So the Training Goes

Training is going well.
I'm very pleased with the strides I've made thus far in my IM training.


It's been a LONG time since I'd been in the pool.
My first time in, I felt like a fish out of water. Never could get comfortable and I thought I was in big time trouble. I figured I just might as well drown. It would have been so easy to do.

My second time in, I felt like I belonged. Much more smooth.
Still doing pretty small swim increments, but working my way up one lap at a time.


Has been a good.
The last two weekends I rode 40 miles at the Fountain Tour and this past weekend rode 30 miles followed by an 8 mile run...well...walk after at the Tour de Lakes.
This weekend calls for a long bike again and there is no organized ride planned so I'm going to need to find somewhere that will hold my interest.

All in all...for being out on the bike for a total of 5 rides thus far, I'm very very pleased with how I'm progressing.
Obviously, the bike the the 'main attraction' at IM so I need to focus on the bike.

David, Craig and me at the Fountain Tour


I've noticed my legs being very tired from the bike.

I've have a couple of good training buddies that I hope to continue training with. It's always nice if someone else is feeling your pain alongside you. Misery loves company!

One of my lovely training buddies stated after Saturday's 30 mile bike and 8 mile run..."you know...after all we've done today, we still have over 100 miles to go to complete the IM". Wow! That really put it in perspective because at that time I was thinking we had put in some pretty good training. Maybe for the HIM, but there's a long way to go for IM training.

I'm honestly not as anxious as I was before I signed up. I feel like I'm getting a grip on training. Mind you, there are times, and it's usually when I'm on the bike that I think, "what in the HELL did I do and WHY am I doing this???" But after I'm done training, I'm so glad I've signed up for this adventure. I see a lot of blood, sweat and tears coming my way but it's going to be so worth it.


Hungry Like a Wolf

All the time!
It could only be one of two things.
Either I'm pregnant...
Or training for a new endurance event my body is not used to. Yet.
Just to clear up any ill confusion.
I'm *not* pregnant.

Even at 2 am my stomach wakes me, yelling, "get in my belly!"
I've been trying to be very aware of my calories and making sure I get enough to eat.
I've been eating the right types of foods and attempting to stagger them out at the right time.
It seems as though I'm eating everything I can get my hands on.
And I've even lost a couple pounds in the process (not intended).

I've noticed a change in what I want to eat. I've been craving good for you stuff (most of the time). So, that's what I've been eating. A lot of!

I'm thinking it will subside once my body gets used to the new activities I'm throwing at it.
Otherwise I'm going to have to get a part time job to feed myself.

Happy training and for those of you racing...good luck and have fun!


A New Adventure Called...Ironman

2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike
26.2 mile run
THAT Ironman

I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, I could pee my pants.

I'd been pondering a new challenge lately and my BFF's husband is doing the MS150 this year. So I thought I would join along. I was thinking if I could bike 150 miles in two days, I might be able to THINK about that little thing called IM for next year.

So I tracked all my bike rides out, doing a lot of organized rides on the weekends.
I planned on keeping up with marathon training as well. Cuz...well...that's just what I do.
Then got to asking people I know that have done an IM before to take a peek at their schedule just to see what I might be getting myself into for next year.

Sooo...after I got several schedules back and looked them over, my brain started churning 100mph...
I am already doing the running.
I already have these bikes planned out.
I feel like I could be halfway on schedule already.
So why not? Why not just jump in and do an IM this year.
This year? Yes...how about SEPTEMBER!

Right now my main focus is the bike. I need to get up to speed. I'm a slow poke.
My second focus...not drowning.
Other than that, I should be good.

I have a LONG way to go in a SHORT amount of time.
But I always seem to be up for a challenge.
We'll see what the next 94 days bring.
I'm not focused on a time. Just crossing the finish line.

So Redman...HERE I COME!


CDA Trip Pictures

On our trip to Coeur d' Alene, we flew into Spokane, WA. From there CDA is an easy 45 minute jaunt from the airport.
Here are a few pictures we took along the way:

It had rained earlier in the day, but on our hike, the sun was out. All the leaves on the plants looked as if they were sprinkled in fairy dust. They sparkled like silver.
But of course, everything smelled of pine. Not the toilet bowl cleaner pine, the true pine tree scent!

This is the Centennial Trail. It was so smooth and wide. There were bikers galore, along with a lot of runners and walkers. What a great place to be!
And then the Coeur d' Alene Brewery. Ahhh...Huckleberry Ale. So delish.

We loved the lake, the hiking, shopping and food. Their city center was full of antique stores, coffee shops and little boutiques.

I found a local boutique where I sat and talked with the owner for quite some time. She told us of all the places to go. And go we did.

I had my first lamb burger. It was so delish. Then we had the best pizza with the best crust ever at Capone's. We sampled Huckleberry Wine at the wine store. Then of course, had to try the local brewery. Umm...yumm... But best of all for me was Java. They had a 'Bowl of Soul' that consisted of coffee, espresso, Mexican coffee and homemade whip cream that was to die for. We certainly consumed all of our calories back that we burned off during the marathon. And it was all worth it.

I would come back to CDA in a heartbeat. And miss the pine smell already. Maybe it's time to clean the toilets.

And when we returned home, we had these little treasures waiting to be picked in our backyard...


Couer d' Alene Marathon

I had full intentions of running the Coeur d' Alene ***Half*** Marathon.
That was until Doug asked...
Out of nowhere...
"Are you running the marathon?"
Ummm noooo...I was doing the right thing and running the half while recovering from an ankle injury.
AND only having an 8 miler as my 'long' run (with a 13.1 as my longest run OF THE WHOLE YEAR-in January), just didn't seem doable.
Or smart.

The little voice in my head started murmuring.
And wouldn't stop.
I knew it wasn't going to be pretty.
I knew it was going to take me forever.
But that murmuring won out.
I signed up for the early start.
And away I went!

The first 8 miles were good. Running 11 and 12 minute miles.
So with my long run being 8 miles, I knew by mile 10, I'd start to wear down.
Got to mile 10, still running 11 and 12 minute miles.
Wow...I only have 16 miles to go.
Okay...well...think about that...
You've already run 2 more than you have since January.
And you have double the miles to go. Hmmm...
I did well up until mile 14 and that's when I decided to reign it in and walk most of the way back.
I could feel a tinge in my ankle and I wanted to make sure I took it as easy as I could.

With taking the early start, there were around 20ish of us.
I ran the first 14 miles as if out on a run by myself.
The faster runners took off way ahead of me.
The slower ones were way behind me.
I did not see anyone for miles and miles except for the water stop volunteers.

Most of the marathon was run on the Centennial Trail.
A wonderful trail system that runs from Washington state into Idaho. Once in Coeur d' Alene, it runs along the lake.
It was very serene.
The lake was quiet.
And beautiful.
The temperature was perfect for running.
There was was wind I could have done without, but
I was having a great time.
And still surprised at how good I felt even with a couple of massive hills.
The course wasn't easy, but it was gorgeous every step of the way.

The back half was fun as well.
The course was an out and back so the runners that started at the regular time had caught up with me.
It was nice as everyone exchanged, 'good job', 'lookin' strong', 'keep up the good work'.
I then spotted Doug!
Relief came over his face when I told him how good I was feeling.
He was looking strong too.
We exchanged some kisses as some taunting runners came by asking if we knew each other.
Hey...whatever works to get me to the finish line!
I went through an emotional phase I hadn't experienced in quite some time.
It was actually a fun roller coaster.
And even better when I never hit the crappy stage.
Mind you, the last 8 miles were REALLY tough for me, but I was ECSTATIC to know I was going to finish.

Regarding time, I knew it was going to be a long day out on the trail. Hence, the early start. I had no time frame in mind. Just to finish. I was thinking I may come in around 6 and a half or 7 hours.
So when I rolled in at 6:02, clock time, I was very pleased. Very pleased.
Not too shabby for my first marathon of the year, my long training run being 8 miles and walking most of the back end.

Doug finished strong with a smile on his face not too far behind me. Mind you, I had an hour and a half head start! He had a good run too. Amazing what some low humidity and cool temperatures can do for a run!

Later Doug and I were talking about my time and he mentioned that the early starters didn't start exactly at 5:30 am, we started a few minutes late.
Could it be???
Could it be that I ran UNDER six hours?
YES! It could be.
I ran a 5:59:34!!!
Marathon number 30...in the books. Not too shabby in 4 and a half years.
More on our trip later. We hiked a tad and Doug took some great photos.
If there is ever a chance to head to Coeur d' Alene-take it!