What a Weekend What a Weekend

Ahhh...love weekends like these...
Rising and shining early not once but twice-Saturday morning to see my team off on their first 20 mile run-Sunday morning to run the Trolley Run
Coffee with mom
Starbuck's coffee on a chilly morning pre-race
Successful shopping to find not one but two pairs of pants that fit PERFECT and found two bras too
Not one but two girlie movies-one that made me laugh-one that made me cry
Not one but two glorious naps
A fun 4 mile run with not one but two Kim's (Kym's)
Breakfast with two great friends (and Doug) at the Classic Cup on the Plaza-Eggs Benedict, potatoes and Roasterie coffee and I ate EVERYTHING on my plate-I couldn't resist
Royals win twice this weekend

The Trolley Run
Another fun run (4 miler)
Early morning meet up with friends for some Starbuck's
A bus ride to the start (no waiting...they have a great system going)
Huddle in Walgreens to stay warm before the start
Having multiple people stop and tell you how cool your shirt is (I know! I designed it!)
Crowded all the way-but very fun
Chatted with several people I knew on the course I hadn't seen in a while
We were nice and didn't count the people we passed-outloud!
Kym realized she was a marathon snob when we laughed at people who were talking about how farrrr we were going-4 MILES-Whew!
Downhill-although Kym wasn't so certain
Garmin battery wasn't charged so we didn't know times or splits so we just ran
Finished in 41:37-10:24 pace
Four Kenyan's place in the top four spots for the men. The winner finished in 18:09!! That is averaging a 4:33 per minute pace! We weren't even at mile two yet!
Doug came in under an 8:00 minute per mile pace!
Jenny finished in under 30 minutes! Super fast-you two are awesome!

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  1. I have to laugh at the marathon snob statement because I have become one too! This year, the Trolley run seemed like a blip on the radar. As always, I had such a great time with you guys!!