Was Once Lost, But Now I'm Found


Whew...running has been nil lately. Well...more than lately...more like the last couple of months. It's been very pathetic on the running front. I have so not had the mojo to care or even want to care. I think I totally burnt myself out running 6 marathons the first half of the year and I think I needed a break. So a break I took. A long, long break.

I may be feeling a tickle from the running bug again. I'm hoping it lasts a while. Here's a breakdown of what's transpired:

Last several months:
A couple 5K's...nearly zilcho running.

Doug's Team Challenge group had their first training run. What a perfect morning. It looks to be a good group. So much so that those that finished first, turned around and backtracked on the trail to bring in the next wave of runners. In the end, everyone 'finished' together. It was very moving to already have a team be a 'team'.

Met my BFF for 10 miles. Sad to say, 10 miles is the longest distance I've covered in quite some time. But, the good news is, we covered the distance and had a great time. Another perfect morning. Two back to back training days and I've covered more distance than I have run in the whole month of July. Gotta start back somewhere, right?

I'm looking forward to things turning around and getting back on track. It's time. There are a lot of marathons that need to be run. And a lot of potato chips that need to be run off these hips!


Susan G. Koman 5K

Last Saturday we ran the Susan G. Koman 5K in Kansas City. This race hadn't been on the calendar until we received an email from Ford offering to pay our entry. Well...how do you pass that up? Along with the race entry, we received the regular race t-shirt and another t-shirt designed by Ford that we all wore race day. We were the Ford Warriors.

We signed up for chip timing, but at packet pickup, things were a bit discombobulated, which was no biggie, but we didn't end up with our chips. So we ran the 5K fun run, which was way fine in the end as I'm glad my time wasn't recorded. This course was hilly. Crammed packed from start to finish. And a ton of fun. They had 27,000 plus participants. For a 5K! It was crazy, but a total blast.

I was signed up to run the Martini Mile yesterday with my girlfriends, but had to cancel. One of our neighbor's passed away and his visitation was last night. Richard was the owner of Molly's friend, Harley. It's sad that Molly's friend isn't across the street anymore to play with. Richard willed Harley to a friend, otherwise we would have become one dog richer.


Six Down...Six to Go

Six marathons completed thus far in 2009...

01.11.09 Walt Disney World Marathon
04.18.09 Frisco Fifty Marathon
05.03.09 Lincoln Marathon
05.17.09 Green Bay Marathon
06.13.09 Hatfield and McCoy Marathon
06.27.09 RNR Seattle Marathon

Six marathons to go. This is the plan (disclaimer... and is subject to change)...

09.11.09 Patriot's Run Marathon
09.27.09 Quad Cities OR Omaha
10.18.09 Detroit Marathon
11.01.09 Bass Pro Shop Marathon
11.22.09 Gobbler Grind Marathon
12.06.09 RNR Vegas Marathon (my birthday!)

And a back up, if needed...

12.27.09 Run for the Ranch Marathon

Is anyone doing any of these? If so, it would be fun to meet up. Or if anyone wants to run Gobbler Grind here in Overland Park, Kansas, let me know, depending on who you are :), we may have a free bed available.

Until the marathons start back up, I'm very excited to mix it up a bit in the next few weeks and play in some fun runs...

This Sunday we're running the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure 5K.
Tuesday, we're running the Martini Mile. A one mile run where at the end you get a free martini. How does one pass that up?
Then later in the month, the Mud and Muck-Kansas City's Dirtiest 5K. A 5K course that runs on paved roads, over trails, cross country and through a mud pit!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Cider Mill Bike Ride

The Cider Mill Century has been on my calendar for quite some time now. It had options of 25, 50, 70 or 100 miles. It was something I was wavering on up until yesterday. I even thought about calling a friend of mine to see if he was riding, but didn't cuz I was afraid I was going to flake out again. I didn't though! And so glad about it. It was a perfect day for a ride. Just perfect.

I rolled in and went to sign up. Instead of t-shirts, which I have wayyy too many, they opted for pint glasses with 'Cider Mill Century 2009' on one side and the other side has a little person riding their bike down the road. Too cute. And I can use that more than needing yet another t-shirt in my closet. Especially now with the blueberry ale they have at one of the breweries here in town. Already off to a great start. That, along with the slight chill in the air...Ahhh...For real...this is August. Normally at 7:00 am it's already 80 degrees. This morning...in the 50's. Perfect. I also ran into at least a half a dozen friends and we chatted it up before the race started. It was good to see friends I hadn't seen in a while.

So...I decided on 50 miles. I was thinking maybe 25 since I have not been on the bike in three and a half weeks. Kid.You.Not. Sad. I know. But it's the truth. But 25, really? I feel I could do that in my sleep. So 50 it was.

This ride is out in the countryside. We start at Louisburg Cider Mill where they make delish homemade cider and apple cider doughnuts. As everyone is headed out, I look over and there are 4 horses galloping through the pasture. It was so beautiful to see with the sun just beginning to rise and fog hovering the ground.

All in all, the bike ride was pretty easy. Up until the last 10 miles where I think they stuck all the hills! But other than that, there was hardly a wind, the sun was shining, and the temperature was perfect.

After the ride, Hy-Vee catered a scrumptious lunch. I could have sat under the tent with the slight breeze all day talking with Jenny. But I figured I should give my seat up to those coming in from the 70 miler. So before heading home, I grabbed some sparking apple raspberry cider, some pomegranate cider and some apple cider doughnuts. On my way out, I spotted my friend, Craig, coming in off the bike. He missed the 50 mile turn around and ended up doing 70 miles. He still had a smile on his face when he rolled in so it looks as things went well for him. Great job Craig!

Driving home, windows down, sunroof open, I couldn't do anything but smile from ear to ear and sing at the top of my lungs. This is JUST what I needed!


Just One More Mile

Doug and I walked Ned...Nasty Evil Dog...aka Molly one mile today. What differentiated this mile from any other is it was Mols 200th mile. We celebrated with turkey bacon after we returned home...
Looking forward to many more with my little monster.