Doin' the Math

Started adding up the marathons I've done this year.
Total 7.
When I complete my marathon in 2 and a half weeks that will (obviously-drrr...) bring the total to 8.
By year's end that will bring the total number of marathons to 17 (in 3 years time-not too shabby if I can say myself). So I have almost done half of all my marathons THIS year!

We've traveled to most of our marathons in 2008. Here's the breakout of states I (will have) completed this year:
California (twice)
Kansas (no travel)
South Carolina (in 2 and a half weeks)

Half marathons-I've completed 5 (with number 6 on the way (knock on wood) this weekend).
Kansas (twice)
Missouri (three times)

Doug and I are so lucky to have the opportunity to travel to a lot of great places to run. We love to travel and see different places. Some of which I know we would not have seen if it were not for running.

Next year is going to be another great year. We already have a couple trips planned already. I'm looking forward to another year of adventure!


  1. wow that is soooo awesome!!! you are amazing :)

  2. Aron-Not sure about amazing-more like crazy! But I LOVE IT!

  3. No, I agree with *aron*, you are amazing. Are you trying for 50 states? I think its awesome how you and Doug travel and run all of these places. I think a trip to Ontario should be planned, just saying... :)

  4. You are amazing and you are my kind of crazy! Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks Leslie! Gotta love us crazies.

    Marci-You're a doll. With Doug's quest to do the 50 states, I'm kinda along for the ride. At this moment I'm just kinda running what comes our way. I've run in 19 different states (either a marathon or half marathon). Once Doug's done with his crusade, we'll see if I'm still nimble enough to track back! It's not on the 'things to do' at this point in time, but things get added to that list all the time!

  6. I echo Marci. I am very impressed with those that head all over the place! I think I have said before that you ahve a great life and very luck to have found a mate that loves the same thing you do. Thankfully, my husband also likes athletics but he is more of the stick and puck kind of guy. What can I say, we're Canadian! Good for you and good luck next week!

  7. Yep, you're crazy! ;) Congratulations!

  8. Mark another vote for crazy! That's great that you're able to do so many in such a short span.

  9. As I've said many, many times, I'm sooo jealous you can travel so much...let alone all those marathons, gawd I thought my one and only this year was great! hahaha, mind you, I've done a bizzillion halfs....

    Way to go girlie!!!

  10. Pretty soon marathons will no longer become a challenge at your rate of progress! Are ultra-marathons in your future???

  11. Sounds like you guys are on your way to join the Marathon Maniacs! Nice job amazingly crazy girl.. or is it crazily amazing girl?