I'll Have the Usual

Served myself up the usual Saturday morning run:
Measure the temperature to equal the crisp air that makes for a perfect morning run.
Sprinkle in a dash of wimps that no showed.
Mix in a good pace and pour out an 8 miler.
Wait for the timer to ding as my team covers their 16 miles.
Sample an egg bagel sandwich, a hot mocha and some fun conversation with alumni.
The cherry on top will be added tomorrow when I run the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon with Karen.

Am having the best pre-race dinner:
French Silk Pie

Should be a racing machine tomorrow!


  1. Just saw that you are in Olathe! I'm in mission. Are you running with TNT on teh weekends? or KC Express?

  2. Kim - I got the shirt today! Thanks :) So excited!!