One Happy Girl

I've been held hostage from running for 3 weeks.
I was going to try to break free tomorrow and hit the trails but it snowed 4 inches here and I didn't want to be too much of a daredevil. So...Doug was headed to the Y today for a long run and I thought I would take the opportunity to see how my 'ol Achilles was doing.
And...I covered my planned 6 miles!
Overall...it went well. I took walk breaks when I felt any tinge of my ankle and ran at a snail's pace when I wasn't walking. But...I did it!
After 3 weeks of not running...I feel like a million bucks.
I'm icing now and planning on holding off til Tuesday for my next run.
I'm praying March will bring me more than 19 miles...especially since I have 26.2 planned for one day!


I Signed My Name on the Dotted Line

I officially signed up for the Olathe Marathon today.
Thank you RuntoFinish and the Olathe Marathon committee for my free entry!
It should be a great race. It can't get much better when it's a hometown race...to roll outta bed and be there in 5 minutes.
There is a whole new course this year that looks to be much more exciting than years past.
The race starts at Garmin Headquarters. How cool is that. I'll be sure to take some pics so you all know where your Forerunners were born.

The marathon is 3.28.09 so I have a month from tomorrow to get ready.
As a lot of you know, it's been 3 weeks since my last run due to my Achilles issues. I'm really hoping to get in a 6 miler Sunday to see how it feels. Please send me good running vibes!

First going in to the Olathe Marathon, I was ready to get in some speed work (which is I think what got me put on the injured list) and see what I could do with this marathon time-wise. That's obviously out of the question now since I ran 13 miles the whole month of February. And my last long run was 14 miler in late January.

So...my goal for Olathe is to be healthy.

It seems like it's been forever since Disney.
It's time for another marathon.
Just 4 short weeks away.


Running Gods...

I want to take this time to thank you...
  • Thank you for giving me an injury now and not during spring or fall marathon 'racing' season.
  • Thank you for delivering this nasty cold now while I'm in 'no running' injury mode.

Now it's time to heal up...get the sniffles over with...and hopefully start running by the end of the week cuz I have a marathon to train for!


Learning. A lot.

At school...I had a crazy scramble at the beginning of this semester because I was supposed to take a really easy ceramics class. My motto was 'ash trays for everyone' at Christmas. Nevermind, no one I know smokes.

The instructor was TOO MUCH and told the class we wouldn't be making ash trays or coffee cups. Well...that crushed my my artistic drive (how dare him tell me what I can't make) so I dropped the class and entered a speech/communications class.
For real.
I know.
But he really was over the top and this was Ceramics I. I have no artistic ability and this man was looking for true masterpieces. So...here I am in speech class and it's much more up my alley. Until this week...
So what do we do in speech class? Look at the beauty...
Now you understand why I dropped ceramics!
Actually...this was a really fun activity. It was 'non-verbal' night. So we entered the class silently, had to get in groups by our eye color (without talking) and then again, without talking (all night)...'make a castle'.
See the flag. The gargoyle. The moat is hard to see with the gargoyle in front of it. And the green thing in the back (on the roof) is a princess. With 7 of us in our group, we made this masterpiece without a word. I know...Spectacular! You can have your very own for $29.95.
Ceramics instructor...eat your heart out!


Moving Right Along

My Achilles seems to be getting better.
I'm excited to see how the rest of the week goes.
Hopefully I can attempt 6 miles on Sunday.
Cross your fingers.
This girl needs to get out and run.



Okay...so this isn't the first non related running post I've written. But this is a little more off track than normal.

I usually overpay my Kansas taxes...enough to know I won't have to pay. Not by a humongous amount-but enough to smile when my check gets delivered. I normally love my great state of Kansas. But I'm not so happy with our lovely Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

She is suspending our Kansas income tax returns. Can you believe that crap?? It's MY money. You OWE me, Kansas. I did not loan the money to you to borrow and to keep until you had money to repay me. If I owed you, you would make me pay, even if I didn't have the money. Do I get to charge you interest off the money you owe me?


A Man of Many Talents

Okay...most of you know I have a man at home that does not sit still. Ever. He is always doing something. Or thinking up the next project.

He runs.
He plays guitar.
He has almost renovated our whole house.
He makes wine.
He makes beer.
He makes cheese.
He grows grapes.
He does stained glass projects.
And now...
It never ceases to amaze me on what is going to be next.
Here is a picture of what we're in the middle of now:
He is putting in the unstained floor himself and then staining it. Along with tile work in front of the fireplace.

So...in middle of new floors being laid. Whiskey being aged. A half done stained glass project waiting to be finished when new glass comes in...chocolate port wine in the process...homemade backyard wine being brewed...I think it's time to start making hard cheese.

Isn't he AWESOME! Thanks for ALL you do. You are amazing babe. Love you!


Saturday the 14th

Yes...Valentine's Day. Yet another hokey holiday like Friday the 13th.
I may offend some of you...if so...I'm sorry.
And...let me preface this by saying I'm not jaded.
I just think Valentine's Day is stupid.
Why do I want to get flowers from someone because they feel they have to get me flowers?
Why not send me flowers some random day...just because?
And...why do I want to get flowers at the office when another 100 women in the office are going to receive flowers? Now that makes me feel special.
I guess I don't mind Valentine's Day if you do something because you want to. But don't do it cuz you feel you have to. This is what my friend Steff does. She does this 'thing' because she enjoys every minute of it. She loves VD...but she is the sweetest, most thoughtful thing around and it makes me smile to think of her on VD. Steff...I hope you have a great day!
Now I do like the random hokey things like buying a heart shaped sugar cookie at the work cafeteria and having them personalize it. Why? Cuz I felt I had to? Nope. I did it cuz I wanted. Then I got even hokier (is that a word) and brought home a heart shaped pizza and (not so hokey) blackberry beer:

Then we watched Friday the 13th last night. It has been years and years since I last saw this movie. We laughed and poked fun of it. I could hardly remember any of the movie. And REALLY didn't remember the ending. I totally screamed and jumped out of my seat. Then we laughed...it was a fun hokey night.

Today, I bought a new pair of running shoes. They are pink this go round too-which makes me happy. What better than receiving pink Nimbus on Valentine's Day?!

There has been no running this past week and I'll be lucky if I get any in this week the way my heels are feeling. We'll see. I'm planning on getting on the bike but right now the dog is demanding she be taken for a walk. So off we go...

May you receive all the jujubes and candy canes your heart desires. LOL!!!


Friday the 13th

I love hokey holidays like Friday the 13th. They are silly and fun.

I hope everyone enjoys the day and the weekend. Maybe tonight Doug and I can sit down to watch Friday the 13th. I can act frightened and he can pull me near and cuddle.

And then maybe tomorrow, watch Saturday the 14th. Has anyone seen that? It's a spoof on Friday the 13th. It's really bad...but fun.

Good luck to those racing this weekend. Have a great time and enjoy yourself!


Time to Renew

And it starts with getting a new 'do' tonight. It always helps to get beautified.
Actually...it started last night when I finally felt a sense of calm. I took time to gaze at the beautiful moon and it brought this sense of calm over me. Weird...I know, to some of you. But I can't deny it. And I think that's what kicked me in the pants to say settle down...relax, my friend.
It's time to Spring Clean. And I'm not just speaking of the closets. I'm talking about a lot of things in my life right now that seem to not have a place or are very chaotic.
Time to pull back...assess...get rid of the crap that's not needed...arrange...and move forward.
Time to throw out what doesn't matter and start focusing on things that do.
I'm so ready!


A Written Reminder...

More for myself...but please feel free to continue if you so choose.

  • Work can be stressful. Be appreciative you have a job today.
  • Not being able to run can feel defeating. Be appreciative you have legs to run on once they heal.
  • School can be hard to juggle. Be appreciative you can read to go to school.
  • The house is a mess with dust and renovations. Be appreciative you have a roof over your head and it's becoming more beautiful as the days pass.
  • Feeling like a blob cuz you've had one too many snacks. Be appreciative there is food at your table.
  • Family can sometimes wear you out. Love them today. You may not have them tomorrow.

I like to think I'm a very positive person. Always looking on the bright side of things. I'm a glass half full girl. Just sometimes when things get heavy, I need a jolt. All of the above have had a recent impact on my life...some, in more ways that I want to discuss right now, but thank God I have Doug and great friends to listen and love me. And Molly, to be a tard and lick my face to make me smile.

Whew...that was pretty cheap therapy. I really do feel better. Now...for some homemade cheese and blackberry beer and blueberry muffins. YES...can you believe it?? Doug has made his own cheese now. Wine...beer...home renovations...cheese...and yes...there is more to come....stay tuned! He's the best.

My Running Shoes are Resting

Coach made me hang up my running shoes for at least a week. I'm not happy, but am obeying. I'm having some issues with my Achilles. I have some heel lifts and that seems to help a lot. I'm hoping if I do what I'm told, this will be short lived. Doug even made me stay home from a walk the other night when he took Mols out. What is a girl to do but sit on the couch, eat bon bons and drink wine? Sounds good for a while. But only a short while.

I am going to hit the bike or elliptical tonight for a bit for a non impact workout. Let's hope this doesn't last long!


Sun Up to Sun Down-A Full Day of Fun

Saturday morning, Doug and I got up bright and early to meet Steff and Run to Finish for our 7 on the 7th Virtual Race. It was so nice getting together with Steff, we hadn't seen her in ages. And how cool is it to get to run with the Race Director of an awesomely cool race?

There's nothing too exciting to say about my race except it was nice to run with Steff and see Run to Finish and Doug out on the trail.

After our run we all met at First Watch and had a delish breakfast. Run to Finish and I laughed as we got out of our cars with our cool Women's Nike Marathon bags that Junk Miles sent us...

Then it was off to Christopher Elbow's for some Venezuelan Spice Drinking Chocolate and multiple pieces of the best chocolates ever. We hung out, tested each others chocolates and caught up with each other.

Here is Steff looking cute...

Then it was home for a bit before it was time to head up for some snow tubing. The weather has been perfect here and as we headed to Snowcreek, the temperature read 57 degrees...at 7:30 pm. How crazy is that? When we arrived, it was crazy packed but thinned out as the night progressed. Fun was had by all.


Wanted: Down Time

Lately, there has been a lot of juggling going on. I think I've lost a ball...or two...or three. Hope I find them soon.

I have noticed, when things get harried, I've been turning to my workouts to settle me...find a release...and re-energize myself. My workouts have been going well. I did botch my 5th 800 meter repeat this week but turned it into the fastest 3 miler I've ever run. This week I rode Osana the longest I have in a very long time and we've been walking Mols a ton. And it doesn't hurt to have the most wonderful man for support and the best kisses around.

This weekend I'm looking forward to getting together with friends for a nice run, breakfast and then some fabulous chocolates. We're also snow tubing this weekend. It'll be a fabulous to let go and enjoy some greatly needed down time.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. And a very special holla to Cynical Mud Babe who is running the Rocky Raccoon 100 MILE Trail Run! You go girl. You are my hero!

11:54 am**Ahhh...just got back from a 3 miler. Who knew I'd be running in shorts and a tank top the beginning of February? I think I may have found a ball!


7 on the 7th

Come Join Us!
There are several of us getting together to run 7 on the 7th.
I'm thinking we'll be running from Roe Park at 7:00 am.

Then to breakfast to fuel up for our trip to Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

Email me at kim.greer@yahoo.com if you're interested in partaking in some or all of our Super Duper Fun!


Never Again

We got together at the BFF's for the big game.
We ate.
We drank.
Watched football.
Played Wii-where I kicked hiney hoser in bowling.
And Doug wrestled around with Karen's 4 year old so much, that he made poor Bubby puke!
Then he got back up for more.

With friends, family and a box of photos that randomly appeared...we had a blast from the past.
We came across pictures of ex's...pictures of Karen's wedding...babies...and FUN FAT FOTOS.
Everyone laughed, hooted and were astonished over some of them.
Then...Karen's mom found a picture of me probably at my heaviest in 2002. Doug looked at it with a crinkled nose and wide eyes...that was you?? Wow! Now mind you, I was a size 12. Okay...probably a size 14 but wouldn't buy any clothes that said so. I wasn't obese...but heavy and not anywhere close to in shape.

Looking at those pictures made me cringe. It made me very uncomfortable. Even today, thinking about them makes me sick. Not that I was embarrassed or didn't want Doug to see them. I don't care about that. It was something more. I'm not sure I can put my finger on it. Did it bring me back to a place I didn't want to be?
It was almost like I was looking at pictures of someone else.
That was me?
That was me.
I say 40 pounds heavier. Others call me on it and say it was more.
Who is that person? What were you thinking? What were you feeling?
Either way...that is not me ANYMORE.
And I can't be happier to say that.