Time for a Rest...Kinda

After a marathon on the 16th
And a half marathon yesterday
I'm going to bring it down a notch and run our local Thanksgiving 5K on Thursday morning
There will be no chip time
I don't even know if they post times
I'm going out to have a good time and enjoy a nice morning run with a couple thousand of my closest friends

I'll run back to back days on Saturday and Sunday. Thinking 8 Saturday and 4 Sunday. These legs are feeling tired from all the running we've been doing across the country. Need to take it nice and easy this weekend to be ready for my birthday marathon Dec 6th.


  1. Gosh girl, TAKE A BREAK! :) ha ha, you just get after it!

  2. My God woman, take a break. I'm getting tired for you. Just sit back on your laurels and take it easy. You deserve it.

  3. Have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your birthday run. It sounds wonderful!