Does it Get Much Better?

I think not...
  • It's Friday
  • It's 40 degrees
  • The sun is shining
  • The sky is blue
  • And I just had a great run
It's been almost a week since I laced up my pink tennies. I thought I was having a tough run at first. My legs felt rested but my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. Then I looked at the Garmin and it read the lower 9's. That's super speed for me. So I backed off a bit so I could get some oxygen to the brain.

I finished my 3 miler with an average pace of 10:31. And that's with a couple walk breaks and trying to prance through ice and snow so I didn't slip and slide and fall on my ass.

Then it was back home to switch some shoes out and take Mols for a walk. We did our usual 1 mile walk.

I think I'll be able to hit 800 running miles this year. (This does not include the miles we've walked Molly-which would be interesting to know-but don't). I have about 28 miles or so to go and I think with or without the marathon on the 28th, I'll be able to get it accomplished!

Running 6 or 8 tomorrow morning. But before that, I'm going to relax and hang out with my Honey Buns tonight before we hit the party circuit this weekend.

Happy Friday. For those racing this weekend, D10, have a great time!


  1. Happy Friday! It does sound perfect :)

  2. it all sounds good Kim!

    it's -20 here this morning, yet another day of not running!! LOL

  3. Sounds glorious! Have a great weekend. Is there a marathon #9 this year, enquiring minds want to know! LOL.

  4. Marci-Yes...there just might be marathon #9. In two weeks IF the weather is nice. It'll be a somewhat local (3 hours away)so we'll wait til race week to decide if we'll run it or not.