Yesterday morning I met up with the team for a run. They ran 20 for Disney (which is in 3 weeks). I ran 8 as we're still planning on running a marathon next weekend if the weather holds.

Had a great run. Felt very strong. I can so tell the cross training I'm doing is helping my running. As I get back, everyone is laughing at the frost that has acquired on their clothing and hats and the steam coming from their heads.

After a Peppermint Mocha and some oatmeal, I returned home. Doug and I went out for his birthday lunch. We had a pretty quiet afternoon planned working on some projects around the house. That is, until the neighbors called asking if we wanted to come join them in their hot tub.

We trekked over with some sausage and two bottles of wine.

Five hours later we stumbled back across the street having drank I'm not sure how many bottles of wine, ate all the sausage, ate numerous homemade cookies and even had a pizza run.

It was such a fun time. Last we looked the temperature was 18 degrees. But we were super duper warm in the bubbly water. We did have one problem. And what a problem it was...ha...but our wine glasses would freeze to the hot tub when we set them down. And then our hair (for those of us that have it) would frost and freeze too.

I finally had to make myself get out. I knew I was going to have Hell to pay the next day. But somehow I feel just fine. I actually made Doug breakfast for his birthday weekend, did some cleaning and just finished up a light workout. Now it's time for some relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.


  1. Our winter team did their 20 in fifteen degree temps! Frozen wine glasses, how did you guys survive? Ha

  2. I love those spontaneous things that derail your best laid plans, how fun!

  3. Sounds like a good time. Peppermint Mocha sounds awesome! May have to find my way to our hot tub today....hmmmmm...5 degrees out, maybe so. :D