Homemade Crap...I Mean Crafts

The kids and grand kids headed to visit mom today. We had chili for lunch and then moved downstairs for ornament decorating. With glitter, glue, paint and anything and everything else you can purchase from Hobby Lobby, everyone digs in to paint nutcrackers, trains, planes, Christmas trees and glass balls.

I was given a nutcracker to paint. When I say given, I mean I was told I was going to paint a nutcracker. I was content with watching the kids have a ball. But I guess my mom wanted to watch her kid have a ball, so I indulged her.With steady hand, I turned my nutcracker into Mr. Diva Nutcracker. He had green glitter pants and was looking mighty cute. With my prized possession in hand, I turned it over to mom, as mom should have the best handmade crap...I mean crafts, right?

We did make some cool painted glass ornaments that actually turned out halfway cool...
Of course, after a Bailey's, anything looks like a masterpiece. And leave it to the adults to be the last sitting at the table decorating their balls...errr...trains.

If you're looking for a reason to get the family together, this is a great idea for the kids and kids at heart. It really was a ton of fun, even for those of us that don't have any artistic ability.


*New* Gratitude Journal

I visited RunToFinish and she has a great Gratitude Journal she posts to everyday. I love the idea so much I am going to 'borrow' her idea.

I'm going to post it to the sidebar of my posts so I'm able to see it everyday. I think it'll be easier for me.

Thanks for the idea!

Beep Beep

Was the name of the game this morning.

Doug and I decided to sleep in this morning, not even setting the alarm to wake. It was 8:30 when we rolled outta bed. That is some nice sleeping in.

Doug looked outside and said it looked wet. Uggg...I should be covering 8 miles today. Then he said it was a mix of rain and snow. Snow?? I love snow. And I love running in the snow.

It turned out at that time it was more rain than snow. Not as exciting as I was hoping. So...Doug went downstairs, started the fire back up, I made coffee and we lounged.

Then Doug got a hair up his booty and decided he needed to test out his ankle to see how it was doing. It's still swelling after runs and we need to get it taken care of before we leave for Kiawah Island this week. So as he heads out to the YMCA, he leaves me sitting on the couch with my coffee, the fire and my blanket. Very nice and cozy.

Damn him. Now I'm feeling guilty. I know I should be out running. So I open up the blinds on the window and the snow is falling. It's mostly snow now-not rain. So I run upstairs, get my running gear on and head out for a run. I've decided I'm not going to do 8 as I don't even take water with me. I'm just going to do the 4 mile loop.

As I step outside, it's beautiful. The temperature is pretty mild for it to be snowing and the snow is falling pretty heavily. It's heaven.

My run went well. I felt very light on my feet and averaged my 4 miles in the lower 10's. Even with my tongue hanging out of my mouth to catch a snowflake or two.

For some reason today I had 4 (no joke) different cars honk at me. On a usual day in the summer, I get 1. Today...4. Sometimes it can annoy me but today it was fun. I would smile and wave. It musta been my cute pink hat, gloves, shirt and jacket. Or the fact that I was totally jamming out to Michael Jackson's Rock With You over and over again.

As I hit my 4 miles, I stopped to walk the rest of the way in. With my iPod still blasting, I could suddenly feel something coming up behind me. It was Doug going 'like 3 miles an hour' behind me in the street. I looked over my shoulder to see him laughing. He rolled down his window and I told him Michael and I were having a party and he was like, "I guess so! You're butt is going from side to side. You're having a good time." Yes I was!

Whatever the reason for the honks today...my cute pink outfit, the smile on my face, people thinking I was crazy for running in the snow, my tongue hanging out catching snowflakes or even my butt swaying to and fro to the music, it was a great winter wonderland fun run.

Now it's time for some coffee and chocolate peanut butter chip cookies Doug made!


Full Circle

The alarm went off this morning for Doug to do some Black Friday shopping. I decided to stay snuggled in bed. The sky was just starting to become light and you could actually hear a bird chirping. It was a nice surprise and made me smile as I rolled over.

If the birds (or bird) was chirping, then it must be a nice day already, eh? So thinking ahead about the weather and how it is supposed to turn over the next couple days, I thought I would get in a run today instead of Sunday. So I head out on our 4 mile loop.

I get dressed and head out the door. Standing in the driveway, obtaining a signal for my Garmin, it starts sleeting. Already dressed and out the door, I wasn't turning back. I was going to run. I'm glad I didn't check outside first or turn on the news beforehand.

About a quarter mile in the sleeting stops. The birds start chirping again. It feels like a spring morning and I'm feeling a bit overdressed.

Mile 2 and 3 go well. Nice and steady.

As I hit mile 3, the sleet starts again. And not just a tad. It's coming down hard. Ice pelleting off my face. I just laugh. It's fun. Especially the looks I get from all the drivers in their nice, warm cars.

As I round the corner for my way home, the birds are still chirping...in the sleet.

Finished strong. Averaged in the 10's for my 4 miles. Feel great.

Okay...can't say full circle as I didn't end up back in bed. But it will be a day of relaxing and just hanging out. Love Love Love extended holidays.


Thanksgiving Day 5K Run and Family Stroll

What a fabulous day for a 5K. The sun was shining. The skies were blue. The temperature... perfect.

I met Karen and her family about 10 minutes before the start. The boys (ages 3 and 4)...oh how they were so excited. They had on their 'race shirts' and had their race numbers pinned on. They were racing today. Fric said he was running 18. 18 miles he said. Think he's been listening to his mother? Frac knew exactly how far he was going...5. I asked, "a 5K, right?" "Yep!" They were ready to go. We were in the back as Karen's husband had the stroller with the boys in tow. And when I say the back. I mean the back. There were over 1000 people ahead of us.

We walked to the start line with the boys and then Karen and I took off. I say took off but not so fast. There were walkers from one side of the street to the other. Hundreds of them. For miles. 3.1 miles. So we decided to run in the median to dodge the majority of the walkers. It was packed the whole way. There was not one point where we weren't dodging someone. It was fun to see so many people out on Thanksgiving morning burning some calories before the big feast. It seemed that everyone was really enjoying themselves.

We even had water stops. Yes...for real. Ha! At the end of mile 1 and 2. It cracks me up every year to see people stopping to get some hydration. Needless to say-we didn't stop.

I pushed Karen hard today. As hard as I could trying to run in and out of runners, walkers, kids and strollers. I really think she was ready to kick me in the butt. More than once. But after we crossed the finish line, I did get a thank you.

Then we waited for the boys to finish. They had a good time. But their race was coming up soon and we headed to the field to get them ready. Frac's race number was wrinkled and he needed it to be straight before he could run. Before you could blink, there they went. Probably 30 kids 4 and under racing. It was so funny to see those little legs running as fast as they could go. They had the best time and had such a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. That was the best part of the whole morning.

Can't wait for next year.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for everything I have in life. I have everything I need and just about everything I want. I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already do. I am very fortunate and thankful.

A few things I'm thankful for:
  • Family and Friends
  • A Warm Bed to Sleep In
  • Puppy Kisses
  • Having a Job
  • Those Serving for Our Freedom
  • Good Health and Happiness
  • Having Money to Blow on Running Shoes and Travels


That Felt Good

Went for a pre-lunch bike ride on the trainer. It has been since Sunday that I have had any form of physical activity. It has felt like a lot longer than just 2 days and I was feeling a little slothy. Now that I got my heart pumping, I feel great!

Met Doug for lunch. We had a huge lunch and I stuffed myself to the gills. Ran by packet pickup for my run tomorrow and bought a new pair of running tights. Then back home to take Mols for a 3 mile walk/run. I think I wore the little fart out.

Tonight we're off to have dinner with my sister and the new baby niece-can't wait!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Eve.


Time for a Rest...Kinda

After a marathon on the 16th
And a half marathon yesterday
I'm going to bring it down a notch and run our local Thanksgiving 5K on Thursday morning
There will be no chip time
I don't even know if they post times
I'm going out to have a good time and enjoy a nice morning run with a couple thousand of my closest friends

I'll run back to back days on Saturday and Sunday. Thinking 8 Saturday and 4 Sunday. These legs are feeling tired from all the running we've been doing across the country. Need to take it nice and easy this weekend to be ready for my birthday marathon Dec 6th.


Gobbler Grind Half Marathon Race Report

Okay...what's up with getting up earlier on Saturday and Sunday than I do during the week to go to work? Oh...the love of running. Okay. That explains it.

Up at 5:30 this morning to get around for the Gobbler Grind. It was nice to sleep in our own bed last night and not have to worry about catching a bus to get to the start line. On the way to the start, I realized this is my 5th year involved with GG-not the fourth I had posted about before. It's been 5 years ago I had my first experience with Marathon. Doug and I volunteered the last 3 years and then this year Doug ran the full and I ran the half marathon with Karen.

We started out with a huge laugh. There was this poor girl who was running with her husband. She had on sweatpants and must have had a hole in the crotch of them. Unfortunately for her, her drawstring ended up in that hole and it looked as if she had a long ass tampon string hanging from the crotch of her pants. I about peed myself laughing about it. I could hardly run. I finally was collected enough to run up to her to tell her about it.

Karen had wanted to take several minutes off her finish time but that wasn't in the cards today. We started off strong. I kept us on track and we were going well. I could see Karen was having a bit of a time around mile 6. It was time to slow it down a bit. We talked about it later and we need to tweak a few things. No biggie.

At mile 6.5, we ran upon the Team In Training water stop. The best ever water stop at the GG. The last several years they have had fajitas for the runners. This year was chili. I stopped for a bowl of chili and a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream. Mmm... Thanks guys!

As we left the water stop there was a lady...in her minivan...yelling out the window...YOU NEED TO BE AT CHURCH. I yelled back...FU! I WENT TO CHURCH LAST NIGHT! That wasn't the truth...but she doesn't know that. Who is she to judge ME? What kind of Christian would be so rude to yell something like out the window of her damn minivan? Bitch!

After that, things mellowed out a bit. Everything was good. Karen started feeling better but it was best to hold back so that's exactly what we did.

After we finished, we grabbed some choco milk and then headed for some peppermint mocha's. So yummy. Also had the best chocolate mocha peppermint muffin. Then it was back to the finish to wait for Doug to come in.

Doug came in strong and had a good run. AND finished his 70th marathon!! Look how cute he is!
Then it was off for lunch and a big burger. Then home for some football, a bath and some rest time.

Now it's time to head off to a birthday party and Sunday dinner at a friends house. Am DVRing 24 for later tonight when we get home. Can't wait to see what Jack has for us!

What a nice day. Looking forward to a great night.


I'll Have the Usual

Served myself up the usual Saturday morning run:
Measure the temperature to equal the crisp air that makes for a perfect morning run.
Sprinkle in a dash of wimps that no showed.
Mix in a good pace and pour out an 8 miler.
Wait for the timer to ding as my team covers their 16 miles.
Sample an egg bagel sandwich, a hot mocha and some fun conversation with alumni.
The cherry on top will be added tomorrow when I run the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon with Karen.

Am having the best pre-race dinner:
French Silk Pie

Should be a racing machine tomorrow!


Five Years Ago I Didn't Understand...Why?

As I was driving in on the usual ride to work today, I realized that this weekend will mark another milestone. Five years ago this weekend I had my first experience at a marathon. Doug and I had just been dating for a month or so and he was running in the Gobbler Grind Marathon.

The night before, we attended a concert with friends and we were up until all hours of the night/morning. Then he got up and ran a marathon. I remember thinking why is this so important? I mean...26.2 miles? And he's up til 2:00 am? Why do people do this? There were a lot of questions. Most of them started with...why?

Not knowing what this was really all about, Doug gave me his approximate finish time. I didn't get up with him to see him off. Instead I opted to sleep in and head out to the finish line to see him there. (Something most people who don't understand would do). Luckily, this is a pretty small marathon so I was able to sit in my warm car and was able to watch people cross the finish line as the snow flurries came down. Still thinking why? It's cold outside. It's snowing for Heaven's sake. Why, people, why?

I was there for Doug at the finish line to give him a big smooch and to congratulate him. But honestly at that time, had no clue. No clue on what it actually meant to travel 26.2 miles. No clue on why people actually do this. No clue on what it takes to run this distance. No clue on what it meant to have someone waiting for you at the finish line.

Five years have come and gone. This year I will be running the half marathon. Doug will be running the full. I will, again, be there when Doug crosses the finish line, cheering him on and to give him another big smooch. The only difference this year is that I have a lot more knowledge and understanding of this thing called Marathon. And now...I understand WHY.


A Nice Response

I posted back in September on a half marathon I was running that was named the Maynard Cohick Half Marathon. And it got me to thinking Who IS Maynard Cohick? So I did some research and posted a little something on who Mr. Cohick was.

I thought it was very nice when I received a comment back from the author of the article. But yesterday I received another response from someone very close to Mr. Cohick. His son, Steve. I wanted to post his comment (as it was buried back in the September folder and was afraid most of you wouldn't see it). I found it very true to why a lot of us do what we do-even if it isn't climbing mountains-but instead conquering our own goals. I thought I would share...

Hi Kim, Thank you for the nice prologue to the article on climbmountainzone...everyone should know about people like Maynard...who pit themselves against the ultimate challenges in life. That's what my father lived for, setting monumental goals. Even the smallest goals achieved in life can, in themselves, be a great reward. This is what he liked to speak about to people. Any goal...just set one and start on the road to achievement and you'll discover a zest that will keep you nuch more alive inside and fulfilled. Keep running Kim!Sincerely, Steve Cohick


Doin' the Math

Started adding up the marathons I've done this year.
Total 7.
When I complete my marathon in 2 and a half weeks that will (obviously-drrr...) bring the total to 8.
By year's end that will bring the total number of marathons to 17 (in 3 years time-not too shabby if I can say myself). So I have almost done half of all my marathons THIS year!

We've traveled to most of our marathons in 2008. Here's the breakout of states I (will have) completed this year:
California (twice)
Kansas (no travel)
South Carolina (in 2 and a half weeks)

Half marathons-I've completed 5 (with number 6 on the way (knock on wood) this weekend).
Kansas (twice)
Missouri (three times)

Doug and I are so lucky to have the opportunity to travel to a lot of great places to run. We love to travel and see different places. Some of which I know we would not have seen if it were not for running.

Next year is going to be another great year. We already have a couple trips planned already. I'm looking forward to another year of adventure!


Hungry Like a Wolf

Or probably more appropriate...

like a pig.

After completing a long race, I am famished for days.

I can (and usually do) eat everything in sight.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be somewhat back on track.

I'm taking today off from working out. Still a bit sore.

Doug and I are visiting Mr. Miyagi tomorrow for our adjustments.

With the weather as great as it is supposed to be tomorrow (64 degrees), I would love to get a nice, easy run in.


San Antonio Marathon Race Report

Where to begin...where to begin...

We had a great time in San Antonio. The River Walk and downtown area are great. A lot of hustle and bustle. We visited two missions, ate Mexican food, drank margaritas, saw the Alamo, had a Whataburger and much more.

A Couple Pictures of the River Walk

At Mission San Jose

Race Day

First off...A Shirt That Races pics. I don't have any pictures of the course itself as we have a mongo camera and didn't take it.

This is me before the race

And this is the back of A Shirt That Races so far

We headed down to the AT&T stadium to catch a bus to take us to the start line. Traffic was a mess. We left in plenty of time to get there and catch a bus but made it to the starting area about 15 minutes before the first wave was released. Doug mentioned that with this being a RNR inaugural event for SA, that was typical. This is something I'm sure they will have corrected next year.

Once we got to the starting area, we made our way to my corral. Corral 25. Yep. 25 out of 32. They released 1 corral every 2ish minutes. It took us over 45 minutes to cross the starting line. Not the most fun, but that's kinda how it goes.

Doug started back with me as he wasn't sure how his ankle was going to hold up. He ended up doing well. Me, on the other hand, I think he gave me his ankle issue.

As the race started, the sun was just coming up. You could tell it was going to be a great day for a run. And that it was. The weather was great. It was nice and crisp at the start, once the sun came up it was shining. Not a cloud in the sky. There was no wind. As the day worn on, it did warm up a bit but still not too hot. I did however have huge salt stains caked to my face.

The race itself was pretty flat. Not any hills to really speak of except the last push to the finish line where there was one. It was also pretty uneventful. We did pass by the Alamo and by 2 of the missions, but that was about it. It reminded me a lot of RNR Arizona...down a lot of flat streets but not a lot to see.

The traffic control was great. I didn't hear one car horn or angry driver. That was nice. The course roads were closed both ways to traffic so you didn't have car fumes in your face as you're trying to run. That was a plus.

As far as my race. It didn't go that well. I was having a great run up until mile 18 and then it all went to hell in a hand basket. What happened? I don't know. Early on I could feel my ankle. I could also feel an issue with the side of my knee. Not sure what that was all about or where it came from. I haven't had those issues in a long time. But when 18 hit, that's all she wrote. But I plugged along, mile after mile. I had to stop and stretch out my knee, ankle and back. I try normally not to do that as it only delays me getting to the finish line and I just want to keep moving forward. Not this time. I so just wanted to sit down on the side of the road for about 20 minutes but knew Doug was waiting for me and I didn't want him to have to wait any longer than he already was-so I kept going.

All in all, this was a crappy run for me. Not a lot of fun. Not a lot to see. I do have to say the bands at this RNR Series were better than any of the other RNR bands I've seen at the other events.

I do have to say, though, the finish was about the best finish I've had. Other than the times when I've crossed the finish line with Doug (which are plenty). But as I crossed the finish line, tears welling in my eyes from pain and just the sheer pleasure of being finished, there stands Doug. With my medal and a smile. Ready to place it over my head. How wonderful is heeee???

Me...The Shirt That Races...The Medal

Official finish time 5:52:14.

Another great thing about this race is they had plenty to eat and drink for us back of the pack runners. It was nice to get the same food as everyone else that came in ahead of me. A lot of times that is not the case-but they did well.

All in all...it was a good race. Not sure I would come down to do it again, except for the chance to hit the River Walk again-what a great area.

Next race-this Sunday. Gobbler Grind Half Marathon. Running it with Karen to help her take some time off. Then in 2 weeks it's off to Kiawah Island, SC for another marathon.


Thus Far...

  • We're in San Antonio.
  • Have had a margarita or two.
  • Walked the beautiful River Walk several times.
  • Sipped several Peppermint Mochas-Mmm...
  • Ate Mexican food as our pre-race dinner. We'll see how that pans out tomorrow.
  • Remember (ed to visit) the Alamo.
  • Found several Missions.
  • Realized I didn't bring an extra pair of running shoes (for walking around in) so had to buy more shoes...darn!
  • Found some Texas wine.
  • Have yet to blow away. Last night it became really windy. Today was windy but not as bad as last night. Hopefully tomorrow there will be no wind-except the kind I make myself cuz I'm running so fast. I may making my own wind of a different source with the Mexican food I ate tonight.

Now it's time to put the tootsies up and relax. A Shirt That Races is ready to go with the huge race number attached to it. I hope you can actually see A Shirt That Races as the race number takes up most of the front.

One more thing. I'm not sure how many of you have encountered yet, but this is our 2nd race in a row for us. That is the disposable timing chips. They are very handy as you don't have to remember to have them removed as you cross the finish line. Pretty cool.

Alright...sweet dreams. Tomorrow will come early. Expect a race report tomorrow evening or Monday. Til then...


A Shirt That Races Does Dallas...I mean San Antonio

Thanks Shoe Running for sending A Shirt That Races. I received it today from the FedEx man.

We're headed off to Texas bright and early tomorrow to run the Inaugural RNR San Antonio Marathon.

I do not have any goals for this race except to have a good time. Depending on how Doug does with his ankle, we'll probably stick together.

Looking forward to the River Walk, a couple margaritas and some great weather.

Remember (me at) the Alamo!


A Peek Into the Evening

As I drive home last night, it's drizzly and grey. The temperatures don't seem half bad and I was thinking about my run. This could be fun. But as I get closer to home, I decide I really don't want to run and I certainly don't want to run on the dreadmill. Instead, I opt for the bike.

First things first, I throw laundry in, start dinner and then it's downstairs for 30 minutes on the bike. Let's just say...I ROCKED IT AGAIN! Now, I can't tell you my average cuz my so called 'competition' (LOL!!) might be taking this down and I don't want them in on all my secrets. Hee Hee!

Then time to fold laundry and eat dinner.

Doug heads off to help with homework as I decide it's time for some wine and a nice bath. I grab some wine that I picked up while I was in Hawaii. It was made in Maui and made out of pineapples. It was scrumptious!

To add to the tropical theme, I threw in a Big Blue Bath Bomb from Lush -to die for-and I was able to pretend I was in Hawaii all over again.

As I decide to snap back to reality (only because I need more wine), Doug is downstairs getting our new wine going. It's Pear-Kiwi. Should be a 'fun' wine. One of those for the faint but one that's good when you don't want a red, dry wine.

Then time for our two favorite shows. What a great night. Got a lot accomplished-things I had to-but also found time to do some things to pamper myself. Gotta love that!

Today, I'm off to a all day Motivational Seminar. If I find anything interesting, I'll share.

Have a gret day!


Thank You Veterans

Thank you to those that serve and to those that served. For your service, your sacrifices and your commitment to duty.
Thank you.
Thank you Grandpa.
Thank you Dad.
Thank you Uncle Jimmy.
Thank you (brother) Jesse, who serves today as a medical doctor in the military.


The Week Ahead

This week we're gallivanting off to San Antonio.

The schedule this week looks something like this:

Saturday-Run 8
Sunday-Run 26.2


Lacing Up For a Sunday Run

With Disney right around the corner, I need to ensure I run back to back days. I'm not concerned about time at Disney-just that I go out there and have a great time. However, I still need to get used to back to back long runs. So yesterday I ran 8 miles and today I had 8 miles planned.

I usually do best on the weekends when my peepers open, to get my butt outta bed right then and there. If I snuggle in or if I get up and do others things first, I tend to get side tracked and my run tends to get sidelined. One weekend day-getting up early and getting out is easy. Two...can tend to be a bit more challenging.

Today was different than the usual routine. I got up nice and early and knew it was still pretty nippy out so I made a promise with myself. I could hold off until the afternoon when it was supposed to warm up to around 47 degrees. Knowing I don't do well with, 'I'll get out later', my run stayed on my mind all morning. I was going to get it in.

Around 1ish, I got dressed, laced up my new cute pink kicks, grabbed my water bottle and headed out. The sun was shining. There was no wind. It was perfect.

I headed out to a part of the trail we haven't hit in a while for a fresh view. Whew...forgot how hilly it was. But it felt great. I told myself I wasn't going to push myself today-just go out-get my run in and enjoy the day. Boy, did I enjoy the day. I could have run another 8 miles without even blinking at the thought. Love days like these! And...my time wasn't too much off my Saturday pace.


Didn't turn out to be a full day of lounging. I did get some butt time on the couch but then Doug suggested we go look at ceiling fans. We've been to all the usual places and found nothing we liked and it was time to fill the gaping hole in the ceiling. So we went somewhere we hadn't been yet to see what they had to offer.

Well...we found a ceiling fan we love. And also fell in love with a wine cabinet. It is gorgeous. We sat and drooled and drooled over it until we decided to get it. It matches a couple pieces of furniture we recently purchased and will fit in nicely with all the new renovations. Now it's time to get some wine brewing so we can stock it.


Saturday Morning Recap

Another morning, rolling out of bed and leaving Doug tucked in nice and warm. Oh how I wanted to stay in bed, but once I got up and dressed...2 layers on top, tights on bottom, gloves and a hat, I was ready to go.

Arrived at training at 7:00. My team started at 6:00 as they had 14 miles to cover. Me...only 8 as I did a half marathon last weekend and have a marathon next weekend.

The weather didn't seem too chilly heading out. I mean it was cold-I'm guessing 32ish, but not frigid by any means. It certainly was the coldest running day we've had thus far. On the way back, it seemed as if the temperatures were dropping and the wind was picking up. Glad I only had 8 today.

Everyone made it in okay as I waited for them inside the nice, warm running store that opened early for us. As I waited, I was able to do some shopping and picked me up a new pair of these babies...

My Asics Nimbus. I love them.

Last pair of shoes I purchased, I picked up the wrong style. I picked up the Cumulus instead of the Nimbus. I know...how could I get my clouds wrong?

I figured I could live with them so I've been running on them but they do not have the cushion I need. Compare the two and the Cumulus is like being on Cloud 7 while the Nimbus is riding Cloud 9.

And...did you see how cute they were? So me. Pink. With pink swirls on them-reminds me of my blog header.

Talked to a friend of mine that ran the Nike Marathon. Her and a couple other girls that ran Nike are getting together to run the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon as well. That'll be a total blast to see them out there on the course as Karen and I run it.

So, now I'm home. Doug has a fire going. Coffee in hand. And we're going to be taking it easy today. I've put on my pj's after the best hot shower and plan on sitting back and watching some movies today with my heating blanket in tow. I see a nap coming and then tonight we'll cook a nice meal. Lazy days like these don't come around very often so we're going to make the most of it! Now if we can only get Molly to go along with it.

Tomorrow will be another 8 miler.

Oh...and averaged a 10:41 for my 8 miles.


This Week in Review

Thinking back on what has been accomplished. And looking forward to the rest of the week and weekend.

Saturday 8 mile run
Sunday Half Marathon
Monday Rest
Tuesday Bike for 30 minutes-really really fast :)
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Bike or Run
Friday Run and/or Bike-I'll be working from home-maybe I can sneak in both
Saturday 8 mile run
Sunday 8 mile run

I was contacted by the author of the article I posted on 'Who is Maynard Cohick?'. I thought that was pretty nifty.

After almost being done with my Philosophy of Religion class, I've reached the conclusion I am actually kinda diggin' it.


Me...A Pacer?

I think maybe so.

Karen ran a great race Sunday but came in 7 minutes later than what she had hoped. And on top of that, I think she's on the verge of becoming 'one of those runners'-always looking for the next race. Sound familiar? I think it's normal and have to say...I like it. I think it's so fun to see someone so excited about something I love so much. Especially when it's your best friend!

Anywho...she's debating on running the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon. I think she wants to get those 7 minutes knocked off. Locally, there's not much going on after the next couple weeks until Spring hits-with the exception of the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon that takes place in January (and can be brutally cold). So this would be a good time to try to get this taken care of.

This is where I come in. The half marathon is the weekend after San Antonio so I hadn't planned on running it. But I did tell Karen if she decided to run it, I would pace her so we could try to get her in under the time she is looking for. So I'm not actually planning on running the 13.1. I'll probably run 13. I'll catch her right after the start line and leave her right before the finish.

A great way to spend some time with my best friend and help her accomplish a goal she's set for herself. Sounds like good times to come!

Awww crap...now after looking at the website and talking with Doug, I think if Karen decides on running, I might as well sign up for the race as well. Why not scoop up another medal to add to the caboodle I love so much? It's about time to get a bigger display. Honey...

Oh Karen...now YOU have ME signing up for races! I think I may have created a monster. Luvs...


As We Wait

Today, I had planned on running my regular 3 mile Tuesday night run. As I left work, the wind was whipping around so I was back and forth about going. As I got home, I realized I needed to do something. Either it was going to be a run or a bike ride. There was not going to be a 'nothing' on the workout log tonight.

I decided since I am still a bit sore from Sunday's run, I would switch things up a bit and bike. The longest I have been on the bike is 15 minutes, so as punishment to myself if I wasn't going to do what I thought I was going to do (my 3 mile run), I was going to push myself on the bike. And that's exactly what I did. I was going to peddle away for 30 minutes. Now 30 minutes doesn't seem like much to some of you, but for me, it's a lot. I've been on the bike twice since Osana has joined the family and it's been exactly twice since 2006.

So how did I do? Well, let's track back. My last 2 times have been around 11 mph for 10 and 15 minutes each. Uggg...I mean I know I haven't been on the bike for over 2 years-but, for real....11mph? I thought...okay...I have a long way to go-but was okay with it. I just figured I had more work to do than what I first thought. Doable...just more to put into it.

So, downstairs I go after getting home and kissing Doug and Ned. Poor Doug, healing from his sprain, I left him sitting on the couch. Poor thing about ready to go stir crazy. He never sits for long-let alone for 2 days straight cuz he can't walk.

Hydration in hand, the House marathon on tv, Osana and I go at it. I have my phone-check the time. Alright. Peddle. Peddle. Peddle. I like the idea of the tv being on cuz it keeps me from looking down to rest my neck. When I'm not watching something, I look directly down at the floor. Not a good strategy for when I actually hit the road and have to look forward.

10 minutes down. 15 minutes down. At this time, I thought I might just do 20 minutes. Why not? It's more than what I have done before. Still an improvement, right? I'm getting worn down. Remember, there's no wind to coast. No downhill to guide you faster. 20 minutes hit and I decide for forge forward. Just another 10 minutes. Make it count. Peddle away girl. And that I did.

I'm not sure what changed from the last 2 times, but something did. Not sure if my gears were switched or what, but this ride was fast. Much...much faster than the last 2. I averaged a 20 mph 30 minute ride! Rock On!

When all was done, I was tired, but felt exhilarated.

With my knees a knockin', I came upstairs and was able to get Doug to hobble on a walk with Mols and me. Then it was time for a yummy dinner, some red wine, Ghiradelli dark chocolate raspberry squares and some tv election results.

I predict heart burn and a hangover tomorrow. And not just from the wine, but from something that is going to last much longer.

It's That Time...

Here I stand in line to vote. I think someone said 45 minutes...not bad.

Hope I have time to go get all my freebies today-coffee-doughnuts-chicken sandwiches-ice cream-body piercing-and the like. I may need the sugar and caffeine to keep me awake for the results.

Have a great day. Get out and vote!

*Update: I love you early voters. Thank you! I stood in line for only a half an hour. Whoo Hoo!


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Maynard Cohick Half Marathon Race Report

Saturday morning I got up to run with the TEAM. It was a foggy foggy morning. Made for a beautiful run. Very soppy and humid but it made everything look wonderful. I think I need to be in a fog more often-it was great!

I thought I should get some training in for Goofy so I ran 6 miles before the 13.1 I was running on Sunday. Had a nice run. I averaged an 11:08 pace. It felt great, but after I got back, I thought I should have saved some of that for the next day. Oh well...it felt great...I had a great time...enjoyed every minute of my run...and we were going with it.

After I returned from the run, we finished up packing, spent some time with Ned before we headed to Springfield on our 3 hour tour...I mean drive.

We stopped off for cheese and cheese curds at a local cheese factory and then pulled in to the hotel parking lot 5 minutes before Karen and her clan rolled in. We got settled in and then headed out to packet pickup.

Packet pickup was held at the Bass Pro Shop and it was pretty uneventful. Not a lot of vendors so we grabbed our shirts and numbers and that was about it. Already, they were getting off to a better start than last year. Last year at packet pickup, they had run out of shirts for the half marathoners. This year, they had them. Already an improvement. Gotta love that.

Then it was off to find a place to eat. After we circled the city and passed the thousands of Obama supporters lined up for miles, we finally popped a squat somewhere. And then off to Braum's for ice cream.

On a side note...these Democratic candidates have to stop following us around from race to race. Two weeks ago in San Francisco, Karen's tour bus was stopped for Biden's motorcade and delayed our chocolate gorging for a short bit. And now Obama this race weekend? Glad this is almost over and hopefully they won't be following us to our next race in two weeks. :)

Race morning was nice. I wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt. It didn't take me long to realize I wish I had worn a short sleeved shirt-oh well. We meet up with Steff and some other TNT Alum. It was nice as the Springfield chapter of TNT is actually part of our Mid America chapter so alumni were given free entry into the marathon or half marathon. Another great perk.

The race started on time. Doug and I gave each other one last kiss before he ran off and I wished Karen good luck as I took off. The marathoners and half marathoners follow the first three miles of the course together. Then they split off while the marathoners run a 13 mile loop and then they track back on the half marathon course.

The half marathon course is fun. I really enjoy it. Around mile 4, it runs through a neighborhood I love. All the trees are turning and the weather is so nice and crisp. We then head onto a long stretch of trails. It's a great half marathon.

At one point there was a man (later found out his name is Mac) that I kept scissoring back and forth with. He would walk and I would run past him and then walk and then he would run past me and walk. Back and forth. Back and forth. This went on until he ran past me while I was running. I was like, "whoa, buddy. You can only pass me when I'm not running!" He laughed and stopped to walk. We stayed together for a long time until he had to stop to do his thing for the research they were conducting on runner's highs. I thought he would catch back up, but didn't.

I then ran past a group of 3. Two were standing on the side of the trail waiting for their buddy who was puking. Uggg...this was pretty early on-like mile 6. Not good. So around mile 9-they pass me up and by mile 10 I caught up with them while they were walking. I had a chance to talk to the 'puker' and gave him some advice to make sure he stayed hydrated-but not too much. He was very thankful. I think this was his first rodeo. Then I took off and turned around to tell him that he also couldn't pass me cuz I didn't want 'the puker' to beat me. They all laughed and we went on our own ways.

I was able to see Karen as we did an out and back and she was doing well. She was smiling and just keepin' on. Glad she was having a good time.

About mile 11 I happened upon 3 girls and we chit chatted it up for a bit. I went on ahead and when they came up behind me, they were like, "time to get going...come on with us...not much further". As I grumbled some nasty words, they laughed and we took off together.

I came down to the finish and there was Eric (Karen's husband) and the boys cheering me on. It was fun. Crossed that finish line with a huge smile on my face. I had a great time.

Miles 1-8 were in the 10's
Mile 9-11 were in the 11's
Mile 12 was in the 12's
Mile 13 was in the 11's

My official time was 2:24:47. Which averages out to an 11:02 pace!

I received my medal, which is another improvement from last year. I didn't receive my medal last year because they ran out. And then when I did receive it, it was sad. This year it was very nice. They really listened to the feedback they received from last year. I'm very impressed.

But...the best part of the whole morning was walking into the Bass Pro Shop and there sits eggs and biscuits and gravy. Mmm...I had sat long enough to where I was hungry and I ate and ate and ate. It was sooo good!

Then...on our way out of town, another stop off at Braum's.