Me...A Pacer?

I think maybe so.

Karen ran a great race Sunday but came in 7 minutes later than what she had hoped. And on top of that, I think she's on the verge of becoming 'one of those runners'-always looking for the next race. Sound familiar? I think it's normal and have to say...I like it. I think it's so fun to see someone so excited about something I love so much. Especially when it's your best friend!

Anywho...she's debating on running the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon. I think she wants to get those 7 minutes knocked off. Locally, there's not much going on after the next couple weeks until Spring hits-with the exception of the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon that takes place in January (and can be brutally cold). So this would be a good time to try to get this taken care of.

This is where I come in. The half marathon is the weekend after San Antonio so I hadn't planned on running it. But I did tell Karen if she decided to run it, I would pace her so we could try to get her in under the time she is looking for. So I'm not actually planning on running the 13.1. I'll probably run 13. I'll catch her right after the start line and leave her right before the finish.

A great way to spend some time with my best friend and help her accomplish a goal she's set for herself. Sounds like good times to come!

Awww crap...now after looking at the website and talking with Doug, I think if Karen decides on running, I might as well sign up for the race as well. Why not scoop up another medal to add to the caboodle I love so much? It's about time to get a bigger display. Honey...

Oh Karen...now YOU have ME signing up for races! I think I may have created a monster. Luvs...


  1. Its a vortex you can't escape! I'm sure you will be a great pacer!

  2. That sounds great! I wish my best friend would finally break the 10k race limits and give the 1/2 a try! I keep begging her but she says I am nuts. I think if your friend could use you than that is a great reason!

  3. I envy you, nice to have running friends that would motivate eachother! Keep the excitement alive!!

  4. Awesome....better to register than kicked off the course!

    Way to go Karen! Way to go too Kim!!!

  5. that is SO fun!!! you guys will have a blast!

  6. Ha ha! You guys will have so much fun! Way to be a pacer and help her out with her time! Soon you'll have your pace band too and then you'll be pacing yourself to super fast times!! :)