OBX Marathon

Doug and I ran the OBX Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I LURVE the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am a water baby and there is water everywhere.

The marathon was a well oiled event where everything went off without a hitch. It started with great 'booty bags' along with our race tshirts that on the back read...Get Your Arrrrrrgh On!

The first half of the marathon, by far, was the best. It ran on some hard packed sand dunes and then through some dirt trails. It was beautiful, but my legs let me know I haven't run trails in a very long time. Anyone who has run trails knows that trails will kick your tail! And that it did.
As most of you know, we usually don't travel unless there is a marathon involved. However, we always seem to have some fun before and after the 'real' fun.

Some Sightseeing
Some Seafood Eating
Some Wave Action
Some Splashin' Around
Some Sun Setting
Somebody's Hubba Hubba
Marathon Morning
Trail Running on Packed Sand
Two Happy Finishers After Warming My Belly with Crab Bisque at the Finish Line
More Sightseeing
Searching for Sea Glass...a Favorite of Mine
Marking Our Territory

What a fun marathon and a great destination. You should put this one on your to do list!


  1. Sounds and looks like a great marathon/vacation!
    Sea glass? I love looking for sea glass.. You NEED to go to Kauai.. Sea glass beach is there. It is awesome!!(: The marathon isn't bad either! (September)
    Congrats on anther marathon!

  2. i've never been there but it looks beautiful!

  3. that's a great shirt slogan, haha. i haven't been to obx even though i'm just down here in SC. but (most) all the carolina coasts are wonderful :)

    i'm not sure if you are tired of hearing it - but congrats on yet another marathon! ;)

  4. oh ps, whenever i make it out to kansas for a marathon i'm still holding you up on your offer from wayyy long ago :)

  5. Lindsay...NEVER get tired of hearing congratulations! And you are ALWAYS welcome here!

    Just a couple races around where we live:
    Olathe Marathon and Kansas Half Marathon in April

    Hospital Half Marathon in June

    Patriot's Marathon in Sept

    Kansas City Marathon in October

    Gobbler Grind Marathon in Nov

    There are many more too. Just let me know when you want to come out!

  6. I've never been to the Outer Banks, but I've always wanted to get there. Your pictures make me want to go now!