What a Weekend!

Can you say Fantastic Weekend!?
It started out Friday with a Royals Home Opener.
The friends, food and drink, sunshine, perfect weather and great seats trumped a loss.

Then Saturday was filled with grabbing three sets of bees for their hives. One set for our house and we brought two sets down to Doug's mom and dad's.
Doug's parents place is one of my favorite places on Earth. The great company, the quiet of the country, their pond, the animals, fresh air. It just does not get any better. I am so lucky to have two great in-laws (to be). There are truly none better!
Doug's parents have 17 baby sheep right now. They are adorable.

I got to feed the baby! She is thirteen days old. Too cute...

And here are some photos of one set of bees. This is at our house...
Thousands of bees before they are introduced into their hive
Doug placing the queen into the hive
Bee free... A little bit of bee humor.
Buzzing around before they settle in.
As for Sunday. A day of rest and the smell of fresh baked bread!
All of this makes for one amazing weekend. Come Monday morning, I'm sure to still have a smile on my face.