Weekend trip to Omaha...Glow Run. Zoo. Storm Chasers game.

Doug suggested a quick weekend get away to Omaha. We have never been on a trip that didn't involve a run. Kid you not. So, what could be more fun than running The Glow Run 5K? Not much! This is our second Glow Run. We ran our first one in Kansas City. If one is coming your way, check it out.

Face paintings, balloon artists, lots of dancing, glowing and goofing around. 

Doug pondering his race day strategy.

After the run on Friday night, we rose bright and early Saturday morning and headed to the Omaha Zoo.
A fabulous zoo.
Doug took some great photos...

LOVED these guys. I wanted to stay and watch them all day. They would make you laugh out loud.

Yoga time...triangle pose

Doug liked these little fellas...They would run across the grass pounding their chests and run up to the glass and beat on it. Very entertaining.

Love the polar bear

Watching the sea lions splish splash around. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The weather was perfect.

Baby sea lion pushing his luck. He was born in November.

A rhino cooling himself in the mud

Why...hello there...

Mama and baby. Too cute.

There were too many cool things to pick just one favorite, but this was certainly at the top of the list.

How amazing...

After four hours at the zoo, (and we certainly could have stayed much longer), we headed to watch the Storm Chasers at Werner Park. They are the AAA affiliate for the Kansas City Royals. A great view...third row behind home plate. A great park. And a Storm Chasers win!