Beep Beep

Was the name of the game this morning.

Doug and I decided to sleep in this morning, not even setting the alarm to wake. It was 8:30 when we rolled outta bed. That is some nice sleeping in.

Doug looked outside and said it looked wet. Uggg...I should be covering 8 miles today. Then he said it was a mix of rain and snow. Snow?? I love snow. And I love running in the snow.

It turned out at that time it was more rain than snow. Not as exciting as I was hoping. So...Doug went downstairs, started the fire back up, I made coffee and we lounged.

Then Doug got a hair up his booty and decided he needed to test out his ankle to see how it was doing. It's still swelling after runs and we need to get it taken care of before we leave for Kiawah Island this week. So as he heads out to the YMCA, he leaves me sitting on the couch with my coffee, the fire and my blanket. Very nice and cozy.

Damn him. Now I'm feeling guilty. I know I should be out running. So I open up the blinds on the window and the snow is falling. It's mostly snow now-not rain. So I run upstairs, get my running gear on and head out for a run. I've decided I'm not going to do 8 as I don't even take water with me. I'm just going to do the 4 mile loop.

As I step outside, it's beautiful. The temperature is pretty mild for it to be snowing and the snow is falling pretty heavily. It's heaven.

My run went well. I felt very light on my feet and averaged my 4 miles in the lower 10's. Even with my tongue hanging out of my mouth to catch a snowflake or two.

For some reason today I had 4 (no joke) different cars honk at me. On a usual day in the summer, I get 1. Today...4. Sometimes it can annoy me but today it was fun. I would smile and wave. It musta been my cute pink hat, gloves, shirt and jacket. Or the fact that I was totally jamming out to Michael Jackson's Rock With You over and over again.

As I hit my 4 miles, I stopped to walk the rest of the way in. With my iPod still blasting, I could suddenly feel something coming up behind me. It was Doug going 'like 3 miles an hour' behind me in the street. I looked over my shoulder to see him laughing. He rolled down his window and I told him Michael and I were having a party and he was like, "I guess so! You're butt is going from side to side. You're having a good time." Yes I was!

Whatever the reason for the honks today...my cute pink outfit, the smile on my face, people thinking I was crazy for running in the snow, my tongue hanging out catching snowflakes or even my butt swaying to and fro to the music, it was a great winter wonderland fun run.

Now it's time for some coffee and chocolate peanut butter chip cookies Doug made!


  1. Ida honked at you too!

  2. That makes me wish it would snow in Portland so I could try to run in it!

  3. ohh now I really feel like a lazy azz.. I just had 0 energy this morning so I just watched it snow and kept telling myself it would be fun to run in it :) oh well tomorrow will be better.