Homemade Crap...I Mean Crafts

The kids and grand kids headed to visit mom today. We had chili for lunch and then moved downstairs for ornament decorating. With glitter, glue, paint and anything and everything else you can purchase from Hobby Lobby, everyone digs in to paint nutcrackers, trains, planes, Christmas trees and glass balls.

I was given a nutcracker to paint. When I say given, I mean I was told I was going to paint a nutcracker. I was content with watching the kids have a ball. But I guess my mom wanted to watch her kid have a ball, so I indulged her.With steady hand, I turned my nutcracker into Mr. Diva Nutcracker. He had green glitter pants and was looking mighty cute. With my prized possession in hand, I turned it over to mom, as mom should have the best handmade crap...I mean crafts, right?

We did make some cool painted glass ornaments that actually turned out halfway cool...
Of course, after a Bailey's, anything looks like a masterpiece. And leave it to the adults to be the last sitting at the table decorating their balls...errr...trains.

If you're looking for a reason to get the family together, this is a great idea for the kids and kids at heart. It really was a ton of fun, even for those of us that don't have any artistic ability.


  1. wow those are actually pretty good...I won't show you the last one I made, i think it was out of noodles.

  2. Those look cool. I love Christmas and Christmas crafts (although I suck at crafts!)

  3. That is a fantastic idea..I may just give that a try this weekend!