This May be the Day

That I have to do my mileage on the dreadmill. It'll be my first round this season and I'm not looking forward to it. But I have to get in some running miles. Especially if I want to hit my goal of 800 miles for the year. And want to run a marathon next weekend if the weather cooperates. Okay...I'll make that my motivation. And I'll treat myself to a nice Lush bath after. Okay...so now I'm kinda looking forward to a nice 3 miler. See how fast you can turn a negative thought around!

Yesterday was a good workout day. I had a great bike ride and am sore from the weight workout. Kinda feel like the Hulk...


  1. I was thinking if I get out of my meeting early I might be able to run outside with my YakTrax...if there's no wind I may attempt this as I"m getting tired of the mill

  2. Lush, I must find a shop here in the great white north,

    Enjoy turning the negative into positive, you're the BEST!!