Hungry Like a Wolf

Or probably more appropriate...

like a pig.

After completing a long race, I am famished for days.

I can (and usually do) eat everything in sight.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be somewhat back on track.

I'm taking today off from working out. Still a bit sore.

Doug and I are visiting Mr. Miyagi tomorrow for our adjustments.

With the weather as great as it is supposed to be tomorrow (64 degrees), I would love to get a nice, easy run in.


  1. You totally deserve to eat everything you can get your hands on :)

  2. I do the same. Perhaps I should reconsider that as it seems to be backfiring on me as a get over my 35th year. :)

  3. I am the EXACT same way. I eat for DAYS :) Glad I'm not the only piggy out there.