A Warm Heart

Is about all I have warm right now-but that's enough. My office is headed to Harvesters to volunteer. I love helping others. I know I'm supposed to do it because it benefits others-and that's truly why I do it. But I love the feeling I get knowing that I'm doing good for someone less fortunate. I sometimes feel a little selfish because of how good I feel when I'm volunteering. But I guess if I'm doing good for others AND feel good about it-it's all good in the end and I sometimes have to tell myself there is nothing wrong with that.

Get out and do some volunteer work or do something unexpected for someone who may need a little extra help. I promise it will warm your heart.

4:40ish...Whew...that was hard work and I'm certain my back is going to hurt tomorrow, but we had some nice bonding team time. Don't want to see another Red Delicious apple for a long, long time but Granny Smith apples are always welcome.


  1. oh fun! we built their website, they are such a nice group of people

  2. Good times, that's how I look at it. It always puts a smile on my face and your efforts are truly worth it.