Bass Pro Shop Marathon

It sucked.
Really... I should say I sucked.
It didn't.
It is a great race.
Perfect weather.
Beautiful fall foliage.
Lots of volunteers.
Nice trails to run on.
It really is a great race.
I don't want my crappy attitude to take away from their race.
It was me.
Not the race.
I was toast from the beginning.
3 marathons in 3 weeks...
Is a lot.
At mile 7 I was ready to quit.
I didn't need this marathon to make up my 12 of the year. I had already done an 'extra' so I was one up.
I came up on Battlefield Mall and knew I was several miles from Bass Pro, so if I wanted to quit, I would have to walk several miles back to Bass Pro. Well crap. Why would I do that? Just keep going forward. Forward. Forward.
Uggg...it sucked.
Then my mind set changed.
It got better.
Not great.
But better.
I finished.
With a smile.
And got my Big Bad Ass Bass.

Next marathon...2 weeks. I'm having a hard time getting excited about it. I'm still not fully set on running it. Then the grand finale in Vegas on my birthday. I AM excited about that.