Thus Far...

  • We're in San Antonio.
  • Have had a margarita or two.
  • Walked the beautiful River Walk several times.
  • Sipped several Peppermint Mochas-Mmm...
  • Ate Mexican food as our pre-race dinner. We'll see how that pans out tomorrow.
  • Remember (ed to visit) the Alamo.
  • Found several Missions.
  • Realized I didn't bring an extra pair of running shoes (for walking around in) so had to buy more shoes...darn!
  • Found some Texas wine.
  • Have yet to blow away. Last night it became really windy. Today was windy but not as bad as last night. Hopefully tomorrow there will be no wind-except the kind I make myself cuz I'm running so fast. I may making my own wind of a different source with the Mexican food I ate tonight.

Now it's time to put the tootsies up and relax. A Shirt That Races is ready to go with the huge race number attached to it. I hope you can actually see A Shirt That Races as the race number takes up most of the front.

One more thing. I'm not sure how many of you have encountered yet, but this is our 2nd race in a row for us. That is the disposable timing chips. They are very handy as you don't have to remember to have them removed as you cross the finish line. Pretty cool.

Alright...sweet dreams. Tomorrow will come early. Expect a race report tomorrow evening or Monday. Til then...


  1. Good luck tomorrow. I love San Antonio! And yeah, those disposable chips rock. Not having to bend over after running is always a good thing in my book.

  2. Everything is bigger in Texas - even racing bibs! Good luck

  3. Gee you have a great life..Lots of travel, running and the company of your loved one! Good for you. I have begged my husband to run with me to make it something we can do together but he uses our little children as an out. :):)