Windy Windnesday

Holy Moly! It was windy this morning on my run. I would have to say it rivaled the Olathe Marathon wind we had in March. Except today I only ran 3 miles in it. Much easier than 26.2.

As I watched the weather this morning, they kept saying it was going to get windier as the day progressed with 30 mph winds and the temperatures were going to drop with wind chills in the teens. I knew if I was going to run, it needed to be early. So on a vacation day when I could have stayed in bed a while, I got my butt up and headed out for my run.

As I started, the stop sign at the end of the street was flailing about. I swear it was going to fly off its post. I wasn't worried about time today, I just wanted to get in a run. And I'm not ready to hit the dreadmill yet. So I continued on. The wind is at my back and every leaf on the street was swirling in the air. It was fun.

As I turn back North, that's when the wind about stopped me in my tracks. All I could do was tuck my head and laugh. There was one point where I actually could.not.run because the wind was blowing so fierce. My hat about flew off 3 different times. My stocking hat.

But I did make it back. I didn't blow away to Oklahoma. However, I am hunkering down (isn't that a funny word...hunkering?) inside and am not taking any chances as I believe the wind is picking up even more.

So for me today, it's getting things ready for us to head off tomorrow for South Carolina. I think it's supposed to be much warmer and please God, not as windy.

I'm going to hit the bike later. Just for a short bit. I need (okay want) to try out my new bike outfit.


  1. Yikes you are a troooper... I had to do the mill with that craziness this morning.

  2. I'm glad the you're hunkered in! Ha, I think that the first time I ever used that word. The wind only makes you stronger...... so they say.

  3. I hate strong winds! Reminds me of the old Las Vegas Marathon that started in Jean, Nevada, which was a point-to-point race to Vegas; struggled to run in a headwind of 55 mph for 24 miles! That was such an epic race that I'll never forget it. A whole lotta shakin' goin' on!!

  4. Sounds crazy! However, I run in flailing (also a funny word I think) snow and through slush and muck so I guess I can't really comment. Enjoy SC!

  5. Sometimes running in the wind is the hardest thing, but at least you got out there and did it.

  6. I don't mind the wind when its warm, but not the freezing cold we get here!

    Have fun at your next race!