Cross Training...What a Concept

I hit my 800 miles this year.
Actually...over, but who's counting?
With the gorgeous weather yesterday, I couldn't hardly pass up an outside run.
4 miler.
In shorts.
On December 29th.
Love it!
Then Mols and I took our 2 mile walk.

I am sore. And not from the measly 4 mile run/2 mile walk. All this HBBC cross training is doing something to me. I'm doing some Jillian Michaels workouts and she's kicking my butt. I love it.

In the past, I got into the habit of not wanting to try something new cuz with all the marathons we've done in 2008, there never seemed a time to pick something new up. I was always afraid I would be sore and not have time to recover before the next marathon. So, I got away from cross training, only to get in my runs during the week. And for a 'normal' sedentary person, that would be working out a lot. But since I've started this HBBC, it has gotten me invigorated to try new things. To cross train. And I really enjoy it. I love the soreness a new workout gives me. I love feeling strength in places I haven't for quite some time. And I know it's helping my running game.


  1. Have I told you I hate you today? Woman you are doing great, keep it up. I can relate to the soreness issues, it's a way of life.

  2. 8 thons! That's a great year. WTG!

  3. This past year was really good for me on finally doing something besides running... I won't lie the injury helped force that along.

    Ok so Thursday meeting up sounds great! Trying to figure out how we'll recognize each other though

  4. cross training is still a foreign language to me... i would definitely be up for trying to meet up at the expo, but i won't be there until friday afternoon sometime which i'm just imagining will be super crowded. so... if a different day is picked i totally understand. but please let me know!

  5. I'm interested in this cross training you are doing.... great year!