Bike Assistance Needed

I'm at a loss.
I get on the trainer. Pedal.Pedal.Pedal.
Every other time the computer reads 18 mph.
Then the other every other time the computer reads 11 mph-if I'm lucky.
Nothing has changed.
I don't switch gears.
I don't move the bike.
My intensity is the same.
I even leave my shoes on the pedals.
I'm still getting a great workout either way-but I like to track my progress and this is making me a little crazy. Doug simply laughs.
Why is the output on my computer so off every other time?
How do I know what I'm really doing if my computer isn't reading properly?
Does anyone else have this issue? What might be the problem? Any idea how to fix it?

I THINK I have it figured out. I may be a tard.
After some research of my own, I think that when I reset my computer, I'm switching it from km/h to mph.
Sooo...18 km/h equals 11.2 mph
And it has been consistent every other time-it goes from 18 to 11.
Which means I SUCK.
No...it means I have a lot of opportunity to improve.
Glad to have that mystery resolved.


  1. ????? Hasn't happened to me, but then again my bike isn't on the trainer yet!

  2. Besides tracking your progress by the speed of your workouts, maybe strive for a heart rate range, let's say 65-70% of maximum heart rate.

  3. glad you figured it out because I would have been 0 help

  4. Kind of cracks me up - I'd do something like that!

  5. train in heart rate zones. to find your zones you need to do a time trial test. these zones will guide you through all the phases of your training. right now you should be in base training. if you need more info go to Barnes & Noble and check out Joel Friel's book on cycling training.