Full Circle

The alarm went off this morning for Doug to do some Black Friday shopping. I decided to stay snuggled in bed. The sky was just starting to become light and you could actually hear a bird chirping. It was a nice surprise and made me smile as I rolled over.

If the birds (or bird) was chirping, then it must be a nice day already, eh? So thinking ahead about the weather and how it is supposed to turn over the next couple days, I thought I would get in a run today instead of Sunday. So I head out on our 4 mile loop.

I get dressed and head out the door. Standing in the driveway, obtaining a signal for my Garmin, it starts sleeting. Already dressed and out the door, I wasn't turning back. I was going to run. I'm glad I didn't check outside first or turn on the news beforehand.

About a quarter mile in the sleeting stops. The birds start chirping again. It feels like a spring morning and I'm feeling a bit overdressed.

Mile 2 and 3 go well. Nice and steady.

As I hit mile 3, the sleet starts again. And not just a tad. It's coming down hard. Ice pelleting off my face. I just laugh. It's fun. Especially the looks I get from all the drivers in their nice, warm cars.

As I round the corner for my way home, the birds are still chirping...in the sleet.

Finished strong. Averaged in the 10's for my 4 miles. Feel great.

Okay...can't say full circle as I didn't end up back in bed. But it will be a day of relaxing and just hanging out. Love Love Love extended holidays.

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  1. 10 inch table saw from Lowe's.....that is something I will even go out on Black friday for....