Blue Springs 50/50 Marathon

What a difference a week makes.
One week ago I ran the Detroit Marathon.
This week...the Blue Springs 50/50 Marathon.
It's 50/50 cuz they offer a 50 Miler...50K
And the Marathon and Half Marathon are just the junior races.

A week ago I was running into a different county with 18000 people.
This week...on a local crushed gravel trail I've run several times with probably a total of 50 people.
Last week thousands of volunteers, spectators and police on the course.
This week a handful of spectators waiting for their runner to come back to 'base' before heading towards another out and back. A max of 2 people at the water stop. And miles and miles on my own with not a person in sight. It was heaven. So calm. So peaceful.
We did have all kinds of goodies at the water stops this week cuz of the ultra runners. Mmm...
The trees were all sorts of beautiful colors both weeks.
The sun was shining both weeks.
Except the last .2 miles of this marathon where it poured.
Leaves blanketed the trail this week.
I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. I think heaven will have a place you can go anytime you want to listen to the leaves crunch under your feet.
I did have to stop...kid you not...at least a dozen times to empty out my shoes of crushed gravel and leaves. I need some gators.
Last week 10 former Biggest Loser competitors competed in the half marathon.
This week 10 people ran the 50 miler. Amazing!
Last week an awesome long sleeved pink dry fit shirt.
This week a long sleeved blue cotton tshirt that has a hand drawn turtle with a hat on it.
Last week a beautifully designed medal.
That I didn't actually receive cuz I'm too slow.
But still hope to get it in the mail eventually.
This week...I had hoped for the ever famous light switch cover medal.
Kid you not. They handed out light switch covers with a printed picture of a man on a trail running glued to it.
Now that's why I ran this damn race.
So I could get a light switch cover.
Doug has two.
I wanted one.
But this year I got the now ever famous...
Turtle...with a hat...cut out of ply-wood with a piece of paper glued to it that says Blue Springs 26.2M.
Hmmm...I really wanted a light switch cover.
Doug said he would trade me a light switch cover for my cut out turtle but that's not fair.
So instead of a medal...I got a woodal.
Oh...did I fail to mention, when I went to my car...the paper on my woodal got wet and crinkled.
See the beauty for yourself...

All in all...despite the numerous breaks emptying the shoes. Tons of walking. .2 miles in the pouring rain. And my beautiful woodal...it was all good. Wish I could have gotten a damn light switch cover, but at least this week I got something.
It really is just funny what a difference a week makes. I really did enjoy both marathons. Each certainly had their own pros. And I love my woodal like I love every other medal I have earned.
And...what else did I have to do on a Sunday?!


Motoring in Motor City

*********This is how I looked the whole time!**********

Marathon Number 9 of the year...DONE!

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the Detroit Marathon. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I wasn't expecting the beauty I encountered running this marathon. This was a great course. If you ever get a chance to run this...DO!

What was perfect about the marathon:
Weather was a little chilly, but once I warmed up...perfect.
The sun was out and shining.
Met Coach Ken.
The fall foliage was beautiful.
Running into our Northern neighbors land was fun. Thanks Ontario!
The mile long tunnel under the Detroit River was super exciting.
Belle Isle was...belle.
Meeting new friends on the course.
Such amazing neighborhoods.
Volunteers galore.
I'm a sucker for water, especially when it is sparkling in the sun and there was plenty of running near the water.
I actually didn't even get a medal at the finish. They ran out. But I was way okay with it cuz I had such a wonderful experience. And I know I'll get it eventually.

What's next?
Well...the Bass Pro Shop Marathon is in Springfield Missouri in two weeks. However...I'm PONDERING a local marathon this weekend. We'll see how I feel. And if the weather is good. It would be kinda fun to do 3 marathons in 3 weekends. We'll see!


A Visit from Stevie Nicks

Or so I thought when I walked in the front door one recent evening.
Doug was missing.
Molly too.

With a haze of smoke hanging in the air.
Filling the room with the scent of incense.
I was wondering where Ms. Nicks was hiding.

After phoning Doug to ensure he wasn't tied up somewhere by Stevie herself, he assured me he was okay and failed to notice the smell in the house. When he returned home, he pretty much indicated I was crazy and I was smelling things. I knew something was up but couldn't figure out what it was.

Nothing was out of place.

After asking for ohhh...
A couple of hours, I was wearing him down.
He gave in and asked me if I wanted to know what it is.
Well yes...
But no...
Not if it's supposed to be a surprise.
A surprise for our anniversary, nonetheless.

After discussing, Doug wanted to make sure I liked the surprise before he continued working on it. So he took me out to the garage where he had been working on this:

It's a plaque he was making that reads:

The scent ended up being Doug burning the letters into the wood. So no Stevie Nicks.

I have wanted one of these forever.
But have never bought one.
Does it get any better when one is actually made for you?!
How thoughtful is that?!
I truly have a wonderful man.

Tonight we hung it up above our bed.
It's huge.
The full length of our king size bed.
And it's beautiful.
I love it.
And Doug...with all my heart.