St. Patrick's 4 Mile Run

What a great run!
A 10 am start.
We were even able to sleep in.
The weather was perfect. Blue skies, cool 50 degree start.
We ran into a few of Doug's running group at the start of the race.
Look at all of us in our Five Trails Half Marathon shirts.

I've been feeling like dooty lately with a cold that really brought me down.
Even at the start I was still debating on running. I decided, why not.
I could run it.
Or walk it.
Or crawl it.
Whatever it was going to take.
And I did.
And it was fun.
Really...It was a blast!

There were around 4 thousand people that ran this morning.
Soooo many silly costumes.
There were teams chained together 5 and 6 people deep running as centipedes.
It was great to hear people laughing, singing and cheering people on.
I saw a girl throwing out candy to children-as if she was in a parade. Just good times all the way around.
This was my first year running this event and I would love to run it again.

Some of Doug's team pre-race
Oscar the Grouch. Yes...he was really there!

Doug...post-race at McCoy's standing proud, letting everyone know HE is the coach of the Five Trails Half Marathon program.

And the best thing to do after a race. Eat!
McCoy's macncheese and to wash it down...Ginger Shandy and Bloody Mary's. Whoot!


Diva Dash 5K

You know you have a best friend when:
You call her up the day before a race and ask her if she wants to run it with you.
And she says YES!
You are fully aware it's going to be freezing outside.
And she still says YES!
She had a smile on her face the whole race.
And you can't even feel your face cuz it is so stinkin' frozen.
That is the kinda best friend I have.
I am so lucky.
Look at the blue sky and that smile. You would never guess the windchill was 9 degrees and the wind was craziness! The smile froze on Karen's face.

The best part about our Diva Dash...breakfast afterwards where we were able to catch up on girl and best friend things.
Poor Karen. I asked her to a 5K where they had cute shirts and look at the cute medals below!
However, I signed us up too late. They have to re-order shirts as they ran out. And we were gabbing too much to care about our time, by the time we crossed the finish line, they had run out of cute medals. No worries, they are ordering more of those too.
Breakfast. Yumm...Biscuts and gravy. Egg wrap and potatoes. The best part though...warm doughnut holes with strawberries and pineapple on top.
YES...I'm aware it was a 5K. This wasn't simply just my breakfast, Karen and I split. Even at that, I'm certain we consumed more calories than we burned. Oh well! It was worth every bite.