Half Marathon Bahama Mama

Our first night in Nassau we decided to walk down to eat dinner on the ocean.

This is a photo from the highest point on the island at one of the forts near the Queen's staircase.

A view from our room.
This was perfect as the races started right outside our door.

After I finished the half marathon, I walked down to the beach to do a little leg soaking in some cool, salty water to ease the pain of not training. Then I went back to the hotel room, got cleaned up and came back to sit on the beach waiting Doug's arrival in from the marathon. Not a bad place to hang out if I must say myself.

Doug just steps away from the finish line.
Great job babe on yet another marathon!

Why, yes, I think I would like a fruity drink. How about two, please?

Our bartender on the beach.

Drink up...

I thought I might just get by without seeing any hair braiding, but no...

A good time was had by all at Senor Frogs...balloon hats (you'll have to visit Doug's blog for that picture)...free shots...I think Doug had an equivelent of three shots at one pouring...dancing...we even met some people from Ogden, Utah. One of our favorite marathon destinations. It just so happened that one of the guys we met helps put together the marathon. Small world.
This guy is making up some ceviche for us. Yumm...it was delish.

Just hanging out...

Ahhh...warm sun...palm trees...the ocean...

Ohh...so to the race then...
It was put on really well. I think this was their 3rd year and I was rather impressed. It was a small field, not a crazy amount of people. Water stops were handled very nicely. The volunteers were great. The course was almost all along the beach (at least for the half marathon). The best part was Doug running the first 9 miles with me before the half marathon course split from the marathon course.

And...they had drawings. You had to be present to win, so as I sat on the beach soaking in the sun, talking to new friends I'd made, I heard them state they were drawing for the grand prize...a two night stay to Atlantis and dinner for two at Bobby Flay's restaurant. Might you guess whose number was drawn?
Whoot! Whoot!


  1. How fantastic! Congrat's to you two. Man, I'd just go to hang out with you...forget about running...I can hold a spot on the beach really, really well!

  2. Gorgeous. I don't know if I'd actually go run, I may end up laying on the beach all day instead. Congrats to you and Doug!

  3. Wow, you guys must have lost weight from the look in that chair.......