Gobbler Grind Half Marathon Race Report

Okay...what's up with getting up earlier on Saturday and Sunday than I do during the week to go to work? Oh...the love of running. Okay. That explains it.

Up at 5:30 this morning to get around for the Gobbler Grind. It was nice to sleep in our own bed last night and not have to worry about catching a bus to get to the start line. On the way to the start, I realized this is my 5th year involved with GG-not the fourth I had posted about before. It's been 5 years ago I had my first experience with Marathon. Doug and I volunteered the last 3 years and then this year Doug ran the full and I ran the half marathon with Karen.

We started out with a huge laugh. There was this poor girl who was running with her husband. She had on sweatpants and must have had a hole in the crotch of them. Unfortunately for her, her drawstring ended up in that hole and it looked as if she had a long ass tampon string hanging from the crotch of her pants. I about peed myself laughing about it. I could hardly run. I finally was collected enough to run up to her to tell her about it.

Karen had wanted to take several minutes off her finish time but that wasn't in the cards today. We started off strong. I kept us on track and we were going well. I could see Karen was having a bit of a time around mile 6. It was time to slow it down a bit. We talked about it later and we need to tweak a few things. No biggie.

At mile 6.5, we ran upon the Team In Training water stop. The best ever water stop at the GG. The last several years they have had fajitas for the runners. This year was chili. I stopped for a bowl of chili and a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream. Mmm... Thanks guys!

As we left the water stop there was a lady...in her minivan...yelling out the window...YOU NEED TO BE AT CHURCH. I yelled back...FU! I WENT TO CHURCH LAST NIGHT! That wasn't the truth...but she doesn't know that. Who is she to judge ME? What kind of Christian would be so rude to yell something like out the window of her damn minivan? Bitch!

After that, things mellowed out a bit. Everything was good. Karen started feeling better but it was best to hold back so that's exactly what we did.

After we finished, we grabbed some choco milk and then headed for some peppermint mocha's. So yummy. Also had the best chocolate mocha peppermint muffin. Then it was back to the finish to wait for Doug to come in.

Doug came in strong and had a good run. AND finished his 70th marathon!! Look how cute he is!
Then it was off for lunch and a big burger. Then home for some football, a bath and some rest time.

Now it's time to head off to a birthday party and Sunday dinner at a friends house. Am DVRing 24 for later tonight when we get home. Can't wait to see what Jack has for us!

What a nice day. Looking forward to a great night.


  1. Thanks for the reminder about 24. Gotta love the self righteous people like that biddy in the minivan. I am sure she'll have some extra stars in her crown for that.

  2. fake tampon strings, baileys, chili and a bitch - sounds like a memorable race!!! :)

  3. I agree with Aron - what the heck! That's ridiculous. I'm sure the mini-van wasn't really headed to church.

  4. I'm speechless....other than it sounds like you had a fun time, except for the minivan lady...


  5. Crazy minivan lady! Congrats on another HM, and to Doug SEVENTY marathons, impressive. Are you guys part of the maniacs club? You definately belong!