It's a Snow Day

It's snowing. It's snowing. We're expecting around 2 inches today. Now mind you, two days ago, it was 58 degrees and I was outside running...in shorts. Today the windchill... -2 and I will not be going outside...at all.

I'm lucky enough to be working from home with a nice fire blazing and a puppy curled up beside me keeping me cozy.

For lunch, I'll take Osana for a ride. We can get through half an episode of L&O. And then a weight workout from On Demand, maybe one of Jillian's (from TBL). Then tonight while watching The Biggest Loser, I'll do some stretching and abs. I need some HBBC points!


  1. You need some HBBC points? You can go out and run a marathon at the drop of a hat! Let us slackers get a little lead on you.

  2. Man I wish I could have worked from home...sounds like maybe thursday I will. Just found out we are headed to Springfield on the 26th and then back to KC for a wedding the 27th, so I probably won't do the run.

    I would love to get together for a run sometime though!

  3. i am wishing for a snow day!!!! i doubt that will ever happen though :)

  4. TNTCooach Ken-Hopefully I'll get to do that next weekend. It would be nice to rack up 26 points at one go 'round.

    RunToFinish-Dang...that would have been fun to chit chat as you lapped me!

    Aron-Probably not girlie-but enjoy your nice weather.