A Nice Response

I posted back in September on a half marathon I was running that was named the Maynard Cohick Half Marathon. And it got me to thinking Who IS Maynard Cohick? So I did some research and posted a little something on who Mr. Cohick was.

I thought it was very nice when I received a comment back from the author of the article. But yesterday I received another response from someone very close to Mr. Cohick. His son, Steve. I wanted to post his comment (as it was buried back in the September folder and was afraid most of you wouldn't see it). I found it very true to why a lot of us do what we do-even if it isn't climbing mountains-but instead conquering our own goals. I thought I would share...

Hi Kim, Thank you for the nice prologue to the article on climbmountainzone...everyone should know about people like Maynard...who pit themselves against the ultimate challenges in life. That's what my father lived for, setting monumental goals. Even the smallest goals achieved in life can, in themselves, be a great reward. This is what he liked to speak about to people. Any goal...just set one and start on the road to achievement and you'll discover a zest that will keep you nuch more alive inside and fulfilled. Keep running Kim!Sincerely, Steve Cohick


  1. Wow Kim, that is amazing. BTW, I loved that post, but even more, the fact that his family responded to your post!

    You just never know who is reading you...keep up the great work