A Peek Into the Evening

As I drive home last night, it's drizzly and grey. The temperatures don't seem half bad and I was thinking about my run. This could be fun. But as I get closer to home, I decide I really don't want to run and I certainly don't want to run on the dreadmill. Instead, I opt for the bike.

First things first, I throw laundry in, start dinner and then it's downstairs for 30 minutes on the bike. Let's just say...I ROCKED IT AGAIN! Now, I can't tell you my average cuz my so called 'competition' (LOL!!) might be taking this down and I don't want them in on all my secrets. Hee Hee!

Then time to fold laundry and eat dinner.

Doug heads off to help with homework as I decide it's time for some wine and a nice bath. I grab some wine that I picked up while I was in Hawaii. It was made in Maui and made out of pineapples. It was scrumptious!

To add to the tropical theme, I threw in a Big Blue Bath Bomb from Lush -to die for-and I was able to pretend I was in Hawaii all over again.

As I decide to snap back to reality (only because I need more wine), Doug is downstairs getting our new wine going. It's Pear-Kiwi. Should be a 'fun' wine. One of those for the faint but one that's good when you don't want a red, dry wine.

Then time for our two favorite shows. What a great night. Got a lot accomplished-things I had to-but also found time to do some things to pamper myself. Gotta love that!

Today, I'm off to a all day Motivational Seminar. If I find anything interesting, I'll share.

Have a gret day!


  1. Sounds like a great evening!

  2. I was going to take my team to that seminar today, but "cost containment" ruled the day and I was denied. Really? You can't let me spend $20 to take everyone? Really?

  3. I want to know what your two favorite shows are!

  4. Yum - I want pineapple wine!

  5. Those wines sound GREAT! I'm super jealous of your mini trip to Hawaii! :) Did you ever get in touch with the guy at the marathon pace bands?

  6. Leslie-Right now they are House and The Shield. Not big TV people but love these two and then 24 will start up in January (I think) when The Shield ends. Also DVR Biggest Loser.
    Sarah-It's sooo yummy!
    Danica-It was great! And yes, I did get in touch with John. Thank you SO MUCH for picking me. I'm excited!

  7. U can't trade the bike for a run! It'll be grey and cold for the next six months but I have to run. It's not fair!