My Life in Pictures as of Late

First...confessions. I didn't run this morning. The wind woke me up several times last night and I knew I wasn't going to run in the 30-50 mph winds. The temperature is nice, especially for December, but just wasn't feeling the wind today. So I did go out and meet up with the TEAM but stayed in the warm (non windy) running store. I get a break, don't I, for running a marathon last weekend-right??
Okay...on to pictures.This is my mom and me. I was giving my mom a kiss, thanking her for my birthday gift (the cute hat, mittens and vest) when the waiter came by staring with his mouth gaping open. We had to explain that we were mother and daughter. We certainly got a kick out of the look on his face.

Last night on the Plaza. A beautiful outdoor shopping area in Kansas City. One of my favorite places-especially during this time of year.

Doug and me-with my eyes closed.And an early Christmas gift. Courtesy of Chic Runner from a drawing she hosted on her blog. It's a pace band made of a awesome material that's going to help me get to my new PR in 2009!


  1. You will get that PR! Love the pic of you and your mom.

  2. OHI feel much better about wimping out!! I'm kinda sick to my stomach, but my brain kept saying listen if kim is out there ... don't be a weenie, but you didn't go!! So thanks for making me feel better. hehe

  3. Looks beautiful where you live, excuse me though, where's the snow? LOL...

    You and your mom are soooooo cute!


  4. great pics!!! it looks soo pretty - i love the holidays!

  5. The pictures are so pretty! You are too funny with Doug... and So glad you got the pace band! It looks so cool! :)