TNR and UltraMarathon Man

Tonight is our Thursday Night Run and another movie night. I can't tell you the last time I saw two movies in two weeks at the movie theater (if ever). UltraMarathon Man will be interesting to see but we probably won't be dancing in the aisles this go around. I can't imagine how Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states...it's crazy to think-yet inspiring to ponder new challenges for yourself.

I know I'm preaching to the choir when it comes to this, but I can't imagine not pushing myself to something more than what I already am-whether it be physically or mentally. I know we all get in a rut from time to time but I feel sad for those that are stagnant in their lives and are not willing to put themselves out on the line. It is their choice as things don't 'just happen'-you make them happen-but they really don't know what they are missing. If you don't challenge yourself, how do you know what you're made of?

Back to the movie...The scoop from the website:
The inspirational film UltraMarathon Man: 50 Marathons 50 States 50 Days, features renowned endurance athlete and best selling author Dean Karnazes, in his attempt to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days to raise awareness for youth obesity and to get America active. A beautiful and epic journey across the United States, during which Dean pushes the limits of human endurance, inspiring thousands across the country to join him along the path while uniting people of all ages and abilities to take "the next step."

The website: http://www.journeyfilm.com/deankarnazes/

So here's to a new endeavor!

My next challenge is a 50K in November. Oh...and scraping all the popcorn crap off the ceiling.


Ick Turns Fun

I didn't workout Monday and Tuesday so I thought I really needed to get my butt outta bed this morning and run. So last night I set my alarm for 5:30 am knowing that there was a chance of rain overnight into today and knowing how easy it is just to stay in my nice warm cozy bed when it's raining. The alarm sounded and I rolled out of bed...went and looked outside-could see that it was wet so I went in the bathroom where we have a skylight to see if I could hear the rain coming down. I didn't hear anything so I got dressed and headed out.

When I got outside it was nice and cool and it was drizzling heavily. What a great morning for a run. I enjoyed the cool temperatures and the drizzle felt nice as it pinged my face. On a normal day I get gawks just because...but this morning I really got them. People are weird. I'm certainly NOT going to melt if I get rained on people so why not get out and enjoy a run?

Back to why I haven't worked out Monday or Tuesday...as my last post mentioned, we are doing some refurbishing of the house. Sunday we went haywire and started painting (when we hadn't planned on it). I put a coat on 3 small walls. So Monday afternoon I had the afternoon off so I thought I would put the 2nd coat of paint on so when Doug came home-at least that would be done. So I slop on the 2nd coat and am feeling pretty good about contributing to the cause :). When Doug gets home he asks where I got the paint and I tell him I got it from the spare bedroom. Well...it was the WRONG paint! I had put a 2nd coat of paint on the walls with the WRONG FREAKING paint! OMG! It was so similar in color when I was putting it on and it was wet-I noticed the color difference-but just thought it was because it was wet-NOPE! We got a good laugh out of it and talked about all the stupid stuff we've done. So...Monday night I put a 3rd coat of paint on...the right color this time! And then it needed ANOTHER coat to cover up the color I had put on before. So...from Sunday night to Monday night, these three walls received 4 coats of paint. Thank God they were pretty small walls! Doh!

So now we've started on several more walls and Doug pipes up last night to suggest that we scrape the ceiling of the popcorn crap that we have up there now. So while he stained trim last night, I had the pleasure of scraping the crap off the ceiling. You think-gross...and it was...but we had the best time. We put on some tunes and danced around the house and laughed and danced some more and laughed even more. It was a great night-despite the mess-which made it even more fun.

Icky rain turns into a nice, cool run

Icky oops of wrong paint and popcorn ceiling crap turns into a great dance floor


One Thing Leads to Another

As many of you know Doug has been working endlessly and tirelessly on the house.
Recently we've (but mostly he's):
  • Replaced the front door
  • Replaced and stained all the doors upstairs
  • Put in new hardwood floor upstairs that he stained
  • Replaced all the stairs with nice wood planks and stained them
  • Put in a new banister upstairs and replaced the one downstairs as well
  • Replaced the nasty wood hand rail with a beautiful handmade rod iron hand rail
  • Replaced the trim with new trim that Doug stained to match the doors upstairs

So...Doug recently put new trim up around the front door and then the talk began again...why don't we pick out the color we want for downstairs so we can paint the wall the door is on before we start putting up more trim we'll have to be careful to paint around? So...there we go...off to Lowe's and Home Depot.

It's never ending...and a lot of work...but does it ever look beautiful! Next up...more painting, new light fixtures, new pictures, floor registers, light switches-the list continues because one thing leads to another!


Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Yesterday morning the alarm blared at 4:00 am. Doug and I rolled outta bed to mark the trail for the TEAM. As we walked outside to pack the last few things in the truck for the run you could just feel the muggies grab a hold of you. It was nasty humid and warm. There was not a cool tinge in the air-at all. What perfect weather for a long run-Ha!

The run started at 6:00 and Kym and I headed out with the rest of the TEAM. We had a good 14 mile run despite the air we had to cut through in the beginning. As we continued running, the humidity actually lowered and it became more comfortable. We stayed on track with the schedule we set and finished strong. Then I turned back around and went to run Karen in. This was her longest run ever so I thought she might appreciate some company to distract her. I hope I helped. Great Job Girlie on your first 14 miler!

So to the Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Today, I got up at 6:00 am and thought why not today be the start of my back to back running days. So, I pulled my running shoes on, kissed Doug and as I head out he tells me to take my run nice and easy. I'm thinking no doubt as I'm not quite sure the last time I ran back to back days-let alone after a long run.

So I'm running...thinking take it easy...take it easy...if I need to walk-it's all good-you just ran 14 miles yesterday-it's all good. I shouldn't have taken my Garmin, but it's almost 2nd nature to strap that baby on just like I do my running shoes.

I start out, my legs are feeling pretty good. I expected them to be heavy-they weren't but I still took it nice and easy.

Mile 1 11:54

Not so bad...feeling pretty good. Warming up...legs are feeling better then when I started. Where is the lead? I know it's going to come-just when?

Mile 2 12:00

Pretty steady...still doing well. Still taking a couple of walk breaks during each mile.

Mile 3 10:55

WHAT? Alright! I'll take it! And that's again after taking walk breaks. There were times when I felt I was flying...sprinting...and felt great. I'm questioning where these light fast legs have come from but I'm loving it. Let's do another.

Mile 4 10:47

WHOOO HOOO!!! Go Baby Go! And...I felt great. I really feel I could do it again.

I'm not quite sure after running 14 miles yesterday how I could yield a 4 mile run with an average pace of 11:24 AND feel so strong. Things that make you go hmmm...but...no more questioning it-I'm going to take it and smile all day!



What a movie! Let's start from the beginning-last week. Mom invited me to see the movie so we had made plans to see it-then last Thursday at our Thursday Night Run, Jenny mentioned wanting to see it. So we made plans for this Thursday Night Run to see the movie instead of gorging our faces with quesadillas. So last night that's exactly what we did.

Mom and I met up with the group around 7:00 as I skipped the run and instead went and ate Thai beforehand-a favorite of ours! We went in to find seats and it was insane-women everywhere-chatting it up. How we found 6 seats together-I have no idea (and then even at that-a couple girls sat in a different spot)-the place was PACKED! There were people sitting in the front row-that's how crazy it was. I didn't know at the time-but we were lucky enough to sit in the very back row-what a sight to see!

The Movie:

  • Rocked! The music was so fun and sitting in the back row brought such pleasure being able to watch others in the theater dancing in their chairs or tapping their toes-it was so fun to see EVERYONE (yes-I think Doug even had a great time being the ABBA fan he is!) having such a great time.
  • FUNNY-Laugh Out Loud through the whole thing
  • Touched my heart-I honestly cried (and laughed) through the whole movie
  • Filmed on a Greek isle! Ocean scenes were amazing!
  • The ending is a riot! Half the theatre was (US (minus Doug) included) out of their seats dancing in the aisles-kid you not! Some girls even broke out glow sticks!
  • Great for everyone-young and old-maybe not so much males that may not be ABBA fans-but again, I think Doug had a good time-correct me Hon if I'm wrong)
  • 007 singing-well...good thing I don't have a keen ear for that sorta thing-so I thought it was okay-it's not the best singing-but just to see him in that roll was a hoot
  • Never have I heard so much cheering, clapping and singing at the end of a movie
  • It Was A Blast!

If you've had a tough week...go see this movie. If it doesn't lift your spirits you might as well dig yourself a grave cuz you're dead.

This is the best-light-crack you up-goofy movie. A SOOOO MUST See!

Have a great weekend. Marci-best of luck in the Jay Challenge!


Yes I Love It!

Last night was my last Weight Training class. I loved this class. It was difficult but a ton of fun and I can feel the strength it afforded me after all of my hard efforts. So on Monday we maxed out on a ton of different exercises. Becky, who turned out to be a great work out buddy, and I got through all of our exercises and handed them in to Coach. Every single one of the boys did not finish their maxes so they finished up last night. Coach knew that Becky and I were serious about continuing to work out after class ended so he took all our maxes-jacked around with the numbers for us and presented us with the intermediate class work out-for the whole semester! So now I have all my exercises, reps, weights, everything-for another 18 weeks-2 times a week! Whoo Hoo!!

So Becky and I worked through Day 1 of our new work out schedule and then went outside to do our stairs and ramp routine. When we came back in-the boys are nowhere to be found-gone. Coach was there and Becky was like, "where are the boys?" Well, Coach had let them go. So they just maxed the rest of their stuff and left and I know one boy only had one exercise left on his sheet-Lazy Fart! But they didn't get the full intermediate program Coach gave us-so Nah! Becky and I came in, did our ab exercises as we always do and then we were walking out of the training room for the last time. I'm like, "No...we have to end this class like we have all others." Becky and Coach just laughed. After every class, Coach would make us 'break'. We would all put in one hand and together as a class on the count of three yell, "YES I LOVE IT!" so that is exactly what we did...Becky, Coach and me.

I will miss class but I'm so excited he gave us the next workout schedule so I can continue where we left of-how awesome!


Gallivanting Around

Today I'm headed to the state capitol of Kansas. For those of you that need a brush up on your 5th grade civics class-that capitol of Kansas is...Topeka. I'm headed there for work reasons.

Should be a nice day for a jaunt to and fro...It'll be good to get Fiona out on the open road and let her ride.

The Training Front
Monday-Weight Training last night. We didn't do our normal workout as our last class is Wednesday-Booo! So we maxed out on a ton of different activities and Wednesday when we come back, Coach Steve will have us a new set of numbers for us to continue what we started in this class.
Wednesday-Last Weight Training Class
Saturday-14 Miles


How Fast Things Change...

Okay...after some discussion with my Coach, I think I WILL be able to do the Psycho Night 10K Trail Run! I'm so excited. He says I should be just fine with it being a 10K and to just take it easy both days. I can do that.

And although I planned on starting back to back long runs around Septemberish why not get started now?! Back to back long runs. Why you ask? Well...I am signed up for the Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge at Disney World January 10th and 11th. I've been signed up since a few days after we got back this year from the marathon (in January). After I saw several friends and fellow Alumni TNT'ers running it-I felt the force. I got sucked in. I had to do this too.

For those of you that are not familiar with this, Disney runs their half marathon and full marathon on 2 different days. So I will be running the half marathon on Saturday and on Sunday run the full marathon. Hence the name, Goofy. And since I'm such a medal whore, I'm so excited about getting a Donald Duck medal for the half marathon, a Mickey Mouse medal for the full marathon and an EXTRA Goofy medal for doing both races. Should be...a lot of work...but a ton of fun. I'm already not looking forward to getting up in the middle of the night (I think it was around 2:30 or 3:00 am) 2 days in a row to trek out to the starting line but I am up for a new challenge. Something fresh to push myself-not that doing my First 50K Trail Run sometime in November or December isn't enough!

I planned on running the Sunmart 50K in Houston on my birthday this year, but I may stay local and do a 50K around here that is planned at the end of November. As time gets closer, we'll see.

Confessions of a Non-Existent Wanna Be Trail Runner

Trail Running. I love it. It's great fun...it mixes up the road running...it's challenging...it's beautiful...I think it makes you a faster, better runner...it's like being a kid running and playing through the forest. I know all of this-but only through memories and now living vicariously through Cynical Mud Babe. I haven't been on a 'true' (rocky and rooty) trail in what seems like forever.

I planned on running the Psycho Psummer Trial Run and jacked around and didn't sign up until the entry was sky high-my fault. And now I want to run the Psycho Night 10K Trail Run but it's the night before our 16 miler so I'm guessing since I have a couple marathons coming up, I should get in my 16 miler instead of playing in the dark. Yes-there is the option of running a 10K on Friday night and running 16 Saturday morning. I'm not quite there yet. Will be soon...but not yet. Then I want to run the North Shore Trail Run (8.5 miles) but it's on the weekend I run 18 miles. I know I can't get away with not running my 18 miler in exchange for an 8 miler (even if it is on the trails). So...three of the trail runs I planned to run are down the drain. That makes me sad. But I guess I can't do everything I want all the time. WANT. WANT. WANT. I sound like a spoiled brat. So...I'll take them off my schedule and focus on my marathon training for now.

We make time for what is important to us and right now getting in my longer miles for my marathons is what I need to focus on-so I'm going to have to set aside trail running for now. It will be there when I want it back but for now...Happy Trails to You...Until We Meet Again...


Scrumptious Sunday

ALL from our very own backyard!


Play at Work

Today some of us from my team visited our Executive Briefing Center. This is the place where the big wigs go to 'seal the deal'. They bring customers in (BIG TIME CUSTOMERS)to show them the products of the company and what we have to offer them. The conference room was gorgeous. The huge, comfy leather seats to sit around the table-wow! It was a site. Amazing...absolutely beautiful. They then took us on a tour of the new phones and technology that will soon be hitting the market. It's one of those places you go and are totally Awed-you walk in and are like WWWOOOWWW. Very Very Fun. I wonder how I get a position in that department?

AND...did you know my company actually won an Emmy? We are so not in the market to win Emmy's. But-Yes we did. I had no idea until today when we went in and there she sits. We won it for the TV streaming on your phone that we developed on our network. Pretty cool.

Okay...I Promise

Well...not really promise-but will try to not post another consecutive blog about Molly-unless she does something else so adorable I can't resist-which is possible.

So, today, we had a new front door installed. Our old door was icky white and had a half moon glass crap thing at the top. U G L Y. Now we have a new pretty front door with a piece of stained glass that is cut out through the center of the door. Well...the glass cuts down right to Molly's eye level. She loves it. She's at the front all the time instead of having to run upstairs to look out our bedroom window. She is so funny!
In this picture, you can see her at the very bottom of the glass peeking out. Now we're going to need to replace that ugly light we have there and eventually take out those glass blocks and put in stained glass.

On the training front...it's been going well. I've seen a lot of improvement lately but did miss my Tuesday run as I was still recouping from the kidney stone aftermath. So last night it was good to meet up with our Thursday night crew. When we took off at 6:00 pm it was hot and probably in the high 80's. I squeaked out a 11:22 pace for 3 miles. For me-that is pretty darn good right now and factoring in the heat-that's great. I even took several walk breaks.

After our run we ate at our local hangout. We walk in and the waitresses and patrons just stare. Yes we're soaked, yes we stink-now give us drink! The waitress comes to take our order and asks us what we have been doing. Really now...what does it look like? Either running through the sprinklers, roofing or running...hmmm...decisions decisions. So we're sitting in soaked sweat shorts on vinyl seats and nothing seems to really dry out. This is our normal protocol-this is what we do every Thursday...so after our yummy drinks and good eats we continue on to Home Depot for some stuff for the door and Doug.Goes.Bonkers! He is scratching his butt like no tomorrow...not discreetly either...he's jumping up and down being a goof, "my ass itches!...my ass itches!" As he is having his episode, a lady walks around the aisle to witness and immediately turns right back around!

We finally get home and he jumps in the shower. The man had HUGE welts ALL over his butt. Luckily after he cooled off a bit and we put some medication on-he's back to normal. Things we experience (and then write about!) as runners...good times!

May try to hit Pilates if it is raining and we can't mark the trail tonight and then tomorrow is an easy peasy 8 miler and shopping at the local running store. Have a great weekend!


Hot Dog!

Life, as always, seems to be in fast forward. But lately we have taken some time to enjoy a nice ride in the jeep to rewind. We have an older jeep that we've put a bikini top on and taken off the doors. It's our toy and only gets out when it's nice out-not too hot-not too cold. Riding in the jeep reminds me a little of the feeling I get when on a motorcycle-not to the full extent-but somewhat-with the air whipping around-there's nothing between you and the road-it's just wide open and not a care in the world.

This is Molly's new love. She gets so excited to go for a jeep ride. She hops right in the back seat and sits. She looks hilarious in the back seat all by her big dog self looking around at the other cars. It's so funny to see the expressions on people's faces as they pass by pointing and laughing to the person sitting next to them. It puts a smile on my face seeing young kiddos and old foggies alike light up when they see her.

Aren't they the cutest??


Running Ramblings and Random Ruminations

  • Kidney Stones hurt! But getting out and walking 2.5 miles the day after it passes feels good.
  • Running in the rain is fun-even 12 miles worth. It was a nice welcome after the heat and humidity.
  • Kym (my friend-not my alter ego) has some crazy ass hair on Saturday morning runs. She makes me laugh and I can cuss every word in the book and she's okay with it. She's a good running buddy. She pushes me. Thanks Kym!
  • Homework sucks, but projects suck even more.
  • Doug is the hardest working home improvment man around. The house looks great! Thanks Babe. I LOVE YOU!
  • 4 AM is WAY too early to get up on a Saturday morning.
  • Chipolte tastes awesome after a long run.
  • I kicked ass running hills on our Saturday morning run. A switch just flipped on this morning and I was able to power up those babies. I owe it all to Weight Training Class.
  • To make a long story short, Doug and I went to find a girl from run group that ran a different route than the rest of us. As we pulled into the park she was talking about how thirsty she was. Doug and I had a couple bottles of Powerade in the truck so Doug offered her some if she wanted to come get it-as it was POURING out. She declined. And this is what she had to say, "I can't really do that as I had to take off my shorts cuz they were soaked (from the rain), so I don't have any pants on at all". Doug asked her several more times if she wanted to come and get the Powerade. What a goof! Both of them! She was going to drive around half naked! Doug and I soooo cracked up! Whatever works!
  • Today we received an information packet on our Greece trip. Let the planning begin. Okay...I'll wait a few more months.
  • The peaches in the backyard are almost ready to be picked. We've had one already and it was so juicy and had such the peach flavor I can't wait for more.





Thank You Whomever You May Be

A donation was posted to my TNT Page anonymously yesterday. Might it be one of my blog buddies? Since you're being so secret, I'll just have to say THANK YOU to the world and hope you hear it. It is greatly appreciated!


Tales of Tails on the Trails

We've been hitting the awesome new trails around the corner from our house lately. It's still not paved yet (which works for me) but assuming will be soon. I'm not sure how many more times they can run the bulldozer over it but we'll see. I'm in no hurry. I love the dirt.

Last night after Weight Training class Doug, Mols and I took a nice walk on the trails...and then this morning I got up and ran my miles because it was either going to be 95 degrees, raining or 95 degrees and raining when I got off work-so I thought I would knock it out early. I was the only one with my tail on the trail until my trek back in when I saw more tail than I wanted...
He was a bit more red than this one and maybe not as large. But when I went to leap over him he rared his nasty claws at me. I didn't stop to play or smash him but do wish I would have had my camera because I do have some non-believers...DOUG. Now why on Earth would I come home out of nowhere on a Tuesday morning run and tell you I saw a scorpion? Cuz I'm famous for telling tales I guess...Sure thing...Goose. He claims it was hot out this morning and I may have been hallucinating. Turd.



Seriously though, Sirius Radio ROCKS! I would have never ever in a million years even thought I would want or care to have it. I was under the impression...the radio works just fine and if I don't want to listen to the commercials, I'll just toss in a CD...right?

Well...a nice little perk that came with my new car was the Sirius Radio. How did I live without this? This is the best thing since...well...a lot of things! They have everything from 70's to 80's to Hair Nation to Road House to Comedy stations to Elvis Radio to E Street Radio (Brrrrucccceee) to all sorts of sports and entertainment stations to NPR to Weather and Traffic to Political Talk to all kinds of Talk Radio to anything and everything you can imagine-all without commercials. There has not been a time where I couldn't find something I liked. And with over 100 stations-I would hope so. Our favorite right now is The Coffee House. They play a lot of acoustic versions of great songs. Doug loves the guitar sound and I love the new twist.

The baby has her name now. Her name is Fiona. She is adapting well to the outside world and we are growing to love her more everyday.


400 Miles

Yesterday, I hit the 400 Mile Mark for my 2008 running.
Here's to 400 more!
Last year at this time I was at 322.


So Fun

4th of July...What a beautiful day. We couldn't have asked for anything better then the blue skies and 80 degree weather. The day was supposed to start at 5:00 am when our alarm sounded. We were planning to run the Lenexa Freedom run 5K. But...Thursday night after our run, some of us stayed a bit later than expected as we stayed and played trivia. It was a ton of fun but it's been a long time since we've stayed out that late. So...the snooze went on and we slept in til 8:00ish.

Before heading to Doug's parents, we made a pit stop at Karen's to drop off Fric's birthday present. Then we were off to see Doug's mom, dad and daughter. When we arrived-the spread was already out and the burgers were ready to be devoured. Doug's mom is always making something homemade-today-one of my favorites...pickles! I was in heaven. We had a huge array of yummies with the usual 4th of July stuff. Later...after the food settled, we hauled the ladder up to pick the last of the cherries, also picked mulberries and red raspberries. Their blackberries are just getting ready to turn so we'll need to make another trip down soon.

After eating...and more eating...and picking cherries and throwing them at each other and eating more, we decided to head down and check out our new dirt. Doug's dad took us around the property on his little 4 wheeler that is kinda like a souped up golf cart. It gets around his land like no tomorrow-zooming around. Below are a couple pictures:

The grass is way tall right now. Doug's dad is going to cut it for hay soon. Our pond is a little dirty with all the rain we've had lately but I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! We talked to the neighbor and he said he thinks we have fish in the pond. I'm not much of a fisherman, but it's nice to know for those who would like to come down and play. We have a lot of trees on the property so that is nice too.

After checking out the land, we came back and visited some more. Every time we went to leave, another conversation came up. I hate to leave because we have such a great time every time we come down. So...4 hours after we intended to leave the first time, we headed out-for real this time. On our way back-we were heading East to West across the city. We got into Lee's Summit and their fireworks display was going on. Then we were able to see Blue Springs, came up on Leawood Park's display, then Corporate Woods and finally Shawnee Mission's display. It was so fun to truck on down the highway and hit all of these beautifully huge displays. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to such a great day.

5th of July-got up bright and early to get things set out for the TEAM. We ran 8 miles this morning. I had a great run for as late as we got to bed and all the 'stuff' I ate yesterday. I averaged in the 11's and felt good.

After the run, we came back and loaded up a bunch of crap we didn't need anymore...extra bed frames, end tables and some other large furniture we needed to get rid of. It was nice to get it out of the way so we have more storage for things we do need. Doug has worked his tail off-as usual...mowing, working on the stairs and other tid bits around. I picked some more raspberries and we put them in the freezer for raspberry smoothies later. Mols is zonked out as she's been for a walk and played with her floppy Frisbee she loves so much.

Tomorrow-I think Doug's getting up to run in a 10 mile race. I'm going to sleep in, do some homework and laundry. I don't want the weekend to end!

Strawberry Hill Runner-I hope you had a GREAT 50K at Psycho Wyco. I can't wait to hear about it. I bet it was a great day for it as it wasn't too hot. I did think of everyone at the race today and I wish I would have been smart enough to sign up early! Next year...and I have a couple trail runs yet to hit later this summer.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


My New Baby

Meet my new baby girl. She's just one day old. Isn't she sweet? She rides as smooth as a baby's butt. I love her-but she doesn't have a name just yet. She comes from the Ford family and her middle name will be Fusion.

I decided on a Ford for one main reason...Doug's dad. He has given me a hard time (in great fun) everytime we would drive down in Jelly Bean (my retired Altima). So now he can be a beaming grandpops once again and it gives him one more reason to love me even more then he already does.
She reminds me a lot of Jelly Bean so that makes me think I'll really grow to love her even more. She just needs a name.

Here are a few names I'm pondering:

What do you think? Any suggestions? And...am I the only one that names their car?


Off Track

Not talkin' about off track running. I'm talkin' about running off track!

It's Wednesday and I have done nothing since my run Saturday morning. Uggg...

And...I'm sad to say I'm not running the Psycho Wyco 15 mile trail run. I blew off signing up and then went to sign up Monday and realized the price went up to $60. That's just a little too much for me to shell out for a 15 miler. Not sure why I held off on signing up-I knew I was going to do it. I know it's going to be a great race. Bad Ben-the race director has always put on great races and I was so looking forward to a kick your butt-hilly-rooty-hilly-rocky-hilly-hilly-fun course. Boo Hoo!

And...my car shot craps so the last two nights we've been off searching for something different-hence the reason for no work outs. I LOVE my car and loved not having a payment but it's time for something else. My little Jelly Bean has been a great car and I'm sad to see her go. But...life is ever changing and it's time for Jelly Bean and me to part. So...I'm off in just a few minutes to go pick up my BRAND NEW CAR!

This evening with the car shopping out of the way-I'm back on track with weight training. Then tomorrow our Thursday Night Run. I may run Friday morning as well and then I would have really only missed one work out. So...I guess I'm not that far off track. That makes me happy!