Taper Time

It's taper time...already. Already?! I knew with me deciding way late in the game to train for Iron would go fast. But...for real?! This is craziness.

Last weekend was my big training weekend. I traveled to Table Rock Lake and swam 2 miles in the open water Saturday morning then beat feet back home to wake up Sunday morning to ride 100 miles. The 100 miles ended up being 97, but hey...who is counting? I was supposed to run 15 after, but ran that on Monday night after work. Everything went really well. For my swim, I was dead last out of the water, but I knew that would be the case. All I want to do on the swim is survive. And that, I'm pretty confident I may be able to do. The bike was hot and hilly and crazy windy, but had a GREAT ride. I felt very strong. And the run Monday night...got 12 miles covered.

Yesterday consisted of a 1 mile swim/50 mile bike/10 mile run of which I got in a swim/47 mile bike/9 mile run. The bike was awesome! I seem to be totally rocking the bike...that is...for me. The endless flat tires I've been having lately has GOTTA GO though. I have NO IDEA what the heck I did to the rubber tube God, but he does not like me one iota. He's gotta get over it sometime. Hopefully within the next three weeks. However, for almost completing a HIM yesterday, I felt awesome. And still do today. It makes me laugh to think what I did was a training day, let alone a TAPER.

So...last night I sat down with my schedule and got a tinge nervous. These past two weekends were 'it'. Like the big training weekends. The pinnacle before the big event. Now it's just taper from here. I say taper. Ha. If a marathon next weekend is considered tapering. But really, it's all downhill from here. The rest of my training, I feel I can do in my sleep. I certainly hope what I've done this far will transfer well to the big day.

Here's to taper time and hoping to keep the nerves somewhat at bay for a while!
Wow...in three weeks, at this time 4:54 pm...I'm going to hopefully be starting the run portion! Wee!!