asthma and the heat and humidity were giving her huge fits. We started off great and then she had to settle down a few miles in as she could hardly breath. I could have left her in her dust-as I was smokin' Saturday but I believe you should stay with the one that brought you to the dance. So we did a run/walk on the way back in. Actually still averaged an 11:49 for the 6 miles-so not too bad.
Mile 1 10:02-WHAT IS THIS??? Can it be true? That really is a TEN O TWO (and with walk breaks)
Mile 2 13:07-Water Stop
Mile 3 10:06-Whose legs am I running on?? Can I keep them?
Mile 4 13:31-Water Stop
Mile 5 11:37
Mile 6 12:41

Then Sunday morning I get up to run my 4 miler. Had another great run. Averaged a 10:54 pace!
Mile 1 11:18
Mile 2 10:38
Mile 3 10:42
Mile 4 11:00
Very Very Happy with my running lately. Not sure how this is happening with the heat and humidity as it's been-but again-I'll take it!

Update on the renovations of the house:
The popcorn crap is ALL OFF the ceiling! Whooo Hooo!! What a mess.
I thought that was a mess until Doug came home to sand the ceiling before he primers it. Now that is one huge disaster. Our house is in shambles right now, but by tonight after he gets just the wee bit left he needs to, we'll be able to start cleaning up all the dust that sits about 3 inches deep on everything. Doug keeps reminding me that it was meee that wanted to start this project. What was I thinking? It'll be beautiful once it is done and the worst part is over with now so everything is looking up from here!


Ready for the Weekend!

Things are just plain nuts around here right now!
  • I just looked up my grades online only to find out I got an F in one of my classes. An F? I'll give you an F...WTF?! I received nothing but A's in my class so it's obviously a mistake-it's just the hassle of getting it straightened out with the school.
  • Then I'm in the middle of applying for and receiving reimbursement from work for school and jacked that all up so I had to start from scratch. Yikes! I'm a mess today. And then I can't very well apply for reimbursement when I have an F sitting on my transcript at this time. Not sure they will pay for that one (until it's fixed).
  • Update: Just got a call from my instructor. She says it is definitely a mistake and she will take the necessary steps to correct it! Whoo Hoo!

Breathe in...Breathe out...Deep breath...It's time for the weekend.

Saw UltraMarathon Man last night. It was great! If you get the opportunity to see it-do. It's so worth it. Something that Dean said in the movie really stuck with me. I guess it may be because it's what I was trying to convey yesterday. But he summed it up in one sentence. If you do not continue moving forward, you stagnate and die. So true. So true.

And Helen, our assistant coach with Team In Training was actually IN the movie. That was fun to see her up there on the big screen and to hear squeals in the movie theater last night when she saw herself on the big screen-it cracked me up. She went and ran with Dean on his very first marathon of his 50-50-50 adventure.

This weekend is going to be a busy one.

  • Scraping more popcorn crap off the ceiling
  • Painting
  • Replacing light switches and light switch covers
  • Fish Fry
  • Running Saturday morning
  • Running Sunday morning
  • Purchasing new lights for the ceiling for when it gets primed and painted
  • Pick the last of the peaches on the tree
  • Pick new red raspberries that are ready. This is a different variety than the ones we had earlier. Can't wait to try them!

And...last night when we were at the theater, I heard a song playing from the musical Wicked which made me think...is there a Wicked MOVIE coming out? Did some searching online and I think there is-there is just no date set as of yet. Very exciting and I can't wait-yet nothing could be like the on stage musical.

So...have great training or races this weekend! Enjoy life to the fullest! And don't stagnate.