Stuff on the Brain

Not a lot to report on the work out front. Just the regular old stuff minus the running...biking and walking Ned. And that's because Booty Buster Holiday Challange is in my face and I need points. Have done zilcho running since the marathon on Saturday and won't get in a run tonight. It's been almost a week.

I have a lot knockin' around this noggin' of mine as of late that I just can't shake.
  • A family saga. Good stuff. An awesome story. Just the very last (huge) tidbit is unresolved and I want this: Case Closed.
  • My 2009 fitness goals are totally up in the air. I hate that. I like to have everything planned out (yesterday!) and I can't pinpoint exactly what I want. It's driving me bonkers.

Maybe I need a run to clear my head.

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  1. Let's see, you ran a freaky marathon and you want to do something? It sounds like you need to take a break and get things in order, enjoy the doing nothing.