Heron, Alligators and Dolphins Oh My!

I LOVE the Charleston and Kiawah Island area! It is beautiful, the temperatures are perfect, the houses are to die for, the city is nice and clean. It's great! Doug and I have been a lot of places and there are not many places I would want to move to, but this place...I could see myself here.

Doug and I headed out to Kiawah Island this morning. What a beautiful resort. We drove around after packet pick up, did some sight seeing and had a great mahi mahi sandwich with crab soup for lunch.

As we were heading back we saw an alligator in the marsh area. Herons, everywhere.

We came back to the hotel to veg for a bit and then it was off to the brewery for dinner and a beer. I had a fabulous salad of spinach, shrimp, almonds, goat cheese and apples. So delish. And a pumpkin spice beer. Mmm...

Then we walked down to the ocean and watched the dolphins swim around. Everything was so peaceful. I wanted to stay all night sipping on my peppermint mocha. The most spectacular way to spend the last night before getting another year older (and better)!

Now it's back at the hotel to rest for tomorrow.

I want to say GOOD LUCK to all my friends running this weekend too:
Leslie and Aron running CIM
Robinson52 running Vegas
If I missed anyone, I'm sorry!
Have a GREAT TIME!!! You guys will do great.


  1. Oh I so envious of that view! Good luck and I hope you enjoy the whole experience! Oh and I hope I can talk you in to the Olathe 1/2 or full as i have some great discounts from them! I'll post on it next week.

  2. Awesome! Yes. Count me in. Thanks!

  3. Yum! on the brewery. We didn't get a chance to visit there when we were in Charleston in September. I did, however, get a chance to run the huge Ravenell bridge.

  4. Wow, those pictures look beautiful, thanks for sharing, and good luck tomorrow.

  5. Best wishes tomorrow, and happy birthday! -Alex

  6. Happy Birthday girlie....have a awesome day and awesome run!!

  7. Kelly Bragg12/6/08, 1:25 PM

    Hope you enjoyed the Kiawah race today! I was out there cheering you on, since I was unable to run this year. I've done several 1/2 marathons at Kiawah, and three of the full marathons.

    It certainly was a terrific day for the race! Not too cold, not too hot, and not too sunny.

    After you return home you can still "check in" on Kiawah by visiting www.WelcomeToKiawah.com. In fact, I would LOVE to post a pic or two if you send them to me. Just click on the link to the webmaster near the bottom of the home page.