Lacing Up For a Sunday Run

With Disney right around the corner, I need to ensure I run back to back days. I'm not concerned about time at Disney-just that I go out there and have a great time. However, I still need to get used to back to back long runs. So yesterday I ran 8 miles and today I had 8 miles planned.

I usually do best on the weekends when my peepers open, to get my butt outta bed right then and there. If I snuggle in or if I get up and do others things first, I tend to get side tracked and my run tends to get sidelined. One weekend day-getting up early and getting out is easy. Two...can tend to be a bit more challenging.

Today was different than the usual routine. I got up nice and early and knew it was still pretty nippy out so I made a promise with myself. I could hold off until the afternoon when it was supposed to warm up to around 47 degrees. Knowing I don't do well with, 'I'll get out later', my run stayed on my mind all morning. I was going to get it in.

Around 1ish, I got dressed, laced up my new cute pink kicks, grabbed my water bottle and headed out. The sun was shining. There was no wind. It was perfect.

I headed out to a part of the trail we haven't hit in a while for a fresh view. Whew...forgot how hilly it was. But it felt great. I told myself I wasn't going to push myself today-just go out-get my run in and enjoy the day. Boy, did I enjoy the day. I could have run another 8 miles without even blinking at the thought. Love days like these! And...my time wasn't too much off my Saturday pace.


Didn't turn out to be a full day of lounging. I did get some butt time on the couch but then Doug suggested we go look at ceiling fans. We've been to all the usual places and found nothing we liked and it was time to fill the gaping hole in the ceiling. So we went somewhere we hadn't been yet to see what they had to offer.

Well...we found a ceiling fan we love. And also fell in love with a wine cabinet. It is gorgeous. We sat and drooled and drooled over it until we decided to get it. It matches a couple pieces of furniture we recently purchased and will fit in nicely with all the new renovations. Now it's time to get some wine brewing so we can stock it.

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  1. Back-to-back long runs are tough, but not so tough as you! You had a great weekend!!!