Saturday Morning Recap

Another morning, rolling out of bed and leaving Doug tucked in nice and warm. Oh how I wanted to stay in bed, but once I got up and dressed...2 layers on top, tights on bottom, gloves and a hat, I was ready to go.

Arrived at training at 7:00. My team started at 6:00 as they had 14 miles to cover. Me...only 8 as I did a half marathon last weekend and have a marathon next weekend.

The weather didn't seem too chilly heading out. I mean it was cold-I'm guessing 32ish, but not frigid by any means. It certainly was the coldest running day we've had thus far. On the way back, it seemed as if the temperatures were dropping and the wind was picking up. Glad I only had 8 today.

Everyone made it in okay as I waited for them inside the nice, warm running store that opened early for us. As I waited, I was able to do some shopping and picked me up a new pair of these babies...

My Asics Nimbus. I love them.

Last pair of shoes I purchased, I picked up the wrong style. I picked up the Cumulus instead of the Nimbus. I know...how could I get my clouds wrong?

I figured I could live with them so I've been running on them but they do not have the cushion I need. Compare the two and the Cumulus is like being on Cloud 7 while the Nimbus is riding Cloud 9.

And...did you see how cute they were? So me. Pink. With pink swirls on them-reminds me of my blog header.

Talked to a friend of mine that ran the Nike Marathon. Her and a couple other girls that ran Nike are getting together to run the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon as well. That'll be a total blast to see them out there on the course as Karen and I run it.

So, now I'm home. Doug has a fire going. Coffee in hand. And we're going to be taking it easy today. I've put on my pj's after the best hot shower and plan on sitting back and watching some movies today with my heating blanket in tow. I see a nap coming and then tonight we'll cook a nice meal. Lazy days like these don't come around very often so we're going to make the most of it! Now if we can only get Molly to go along with it.

Tomorrow will be another 8 miler.

Oh...and averaged a 10:41 for my 8 miles.


  1. Don't you just love those back to back days!! Ha, I never trained to do Disney, I just did it. I didn't want to know what the pain would feel like....

  2. LOVE the shoes - soooo pretty :)

  3. Those are some seriously cute shoes! I love those swirls :) You should review them on my blog! Then you might win a new pair :) yeah! I'll be sending you the shirt that races super soon!