St. Patrick's 4 Mile Run

What a great run!
A 10 am start.
We were even able to sleep in.
The weather was perfect. Blue skies, cool 50 degree start.
We ran into a few of Doug's running group at the start of the race.
Look at all of us in our Five Trails Half Marathon shirts.

I've been feeling like dooty lately with a cold that really brought me down.
Even at the start I was still debating on running. I decided, why not.
I could run it.
Or walk it.
Or crawl it.
Whatever it was going to take.
And I did.
And it was fun.
Really...It was a blast!

There were around 4 thousand people that ran this morning.
Soooo many silly costumes.
There were teams chained together 5 and 6 people deep running as centipedes.
It was great to hear people laughing, singing and cheering people on.
I saw a girl throwing out candy to children-as if she was in a parade. Just good times all the way around.
This was my first year running this event and I would love to run it again.

Some of Doug's team pre-race
Oscar the Grouch. Yes...he was really there!

Doug...post-race at McCoy's standing proud, letting everyone know HE is the coach of the Five Trails Half Marathon program.

And the best thing to do after a race. Eat!
McCoy's macncheese and to wash it down...Ginger Shandy and Bloody Mary's. Whoot!

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  1. sniiiiiffff I love this race and it sounds like the weather was great!! it's been rainy and nasty at least 3 of the 4 times we did st pats

    hope you are feeling better!