Athens Marathon

The 2500 anniversary of the Marathon
From Marathon to Athens

Below are some pictures of marathon day
The course...hilly
The temperatures...warm
My legs...shot from walking the city for days
Running the modern Olympic marathon course...amazing
Spectators...young and old...they were the best
Hearing 'BRAVO...BRAVO...' a million times...
I could hear it a million times over again
The Olympic Flame (to the left) with the Greek flags

The Olympic Flame

At the starting line of the 2500 anniversary of the Marathon

Ready to Run

I've almost caught him

Burial site for the Spartan Soldiers

I was handed an olive branch by these two boys. We had never seen so many young people and so many old people out on the course cheering everyone on.

Cheering from their homes

Doug and the blue line.
They had the entire course marked with a blue line that showed the shortest route from Marathon to Athens via the marathon course. The blue line showed us the way to the Olympic Stadium.

Another young one out cheering everyone on.

Olympic Rings at the Stadium

Doug and his great photography

Receiving our medals

Finishing at the Olympic Stadium
Side Note:
Doug and I wore our Jared Coones Pumpkin Run shirts because the marathon was run on Halloween. They do not observe Halloween in Greece. However, there were some on the course that knew of Halloween. We had our picture taken more times by spectators (and runners alike) wanting to get a photo of our shirts. It was so fun listening to people yell, "Happy Holloween" as we ran by. I felt like a rock star!


  1. That is so amazing Kim !!! You and Doug are so lucky to be able to share these amazing adventures together! oh...this is JODI !! :-)

  2. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time! I am sooooo jealous! I will run that marathon one day! (: How cool to be able to finish in the olympic stadium and to see/experience all the history in Athens! Congratulations on another marathon. You and Doug rock!

  3. What a wonderful race! That is just awesome!

  4. soo awesome! i didn't know/forgot you were running this one. SO COOL. definitely a must-do! way to go kim and doug!

  5. Wow Kim those are unforgettable moments. You both are great inspirations for some of us to get off the couch and do something! And maybe those of us might end up in Athens someday...incredible!! Looks like it was a great time.

  6. That is soooo cool! Looks like you and Doug had a great time.

  7. wooohooo my little pumpkin. so amazing!

  8. So awesome! Are you going to post sight-seeing pics, too? What an incredible race to run; I just might have to do that ... someday! For now, KC's all I can afford.
    Take care!