Ice Ice Baby

The Olathe Marathon was cancelled last night due to the lovely weather forecasters insisting we were doomed for 10+ inches of snow.

We woke around 7:30 am to dry streets. By 8:30 it was raining off and on and did eventually turn to ice. We're yet to see a single snowflake. But, as far as I'm concerned, the Olathe Marathon Committee made the right choice with the information they were given. Even if the ice did come in later in the morning, it would have made for a nasty, soppy, cold mess of a run. And I'm much happier nice and dry right now.

We had no takers on Doug's treadmill marathon. I think it could have been fun. But honestly, am glad no one else thought it was a great idea. Instead, I'm nice and cozy at home. Doug's laying flooring and soon we'll be bottling wine and watching the MU game.

Enjoy your weekend!


Whew...This Has Been a Day

So...today was my last day worked at a company I've been with for 15+ years.
I am very excited about the future and looking forward to something new.
However, it was still an emotional day.

So...I thought I would work off this emotional energy with the Olathe Marathon tomorrow.
But with all the horrible weather predicted...anywhere from 4-8 to 8-10+ inches of snow...the marathon has been cancelled.
The have postponed the half marathon to next week, but have cancelled the marathon all together.

So...that means Nikemom will come down next weekend and we'll run the half marathon.
But I'm behind 2 marathons for the year with me wanting to cover 12 marathons this year with no marathon in February or March now.
But will make up one in May when we run 2 marathons. And I'm sure sometime in the fall we can catch up. I have no worries I can still do this.

So...tonight I'm going to trade in my water and chicken with pasta for pizza and beer!

Next marathon...April 19th...unless there's another 10+ inches of snow.


What do THEYYYY Know?

Word on the street is we're supposed to be receiving 4-8 inches of snow...rain...ice on Saturday. With winds of 15-25 mph.
Good times...
I'm a girl who loves a challenge.
This could be fun.
And I can blame my crappy time on the crappy weather.
Sounds fair, 'eh?
But the Olathe Marathon is in jeopardy of being cancelled cuz they are saying they don't want people getting creamed by sliding cars and such.
Fine...they are no fun.
But for anyone that knows Kansas weather, it can change on a dime or they can have the forecast all wrong.
I say, 'what do theeyyy know?'
But since Abby's hearing about it on her news station, when she lives in Philly, there may be something to this.
It's almost April people.
I guess all we can do is wait.
Doug has this fabulous idea of if the marathon does get cancelled to just continue to the YMCA and do our 26.2 miles on the dreadmill.
So far...I don't think he has any takers.

A Good Omen

Today as I'm driving Fiona into work, I glance down and my miles per gallon digital guage reads...


I smiled.
How perfect is that!
It's a good sign for Saturday.


Pretty in Pink

This is a flower from one of our peach trees.
See all the pink flowers!
So pretty.
Doug and I ran at the YMCA tonight.
It's way windy outside.
I'm sooo not ready for this marathon on Saturday.
I'm just going to go out and enjoy myself.
They are calling for rain, snow or ice...they don't know yet.
We'll just wait and see and make the best of it.
Tonight I'm off to meet my friend, Leesa, for some coffee.
It'll be fun to get together with her.


I Just Love Him...

Just look at those stained glass windows!
And that shiny floor!
Aren't they beautiful?!
Thanks babe!
You are awesome!
Now Doug is finishing up the flooring in the dining room area and then it's off to get a new dining room set we have our eyes on.
Got my 8 miler in on Sunday on the newly paved trails right outside our front door.
It was nice not having to go anywhere.
The weather was perfect.
Less than a week before Olathe.
So excited to have Nikemom coming to stay with us!


A Perfect Saturday

This morning we slept in til about 7:30. It was heaven. Doug's had a nasty cold lately and he decided not to run. Which means...I decided not to run. I'll run my 8 miles tomorrow morning.

Instead, we took the pup for a 2 mile walk. And it was so relaxing. I brewed by favorite Dunkin' Donuts coffee, then we mozied to the newly asphalted trail right outside our front door. I'm sooooo thrilled it's completed. It's perfect!

Then it was back home to shower and get ready to head to Dean and Deluca's to meet up with Stephanie and Christopher Elbow...my favorite chocolateer, where he'll be presenting some of his chocolates. Then we're (Steff and me...Christopher can join if he would like) headed to lunch to catch up since I haven't seen Steff lately.

After lunch I'm going to stop by work and pick up my crap since next week is my last week I'll be working there! I'm looking forward to having the Spring/Summer off. I say I don't know what I'm going to do with myself, but it isn't going to be hard to find things to do around here. Doug's already started a list. First thing...sand down the kitchen cabinets to re-stain them. Should be good times! I really can't wait!

Then, I'm going to head back home and start bread making. Abby has me frothing at the mouth to make some homemade bread and it's the perfect day to do it. The windows are open, but it's still just a tad cool, so it'll be fantastic to have the house smelling fabulous and some warm bread to warm the belly.

I'm not sure the day can get much better.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day, I decided to 'go green' today:
  • Make a famous green smoothie
  • Take my canvas bags to the grocery store to purchase my goodies for my green smoothie-this being the first time...ever.

Yes...Doug is rolling his eyes right about now. He loves the green movement.

My smoothie....it didn't turn out green. It's more the color of...oh let's say...baby diarrhea. So it looks like I'll have to celebrate with a Bailey's to make it official for St. Patrick's Day.

Took a half day off work to bask in this beautiful 77 degree weather. The Molster and I went for a 2 mile walk and then I ran 3 miles. You can tell Spring is in the air when horns are honking as they drive by and men are in their backyard playing horseshoes, drinking beer, hooting and hollaring as you run by. Gotta appreciate their nerve.



With the release of a huge stressor that's been hanging around way too long, today's run was the best ever. I felt light, happy and so invigorated.

The trails were pretty much abandoned today so it was almost as if I had the trails all to myself. And boy, I took full advantage. I sang my heart out at the top of my lungs. I even stopped to dance. Yes. Full on rockin' out. What a goof. I laughed at myself for doing it. But I couldn't help myself. I feel renewed as this heavy burden has just been lifted. Ahhh...

And...I did this all running 14 miles. My longest run since Disney.

Two weeks til Marathon Number 2 for the year.


Tuna to Buddah to Barbados

I love me some BumbleBee's Spicy Thai tuna. However, do NOT eat it for lunch, right before a run. It gives you massive heartburn. I seriously thought flames were going to Burst.Out.Of.My.Chest.

Sunday I was a guest at a Buddhist Community Center. I am taking a World Religions class at school and this was one of our assignments. I have always wanted to visit a Buddhist Temple and learn more about the Buddhist way but just never have. I'm so glad this was an assignment, that way it pushed me out there to do it. I loved it. Loved the people. Loved their way. Loved their reason.

And onto Barbados. Run Like a Girl and Ramblings of a Running Addict are raising funds to run a marathon in Barbados. How fabulous is that! They are hosting a Virtual Run to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation as part of Joints in Motion. Please stop by their blogs for more info. Should be a great time and it's for a great cause.


In the Zone

Last night after school I decided to go for a run.
More of a mental fix than a physical need.
I had to release some energy consuming the brain.
I was so tired, I even told Doug that I was going out for a mile...maybe two if I could make it that far.
But before I even hit one mile, I knew I was going to cover our 3 mile loop.
Something grabbed a hold of me...or rather, let loose.
I ended up in the zone.
It was 100% different than any of my 'regular 3 mile loop' runs.
I've never ended up in the zone on a 3 mile run before.
There has been so much on my mind lately that it was such a calming experience to have my mind at peace.
Not thinking of this or that or what if.
What a great feeling I had during. It even carried over into the rest of the evening and into today.
It's what I've needed for a long time.


A Visit to the Doctor

Yesterday I had my 'yearly' checkup (you girls get my drift) at the doctors.

My doctor is a very active person. She has run a marathon with Team in Training before and continues to run half marathons. She always seems interested in what I've been up to when it comes to running. The first question from her was, "so how many marathons did you run last year?" I had to chuckle. And then we continued to have a long conversation about running, what marathon was my favorite, if I've done triathlons...

After my exam, as she's walking out of the room, she proceeds to tell me, "Kim...you're the healthiest person I have seen in a long, long time".

That made me proud.



I ran 6 miles (whoo hoo!) and my foot still feels good. Ready for another run tomorrow.
I rode Osana for an hour. The longest ever since I've had her.
We gorged on a huge platter of grapes, cheese and crackers and watched Stephen King movies.
Oh...yeah...and some peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Okay...not some...a whole carton.
And ummm...yes...hard apple cider.
30 minute bike ride.
Jack Bauer for 2 HOURS!
Maybe we'll touch the veggie platter since we no longer have any cheese or ice cream in the house.
More hard apple cider.