First Quarter 2008
Workouts to Note
Running-213 Miles
Yoga-17 Classes

I've done some strength training, biking, Pilates and other things here and there, but running and yoga have been my main focus. Last year at this time I had run 149 miles so I've stepped up the running for sure.

I realized today that my marathon time for Olathe was my second best marathon I've run. Whoo Hoo! I'm pretty proud of myself! Considering my state of mind going in, the wind and hanging back with a virgin marathoner struggling to get his last 3 miles knocked out, I'm very happy with my results.

Recovery is going well. My quads are still a little tender but that is to be expected. Over the past day, they are becoming less sore so we're headed in the right direction-still hobbling down the stairs a bit. I have concluded my body thinks it is still burning thousands of calories cuz I have been ravenous the last two days. I have splurged in eating everything in sight-there is no denying that and I have not felt an iota of guilt. I'll hop back on track tomorrow, hopefully the hunger won't overtake me. I think I'll be in fine shape for the Half Marathon on Sunday.

Off to yoga... I'm not sure I'll be able to do much, but it will help to get active after sitting all day at the computer.



I am a Jello Jiggler today. My thighs are feeling it after 26.2 yesterday. I'm assuming it can't have anything to do with me not doing what I am supposed to do after a marathon 'eh? What? You mean you're supposed to take an ice bath instead of a steamy hot shower? Oh...And you mean you're supposed to stay active and keep moving instead of going to bed for a movie, ice cream and a several hour nap? Oh...You would think this was my first marathon. It's okay. I KNOW what I'm supposed to do, I didn't do it and now I'm paying the piper. I don't care -it was worth it.

This week is going to consist of recovering, yoga, a few easy runs and preparing for the St. Louis Half Marathon with Karen a week from today. I'm betting she is going to take off an hour or an hour and a half off her time from last year. That is-if I can keep up with her and don't slow her down! She's going to rock this race and then she's turning around to train for her first marathon we'll do together too. I'm looking forward to experiencing the Nike Women's Marathon with her-it's going to be a blast! Just one more thing to look forward to this year.


Against the Wind

Against the wind
I'm still runnin against the wind
Well I'm older now and still
Runnin against the wind
-Lyrics by Bob Seger
That was the chorus of the day.

The day started out at 3:45 am and here I thought it was going to be a pleasure to run a local race so we could sleep in and enjoy our bed as long as possible. That didn't happen. With Doug being in charge of the marathon start line, our call to duty came before the butt crack of dawn.

Pre-Race...The start line was hectic with just about everyone checking in bags because it was so darn chilly due to the wind but I think things went very well for Doug's first time. I think it went off without a hitch. Doug got the race off on time with the cannon sounding, I pulled up the rear due to finishing up some volunteer duties as everyone took off. I want to say a huge thanks to Karen and the other volunteers at the start. They really worked their tails off when they could have been snoozin' in bed still. Here's a pic of Karen and me at the start line. Notice how dark it still is.

The race...I had a good race. I felt solid all the way through to the finish. This really suprised me as even up until earlier in the week, I was still thinking it was going to be a rough race for me. Even Friday night, Jenny was inviting me to do a shorter race and then meet up for breakfast which was sounding better and better as race day neared. Although early on in the marathon I swore I smelled syrup-which ony made me think of them having blueberry pancakes at MOM's...I kept trekking on. I also smelled pickles. I love pickles. Okay-back to the race. The wind kicked some butt! It was brutal. There were stretches that were tough, but the toughest came at miles 14-18 when we headed down 175th Street in Gardner straight east into the wind. Did I say straight into the wind? Whew...I didn't know I needed to have trained in a wind tunnel for this marathon. Good thing I have a few pounds in my trunk, otherwise I would have been worried about being swept away. For the four brutal miles, I just kept on keeping on and was glad to see the course turn north. Other then the wind, the marathon was pretty uneventful winding through Gardner and Olathe.

Post Race...Mexican food...Mmm...Mmm...and then ice cream...then a very long nap, probably too long considering I'm still up at 11:30 pm and we started the day at 3:45 am. I can't tell you the last time we saw the clock strike 11:30 pm-maybe New Year's Eve.

Doug had a pretty good run. He's been running very well lately. I'm very proud of him. My friend Steff ran the half marathon and it looks like she had a great day and my friend Jenny ran the 5K and won her age group! I wish they would rub off on me!
Overall...another great day!


Pamper Thyself to Torture Thyself

Today I'm going to pamper myself a bit before I torture my body tomorrow in the marathon. I'm Dr. Reed bound at lunch today for him to manipulate my body. Oh how I love how he does it! If it wasn't for Dr. Reed, this body would not have run another marathon after my first. I truly believe he is the sole reason I'm still able to run like I do. With having scoliosis and as a result, having two Harrington (stainless steel) rods bolted on each side of my spine, it's amazing to me that my back can take the pounding that I give it.

I had back surgery in the 7th grade. Within a month's time my world was changed. I had gone to the doctor for a basketball physical and he found my scoliosis. He immediately sent me to Dr. Jackson, the surgeon who performed my surgery. Within a month I was having surgery. Most cases (way back when) they would put a brace on you...you would have to sleep in it every night or even wear it to school...come back and see the doctor...did it get any better? Yes...a little...so we'll continue this for a year thing. Not with me. In a month's time, my back had gotten so bad so fast, Dr. Jackson said that I would end up in a wheelchair if I didn't have the surgery performed. So I did. I was in surgery for 7 hours. After surgery, he told us that not only was my back S shaped, I was swaybacked and that my spine was twisted like a pretzel. He also informed us that I had a slight case of spina bifida which is basically a hole in the spine where it did not fuse properly. So...as a result of all that drama...it's amazing that I even can walk!

So...back to pampering. After work I'm going to the beauty shop. Not the beauty shop of Fric and Frac though. I'm going to get my hair cut and highlighted. It's long overdue. That will be nice and relaxing before the big day tomorrow.

And I think I've convinced my boss into springing us out of work early! Happy Friday!


Silent Auction and TNR Tonight

Tonight is my team's silent auction at Waldo Pizza's Tap Room at 75th and Wornall. By my team I mean I am mentoring a group of runner's who are training for a marathon (or half marathon) for the Rock 'N Roll San Diego Marathon June 1st while they fundraise for The Leukemia & Leukemia Society. Most of these are first timers who have never run a step in their life before TNT. Ohhh...how I remember that feeling. It wasn't that long ago that I thought people who ran marathons were mentally ill. Why would you want to ever do that? Now I know. Now I love it. Now I don't know what I would do without it. My team this season is great. A lot of upbeat and fun people I love and have taken under my wing to guide them through this process. It is so rewarding to mentor someone up to and through their first marathon and see them accomplish something that thought was such a far reach...something just months before, they had doubts they could even do it. The look on their face as they cross the finish line is priceless. So come out and support great people doing great things tonight. It's hard to pass up great pizza, beer and bidding on fabulous auction items.

TNR? Short for Thursday Night Run. I love our TNR's. There is a core group of us that come out every Thursday night, run several miles and then sit down and have a bit to eat at a local establishment. Steff and Jenny are the glue of this team. I look forward to seeing them every week and hearing what is happening in their lives.

There are two sets of smelly workout clothes in the hamper from last night. Yesterday afternoon Doug and I decided to take our run to the Gardner High School. This is where the start of the Olathe Marathon will be. Doug is on the Olathe Marathon Committee and is in charge of the start line so he needed to stop off and check out the layout of his canvas for Saturday morning. After our run we came home and I changed out of my stinky running clothes into a new set of work out clothes for yoga. At yoga I got to chit chatting with some of the girls about working out. The subject of my marathon came up and it amazed me of what people didn't know about marathoning. How many times have you told people...a marathon is always 26.2 miles. Even my instructor (who teachs aerobics and yoga classes all day every day) didn't seem to be aware of marathoning. One of my fellow yogis inqired if I was going to run it inside. Uh no...People who do not run have no concept. It's rather amusing and reminds me of this quote, "people ask why I run. I say, If you have to ask, you will never understand. It is something only those select few know. Those who put themselves through pain, but know, deep down, how good it really feels." Erin Leonard

To a great day...



The count down has begun. I have three days until the Olathe Marathon. Am I ready? Hmmm...sure. Do I feel GREAT about it...no. Will I be able to suck it up and do it? YES-of course! Will I make excuses? NO! What the heck goes through people's minds when all they do is make excuses for something they claim they want to do? Do they not think we are smart enough to see straight through them? I may be left-handed but...If you don't want to take the time, dedication, blood, sweat and tears it takes-don't do it-that is fine. I will not judge you but what I get so tired of is people making excuses for crap they have control over...buck up and train and if you can't handle the training-stop setting yourself up for failure-go ahead and quit and save me the hassle of hearing your lame excuses.

Whew...I will step down off the soap box now. More about Marathon Number 11. This will be my first marathon in my home state of Kansas. I find that funny, as this will be my 11th marathon and until now, I haven't tackled Kansas. It'll be nice to get a good night's sleep in our own bed the night before the race. I am very excited about that. It feels like forever since my last marathon in January but it's really only been about two and a half months since Disney.

After Olathe comes the St. Louis Half Marathon that I'm running with my best friend Karen. It should be a lot of fun. That I can't wait for. She has made so much progress in the past year-she truly amazes me! Then the list continues on...and...on. I am very excited about this upcoming year and the races that are planned. The year has already started off great and it's only going to get better!


I Am Loving Life

Yoga...I am loving life right now. Last night I went to class (after a week off for spring break) and it just reminded me (like it always does) of how much I love yoga. I love the peacefulness, I love the focus and I love being the last one standing in tree pose-I can balance like no one's business! As a result of a peaceful yoga session, I slept like a baby last night and it felt great. What else gives you such a feeling that lasts so long? Yes, some of you might think of one other thing.

Trail Running...it's the night for trial running. It's been so muddy lately, I'm not sure if I'll head out to trail run tonight or if I'll hit the pavement.

I'm afraid of becoming sore the week of a marathon so I took it easy in yoga last night and would probably take it easy trail running tonight too. I'll probably opt for an easy 3 miler on the pavement.

Life...I love to hear stories of my best friend's boys. She has two small boys who are three and two. Let's call them Fric and Frac. They are less then a year apart and the most adorable boys ever-but how Karen does it-I have no earthly idea-God love her for her for it though. Last night they decided to play beauty shop and cut their hair. I can't WAIT to see pictures. Aunt Kim LOVES it. Loves it all...the thought of Fric thinking it was a good idea to cut his and Frac's hair...but the funniest part is the fact that he REALLY thought he did a stellar job. Good thing spring has sprung and it's time for a buzz cut! Gotta love those boys.

Things that make me smile. Ahhh...


Random Fun Photos

My New Found Love

Love it! I have found a new passion. I ran my first trail race in February, the Psycho Wyco Trail Run. I opted for the ten miler. OMG! It kicked my butt. It kicked it harder then anything has in a long time! But...the thing of it was...was that it was So Much Fun! I loved every second of it while it kicked me and kicked me and kicked me. We laughed and groaned at the same time. It was like being a kid again. It was amazing...it was freeing.

I since have been running on Tuesday nights on the trails. Night on the trails? Yes...and that is another added feature to the fun! We wear headlamps and run the trails in the dark. It feels so good on the body. There isn't the pounding and beating of the concrete under your feet. It's soft (and oh my! sometimes Way Muddy!) and easier on the body. It works you in such a different way that road running does.

In March, Doug and I and some friends I talked into running-I'm good about that :) ran the Red Bridge Ramble Trail Run. It was supposed to be an eight mile run but due to the river being up so high and flowing so fast, they had to re-route the run and it turned into 7 miles. We still had water crossing with a temperature of 32 degrees-but it was a blast. It's a new found freedom I have and love.